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Shake n Bake Recipie also known as (COLD-BIRCH METHOD


·To explain the p ocess! sta t to "inish! in an o #ani$e% "ashion in # eat eno&#h %etail that '()O(E will *e a*le to "ollow the p oce%& e with s&ccess"&l es&lts+ Incl&%in# those o" ,o& who "aile% in the past as well as those o" ,o& waitin# to take that "i st step- ('ss&.in# ,o& &se the che.icals that I list an% "ollow the steps)-

· To hope"&ll, show the SnB c itics that! i" *ake% p ope l,! this shit will stan% p o&% a#ainst an, .eth p o%&ce% with an, techni/&e

o 0ets ,o& twacke% "o 1-23 ho& s %epen%in# on tole ance o Can *e eaten! sno te%! s.oke%! in4ecte%! *oot, *&.pe% (anall, a%.iniste e%) o Can *e p o%&ce% an% cleane% to the point whe e it &ns well on "oil o #lass pipe! lea5es little to no esi%&al *lack t ail on "oil o pipe! an% c acks *ack (% ies *ack " o. oil into a c ,stalline state) o Can *e ec ,stalli$e% into clea 6t anspa ent #lass sha %s o Can p o%&ce a o&n% a 789 ,iel% with ext e.e p& it, : Re.e.*e ! %-.eth (The .ost %esi e% isotope o".eth which is p o%&ce% *, SnB TE;) is %-.eth e#a %less o" how ,o& #et the p ec& so s <The sta tin# .ate ials s&ch as =se&%oephe% ine (=SE)> to e%&ce into .eth- I p o.ise ,o&! I # a. o" ?889 p& e %-.eth p o%&ce% *, SnB is exactl, the sa.e as ? # a. o" ?889 p& e %-.eth p o%&ce% *, a Bi ch Re%&ction! a Re% =hospho &s Re%&ction! o an, othe TE;+ It@s the i.p& ities that .ake the .eth %i""e ent! an% these i.p& ities 5a , *, TE;· I" ,o& a e not "a.ilia with these TE;@s+ )o& %on@t nee% to *e! *&t I eco..en% that ,o& %o a little .o e esea ch *e"o e ,o& #et sta te%· BTA Cont a , to pop&la *elie"! =B= TE; is (OT *ette than =SE TE;@s+ =B= p o%&ces Race.ic (C89 %-.eth isotope an% C89 l-.eth isotope) Meth! so it is LESS %esi a*le ass&.in# that the .eth p o%&ce% " o. *oth TE;@s a e the sa.e p& it, le5el-

oni&.ine at Lowes o Cost a o&n% F?8 o so o Aill *e &sin# these to c&t the casin# o"" o" the *atte ies · ' co&ple pai s o" pl.s=se&%oephe% ine)o Can *e S&%a"e% o an.o& ha5e a *ette o . .o e con5enient containe "o .% ochlo ic aci% GHCl) o ? 0allon L&# · So. "oo% 4a s i" .lene! Hexane! etc· ? So%ast ea.o& to &se the che. while c&ttin# the casin#! an% the othe will *e &se% to p&ll the N#&tsO o&t o" the *atte .. (it ate )ale · ?6B a *ottle o" Cole. '' Bate ies · ' co&ple *ottles o" *ottle% wate · Ks&all.- · ? Box o" ?B-Ho& o BE-Ho& (B-E # a.l) · B Ene #i$e '%5ance% Lithi&.e s o One o" these will *e &se% to hol% the *atte .% oxi%e G (aOH) · ?6E G 261 c&p '.an@s = e.icals that I list! o so. enco& a#e .Tools an% Mate ials The tools that I &se can o*5io&sl. =lastic Bottle (C88.o& want to ec .stalli$e! *&t I hi#hl. H.ethin# e/&alo *ette in /&alit.e 'cetone · ' pai o" =MC =ipe C&tte s o I #ot . o" the #ene ics o Depen%in# on the sto e an% t. in the " ee$e i" .pin# H&el ITol&ene! J. an% Isop opanol6Epso.o& acetone6Epso. .e (So%i&.ixt& es when .o& p&t the. *e s&*stit&te% "o othe s+ ExD )o& %o not nee% *a*.i&. ' o&n% 28-C8 % ops o" M& iatic 'ci% Sol&tion B89 M& iatic to 189 Aate (also calle%! cost a*o&t F3 -F?1 · ?6B G 26E c&p L. Ca.

