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Philosophy and Objectives of College of Nursing

The Faculty of the College of Nursing, are guided by the following philosophy of nursing education. ursing is a profession, which collaborates with other health professions in helping individuals, families and society to prevent illness, to maintain and promote optimum health, to recover and rehabilitate from illness or disability, adapt to unchangeable limitations and to assist to have a peaceful death in terminal illness. To achieve this institution believes that a good understanding of basic scientific principles in nursing, evidence based practices, good IPR and research are essential for nursing profession.The practice of Nursing is based on principles drawn from the biological, physical, social and behavioral sciences. Hence nursing education should be broad based, dynamic and adaptive in integrating principles of learning.Bachelor of Science in nursing programme equips young people with the basic knowledge; skill and attitude to render professional nursing care, at first level positions to the people of all ages in a variety of settings. We the faculty of college of nursing believes in promoting health care of the community by providing preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative services. We also believe in equipping the educated youth with adequate basic knowledge, skills and attitude in rendering comprehensive nursing care at first level positions to client of all ages at hospital and home or any other settings and also to act as nurse educator, manager and researcher. Nursing is a profession which collaborates with allied disciplines of health to assist individuals to maintain the highest possible state of health through a team approach.The faculty, college of nursing believes in respecting the dignity and worth of individuals. Every member in the society has the right to receive safe nursing care based on individual needs regardless of religious, race, sex, political back ground or socioeconomic conditioner. The faculty believes that a graduate of the baccalaureate programme should be a competent professional nurse, a self directive individual and a responsible citizen, functioning effectively at various levels as caregiver administrator, educator, and researcher. A graduate of this programme should be a competent professional nurse, a good individual and a good citizen.The teachers of this programme must possess post graduate degree

nurse practioner. Objective evaluation which is non biased and scientifically sound provides transparency in evaluation process.Sc. Facilities should be provided which is amicable for various types of curricular and co-curricular activities.The curriculum for basic B. Post graduate in nursing education provides opportunities to acquire advanced knowledge and skill in modern educational techniques. decision-making. To keep pace with these changes specialization and research are essential in nursing science also. nurse educator. intern with the level of learners. Evaluation is a must and heart of any educational programme. The faculty also believes that a graduate of the post baccalaureate programme should be able to functions as a nurse specialist. The medical science is tremendously progressing with specialization and research. Faculty of college of nursing believes in liberal education and overall development of individual students. BSc nursing is also a stepping stone to higher levels of education in nursing.Faculty views students as independent and mature adults. Hence to prepare such graduates to post graduate nurses. The rapidly advancing science and tech o no .Education is a continuous life long process. critical thinking and creative work. Nursing should be nursing and allied disciplines so that they will make the maximum contribution to the programme and maintain the standard of the profession. post graduate or doctorial degree to make maximum contribution to professional education and to maintain standard of profession.integrate the principles of education and equip the learner to meet ever-changing health needs of the society. nurse manager and researcher. the nurse educators should possess graduate. nurse clinician. which necessitates prompt updating of knowledge and skills in specialized clinical areas to render quality services and maintain collaboration with other health professionals.The faculty of College of Nursing believes that nursing is a profession. We believe in self and democratic discipline by which students will benefit academically. practicable.

growing consumerisms and legislation necessities prompt updating. So that professional standard can be attained and maintained. continuing education and research In the field of nursing.Through planned guided experiences students are provided with opportunities todevelop: •A broad concept of the fundamental principles of nursing care based onsound knowledge and satisfactory levels of skill in providing care to people of all ages in community or institutional setting Understanding of the application of principles from the physical biologicaland social sciences for assessing the health status •Ability to investigate health care problems systematically •Ability to work collaboratively with members of allied disciplines towardsattaining optimum health for all members of the society •Understanding of fundamental principles of administration and organizationof nursing service •Understanding of human behaviour and appreciation of effective interpersonalrelationship with individuals families and groups •Ability to assume responsibility for continuing learning •Appreciation of professional attitudes necessary for leadership roles innursing appreciation of social and ethical obligations to society . Objectives To provide a balance of professional and general education •To enable a student to become a professional nurse practitioner who has self direction and is a responsible citizen.logy.