it (0heto! *&t it wo ks) · ' .eas& in# c&p · 'n.ent! *&t Li((H2)E %oesn@t ca e *eca&se he likes to a*&se all o" the p o%&ct " o. . . #oo% Ret& n on In5est.l Re% D ops " o. .o& "i st cook an% a o&n% FB8-F28 "o each cook a"te that+ )o& will likel. *a#s to &se as a t ash *a# · ' "ew ? P&a t $iplock *a##ies (I like the ones with the sli%e seals) · B E.o& can 4&st "ollow a step *.ask! whate5e )o I %o eco.en% so.o& can c&t at least BC9 i" sellin# an% still keep a 5e ..iel% *etween ?-C G B # a.o& "eel .e D oppe s · So. #ea that .onia+That shit is nast.e · ' # oce . sa"et.I a. cost a o&n% F?88-F?C8 "o . so that . step p ocess that@s . a e#&la pool =H Test . in *oxe s! *&t I know shit can #o w on#! an% that@s 4&st st&pi%+ =lease! sa"et.ason La · ' sewin# nee%le · ' plate to &se as an e5apo ation plate · ' =lastic H&nnel · ' *len%e · ?6E C&p . e5e cook with his wi"e O.o Honestl.itt.+ (ow we a e #oin# to %o an o&tline o NRECI=IEOo" the act&al p oce%& e.o e sec& e (. "i st- I know that it looks6so&n%s like a lot o" shit! *&t %on@t #et %isco& a#e%+ It will p o*a*l. %oin# it this wa.akes .eth that . cook in the ca o in .a keta*le p o%&ct at F?88 a # a.!I &s&all. *e% oo.s o" hi#h /&alit. Litte ! #lo5es! "ace .· ' *&nch o" co""ee "ilte s · ' co&ple o" cotton *alls · ' *low-% .ethin# to * eathe th o&#h so that .o& will ha5e a*o&t F?1C -FBC8 st eet 5al&e wo th o" p o%&ct "o each cook+ Li((H2)E thinks this is ap ett..o& %o not inhale a *&nch o" '..ethin# to test =H o I &se =hen.! so .

e! this p ocess is HKC.o& &n%e stan% what .e an% p&t the L.all T&ppe wa e containe seale% with the li% T.o& So%awate *ottle is co.not QtooQ wo %. salt into each o" the *a*.+ L&st . salt into a cookie sheet an% *ake in the o5en at E88 %e# ees "o a*o&t an ho& o B B.Meas& e o&t ?6E c&p o" L. salt into a "ine pow%e ! an% p&t a*o&t hal" an inch o" the % .C &sh the % .o& =SE pills into the *len%e ! *len% the.o& a e %oin#+ The onl. &ntil the.=lace a la.e into a s.o& &n%e stan% what .pli"ie% . RE'L D'(0ER is all the Da.'%% acetone to one 4a an% isop opanol alcohol to the othe 4a ! each a*o&t 26E "&ll an% place the.=&t .e an% p&t the L.o& sta t+ T &st . "oo% 4a s 2.e into a s.isconception that this is a s&pe %an#e o&s p oce%& e that will *low o& innocent nei#h*o s &p+ It@s *a% p&*licit. clean an% COM=LETEL) % .ake s& e .Make s& e .= epa e an a ea to wo k! clean the a ea &p! an% ha5e all the .ate ials an% tools easil.e o" Epso.pletel. a.S Basic = oce%& e O&tlineD ?.o& a e %oin# *e"o e .Meas& e o&t ?6B c&p o" L. accessi*le an% o #ani$e% in the wo k a ea 3. *oth in the " ee$e E. a e a "ine pow%e ! an% p&t the pow%e into a s.I(0 E'S) with MER) LITTLE D'(0ER NIHO .all T&ppe wa e containe seale% with the li% 1.all T&ppe wa e . 0eni&ses that *elie5e ea%in# is "o the cit.n O5e -Realo&s Hill*ill. C. "olk=lease %on@t a%% to the i%ic&lo&sl.

Ahile hol%in# each en% o" the *atte .e s toD i.e " ee o" the casin# . ti#htl. B '' Batte iesD a.Once the casin# is c&t all the wa.e s to cla.)! s&##este% &sin# a steak kni"e to saw th o&#h the casin# witho&t %i##in# into the #&ts! then p&llin# casin# apa t+= o*a*l. as well as .e s in each o" . to atte.Kse =MC =ipe c&tte s with the othe han% to c&t th o&#h the *atte . #onna #i5e that shit a #o next ti. #&ts while still hol%in# the casin# with the othe pai o" pl.Hol% one en% o" a *atte .containe seale% with the li% 7. a . i5.e o"" exposin# the N#&tsO o" the *atte .Ti#htl. *ack an% "o th with the pl.eas& in# c&p) an% p&t the.=in#hat (I like hi. with a pai o" pl.e s+ now p&ll apa t a#ain an% the N#&tsO will co. "o next step ?B.! set the c&tte %own an% &se the othe pai o" pl.all T&ppe wa e Containe seale% with the li% ??.e c.e s *.&ch easie wa. into a S.p ess packa#e! th ow awa.Disca % the ?6B *atte . to p e5ent c&ttin# past the casin# an% into the N#&tsO o" the *atte . the *a# o" wate insi%e! . casin# i.Ben% the *atte .o& can ii.stals an% p&t the.Meas& e o&t ?61 c&p o" the '( c . a o&n% the *atte .all T&ppe wa e Containe seale% with the li% ?8.o5e% an% &se the now " ee pl.stals (?6B o" the ?6E c&p .eas& e o&t ?6E c&p o" the '( c . with the "&el into a plastic Riploc *a# an% keep *a# han%. this! an% I@. hol% the secon% en% o" the *atte .Re.C&t open the Instant Ice co.T . ti#htl. casin# that was e.o& han%s to ens& e the casin# is c&t all the wa.o5e Lithi&.e s! p&ll the casin# apa t! an% one si%e o" the casin# will co. th o&#h iii.=o& a*o&t ?6E o" the *ottle o" Cole. St ips " o.p on the expose% *atte . into a S.

etal that will *e attache% to the st ip o" Li at one en% o the othe ) e. N#&tsO into a # oce . lookin# st ip! not the *lackan% shin.o5e an% th ow awa. "ol%e% piece o" . s.o& clean han%s into the "&el an% &n oll the ?st oll o" *atte .e #e% in the "&el! an% %isca % the est o" the *atte .&ch as possi*le %.Repeat this p ocess &ntil all o" the Li is in the RM ?T. the Riploc *a# into the RM &sin# the "&nnel . #&ts *.o5e the excess ai " o. sil5e st ip) %.'%% the Bn% ?6Eth o" the *ottle o" Cole.Repeat this p ocess with the secon% *atte . e.Open the Riploc *a##ie containin# the "&el an% the *atte .o5e the Lithi&. the shin.(ow ip o"" a piece o" Li . into the "&el in the Riploc *a##ie! an% keep the. *a# (*e s& e to also e. a e "lat! o *alle% &p! o "ol%e%! 4&st keep the. the Batte .Re.'%% the ?6E c&p T&ppe wa e containe o" '( to the RM &sin# the "&nnel ?E. s&*.=o& the "&el " o.e #e% in the "&el as .e to the RM &sin# the "&nnel ?C.'%% the ?6B c&p T&ppe wa e containe o" L. 0&tsD a. (this will *e the %&ll # a.5. s&*.o5e the Li st ip while still s&*.=&t .Re.*e 2 inches lon#! an% *e#in tea in# it into s. st ips " o. the Riploc *a##ie an% seal it ?2. #&ts while keepin# the.atte i" the.=lace the N#&tsO %i ectl.all pieces that can "it th o&#h the "&nnel an% into the RM (Doesn@t .e #e% the enti e ti.all) #.e c.a.Locate the st ip o" Lithi&. elati5el.Re.Repeatthe p ocess "o the Bn% oll o" N#&tsO ".an@s "&el to the RM &sin# the "&nnel ?3.

o&nt o" inte nal p ess& e witho&t "ailin#! so %on@t *& p the RM &ntil .onito in# p ess& e &ntil p ess& e *&il%s hi#h eno&#h to wa ant a p ess& e elie" (B& p)D a.ental note o" whe e this spot is as it is the spot .*s to Np&sh InO on the cente o" the *ottle to test inte nal p ess& e BB.e o" eactants an% t a5elin# to the top o" the RM th o&#h the (=)! *.The "i st *& p will p o*a*l.o5e the "&nnel an% sc ew the li% onto the RM ?7. *ottles a e *easts an% can hol% an inc e%i*le a.o& =SE BE.ake a .in&tes a"te the eaction sta ts eall.onia ((H2) *&**les e. loosen the cap on the RM 4&st eno&#h to let ' MER) LITTLE *it o" p ess& eescape! an% to #et the eaction ollin# st on# a#ain! an% then close .in o" #oo% eaction! once e5e .Ahen p ess& e eaches the th eshol%! *& p the RMD a.o& eall.o& will &se "o . p ess& e! not *. ti. to .onito in# p ess& e th o&#ho&t the cook B2.These So%ast ea.*s p&shin# to#ethe *.ain%e o" the cook to initiate6inc ease the eaction in the RM B?.o e p io to a%%in# .Slowl.'"te a "ew *& ps %& in# the "i st ?8-?C.Re. nee% to *& p the RM a co&ple o" ti. onl. the ti.I" not! #i5e the RM an eas. this p&sh test all the a o&n% the *ottle to "in% the spot that is easiest to p&sh in! an% .thin# slows a *it! . la.o& th&. the *otto.T .e . #oin# *&t #o *.I" the eaction is al ea%. swi l to #et so.ix to#ethe an% initiate eaction+ B8. *&il%in# ('.Blow-% .e can *e &se% at this point! an% th o&#ho&t the e. *e nee%e% a*o&t B-C .e the cap is on+cool.e #in# " o.o& a e &na*le to p&sh the *ottle in whatsoe5e with the "o ce o" *oth o" .'llow the eaction to contin&e while .e o" the eactants in the *otto.o& th&..?1.Ahile hol%in# RM with *oth han%s! &se .

Swi l the *ottle an%6o heat with *low-% .o& a e lettin# the p ess& e *&il% eno&#h *e"o e 5entin# c.o5e the cap B7.onia eaction U /&icke * on$in# o" Li U Less ti.thin# is #oin# well a.! too o"ten! o *oth.e as nee%e% to keep the eaction contin&in# st on# th o&#ho&t this p ocess BT.e+ so .in# a o&n% the RM "loatin# 4&st on top o" the (= . a*o&t BC G EC .(o *i# %eal--.ixe% a o&n% with the Li within the "i st ?8 .! *&t MER) #oo% si#n that .o& a e not allowin# eno&#h p ess& e to *&il% in the RM! an% .The pink colo in the "&el will %issipate o5e these initial BC-EC.e to the RM th o&#h the clean "&nnel.e nee% to *e a%%e% i" the eaction is still #oin# st on# .atel.the cap *.a. #oo% in%ication that .I" the eaction is slowin# %own at this point! echa #e the RM *.o& an acc& ate ti.I" the B on$e is not sta tin# to appea within ?8 G ?C .)o& .L&st *e o*se 5ant an% lea n- B3.o& want BC.o& a e eithe *& pin# too ea l. *lowin# o&t o" the si%es o" an i on+ Sca .in&tes! (less *& pin# an% st on#e a.e he e) &ntil app oxi. as it *eco. loosen the RM cap! 5ent all o" the p ess& e! then e.o& a e *&il%in# the kin% o" p ess& e that .in%a ha % to #i5e . a%%in# the i" e5e .o e '( o L. B on$e *ea%s sta t "o .in&tes! it@s a p ett.e " a. e5en see (H2 #as shoot o&t o" the cap like stea.Contin&e this p ocess "o p o*a* sat& ate% with Li B on$e pa ticles B1.(o .in! an% the clea "&el will #et "o##.The e .ainin# ?61 c&p '( an% then the e.ainin# ?6E c&p o" l.a. 26E o" the Li in the RM has *een con5e te% to B on$e a. *e a whistlin# so&n% as the hi#h p ess& e #asses a e 5entin# o&t o" the RM+0oo% si#n that .Slowl.)o& sho&l% see little tin.

o&nt! an% the e.)o& will sta t seein# the "&el #o %a k a"te shakin# the "&ck o&t o" the RM! an% then #o *ack to clea a"te the *ottle settles i.Slowl. eacte% into * on$e *.ilk) a.o5e the "&nnel an% sc ew cap *ack onto the RM 2?.*e"o e .o&nt co.o& cook is co.&st *e *ase% *e"o e the eaction can take place *etween the =SE an% the Li! so it will *e a *it (.es ii.'%% the =SE to the RM th o&#h the "&nnel slowl.*e ?8-?C . happen .o& #et to the point whe e . s.So.This colo chan#e will likel.e Li "loatin# on top o" the "&el! *&t it sho&l% *e a 5e .p o" the "&el as wa .e 2C.a.ainin# pieces will *e thin an% si#ni"icantl.28.o& still ha5e a si#ni"icant a.Shake the "&ck o&t o" the *ottle "o a*o&t ?8 secon%s+ 2B.o& a e a*le to shake the "&ck o&t o" the *ottle! then set it %own+ an% the "&el settles an% #oes *ack to clea in a*o&t 28-ECsec! . a*o&t it+ Kn%e eacte% p o%&ct is still p ett.all a. as . loosen the RM cap an% 5ent all o" the p ess& e .e an% *& pin# "o the next B8-28 .pa e% to the o i#inal a.o& see the "&el sta t eall. %ecent! an% .)o& will still ha5e so.Once .The =SE .It is RE'LL) i.o& can %& in# this shakin# the "&ck o&t o" the *ottle as . #oin# %a k like chocolate . an% then the "&el %oesn@t eall.po tant to keep the p ess& e in the RM hi#h! an% the te.e as it ai%es the eaction takin# place *etween the =SE an% the Li *.I" .o&nt o" Li! %on@t wo . #o nea it@s ok+ 4&st keep #oin#+ 2E.o&@ll #et *ette next ti. as %a k as othe ti.&ch as possi*le while contin&in# to e#&late p ess& e with the *low-% .eti.

o5e the.! a*o&t T co""ee "ilte s in the "&nnel! an% a*o&t a ?6B inch la.e to p e5ent =a tic&lates " o.p the contents o" the RM into the sa.D&.in&tes to #et as .o e "&el! e.o5e the cotton *alls " o. "ilte the "&el *. the "&nnel! s/&ee$e the.eth6"&el as possi*le! %&.a%e o" eithe woo% o plastic to #et t appe% .ixt& e a#ain! an% allow "&el to collect e. the RM into the "&nnel! so.o e clean "&el to the "ilte s in the "&nnel! a#itate .o e than a*o&t ?6B wa.p the inne contents that the.ila that is clean an% .o& a e % ainin# the "&el " o.ason 4a e.'s .Kse the p epa e% "&nnel to ca e"&ll.e o" the Li an% the eactants will also *e po& e% into the "&nnel+ This is "inec.&ch o" the .eth o&t o" the eactants as possi*le- 27.all woo%en o plastic spoon o so.'s the last o" the "&el is in the "&nnel! a#itate the pile o" eactants an% Li with a s.Oncet he "ilte s ha5e no .23.'%% a little .Re.o5e on with the "&el th o&#h the "ilte s%. the "&nnel! s/&ee$e the "&el " o.ainin# . " o.&ch o" the t appe% .Repeat the "ilte in# p ocess as *e"o e "ilte in# the new "&el " o.ason 4a ! an% %isca % the.= epa e the "&nnel with the B cotton *alls st&""e% ti#htl.e *a##ie with the est o" the eactants " o. #ettin# o5e ! a o&n%! o th o&#h the "ilte s*. "&ll at an. the RM into the Mason La a. in one o" the . o5e the "&nnel to #et as .e! once the "&el "ilte s th o&#h! a"te s/&ee$in# the "ilte s an% the cotton *alls to #et the excess "&el! 4&st th ow the "ilte s an% cotton *alls into the *a##ie with the est o" the eactants! seal it! an% set it asi%e "o %isposal- .ethin# si. the "&nnel! a%% a little clean "&el to this *a##ie! seal the *a##ie! an% shake it a o&n% "o C o ?8 .Don@t "ill the "&nnel . po& in# it " o.eth to the .e o" the % . into the .eth to . ti.i%%le co""ee "ilte s 2T. into the ste. contain into a plastic Riploc *a##ie! an% %isca % the "ilte s ". the *a##ie into the o i#inal "&el in the Mason La ! *&t this ti. Epso. 21. the.

o& #et ahol% o" so.'"te the Bn% wate wash! po& the "&el " o. the Mason La into a plastic Riploc *a##ie an% a%% ?6E c&p o" wate - E3.p the H&el6wate .'%% an e/&al a.)! poke a hole th o&#h the *otto.· Aate =&ll o I" . the co ne o" the *a# with a tack EB.o e ti.e s to sepa ate (H&el will *e on the top! an% the %i t.p& itiesa. ECST'C)BE'(S+ That %&%e lo5es to #o on a*o&t 0assin#+an% on+an% on+an% on++-- E8.o& hea% o&tta this wo l% when .Ahen the wate is 4&st a*o&t #one! switch the waste containe "o the Mason La an% collect the "&el EE.e #oo% Ban#e @s Dope- E?.o& want to %o #as Tit ation! please %o it+ Aate p&ll is what I like+ o I" . the wall *.Kse an e.p& ities that .e % oppe to a%% ?-B % ops o" HCl aci% to the "&el6wate .! an% shake the "&ck o&t o" it "o a*o&t 2-C .D&. containe "o %isposal E2.'llow the la.Do not %o this wate cleanin# i" .o& %ope as the s&l"& i.o& ha5e /&estions a*o&t 0assin#! 'S.o& a e washin# awa. co ne o" the *a##ie with the sewin# nee%le an% allow the waste wate to % ain into to wash the "&el an% e.ix! .o5e ce tain i.Repeat this washin# p ocess ? . waste wate on the *otto. thin#s that p o5i%e that # eat "&ckin# initial &sh that takes .o&nt o" col% wate to the "&el inthe Mason 4a ! p&t the cap on sec& el.ix into a plastic *a##ie! seal it! an% then han# it " o.o& a e #oin# to *an# . a e the 5e .e EC.

Kse so.shake it a o&n% "o a .e in (a##in# Beans a*o&t o& %ope (OT *ein# "&cke% &p E7.e to test the =H a.o& e5apo ation plate (=.ple o" the wate la.e is *etween 3-1 an% T-B a. eas. a hot plate o non-#as sto5e to e5apo ate .Kse a *low-% .o& can 4oin .e % oppe o a nee%leless s.It@s5e . p o*a*l. in#e to access the wate *eneath the "&el la. co ne o" the *a##ie! an% % ain the .e s settle an% sepa ate! &se a nee%le to poke a hole th o&#h the *otto.e an% optionall.Repeat the wate wash o" the "&el! the a%%ition o" the ?6E c&p o" wate ! the =H ne&t ali$in# (This ti.ixt& e settle an% sepa ate an% o*tain a sa.o& like) C8. ex %ish i" . nee% B-2 % ops o" HCL total)! an% the collection o" the wate 6.eth once a#ain to the sa.Ahen .Kse a lon# e. % op *elow ta #et T =H an% ha5e %ope that %oesn@t s. to s&%%enl.Do not let an.e it will onl.Let la.eth6wate sol&tion onto .=inch the hole in the co ne o" the *a##ie when the wate is al.e! an% etest =H a"te each % op i.o& sta t #ettin# a o&n% 7 =H! 4&st a%% one % op o" HCL at a ET.Let the .oke well ii.Repeat this p ocess &ntil the =H o" the wate la.ost co. o" the "&el pass th o&#h the % ain hole onto the e5apo ation plate C?.e e5apo ation plate CB.e E1.I want )@all to %o this pa t #oo% so .e kin% o" =H testin# (Mete ! st ips! % ops! whate5e ) *. % aine% an% then % ain the "&el *ack into the Mason La a.

% .p .Sc ape the e.eth c . C3.eth &sin# a kni"e! o a$o ! o whate5e ! an% then clean the shot #lass .stals into a "ine pow%e ! an% then p&t the pow%e into a shot #lass CT. the e i" .'llow .The &pco. %issol5e% i.stal la.eth into a pile CE.ixt& e onto a new clean e5apo ation plate+ C1.o& wish at this point a.e acetone " 'cetone Aash will ens& e that it *& ns cleanl.C &sh .the wate on the plate lea5in# a .Sa5e these nast.o& sell! o to s.Kse an e. on .eth in the shot #lass &ntil the pow%e is well co5e e%! swi l .stals o&t o" the shot #lass onto the plate with the est o" the .o& like! *&t it@s not necessa .stalli$ation " o.eth C7.Kse a a$o to sc ape all o" the .)o&c an contin&e onto the ec .pletel.oke late when .p& ities to &se as a c&t on the shit .o&@ e in a *in% as it will still contain so.Hol% the e5apo ation plate at a sli#ht an#le to allow the excess acetone to % ain an% collect at the *otto.ixt& e "o a*o&t 28 G 38 secon%s! an% then %&.eth c .o& "oil o pi$$le *.ainin# .eth c .e . the 4a in the " ee$e an% a%% to the . · 'cetone Aash CC.e % oppe to siphon so.eth to co.p& ities a. o" the plate with the %issol5e% i.)o& can a*&se as .e on the plate C2.

stals when the.ReC .all sa&cepan an% heat on sto5e &ntil it sta ts *oilin# 3B.stals c.p U lon#est W *i##est sha %s 3C. a%% hot Isop opanol 'lcohol to the .stals that %i% not %issol5e into a pile! allow the.L&st eno&#h so that the .H i%#e U lon#e W *i##e c .o e o" ISO! a%% a%% a co&ple % ops o" 'cetone "o #oo% .o e i. sta t to %e5elop on s& "ace- 3E.allest c .Ca e"&ll.o& 4&st see "i st si#ns o" "il. te.pletel.e% oppe once a#ain to t ans"e the non-salt po tion o" the Isop opanol 'lcohol " o. % .eth in the shot #lass a.Heat ISO6M' till . into a "ine pow%e ! an% a%% once a#ain to the clean shot #lass 3?.Roo.Re. c.p& ities in "i st shot #lass 32. e.stals! once co.Kse the CLE'( e. %issol5e*.e% oppe to slowl. col% .! an% c &sh the.eth c .0i5e c .stali$ation 38.thin# that %oesnVt is . a e no lon#e # owin# 33. to co.p& it.Sc ape to#ethe the clean . % .H ee$e takes a*o&t 3 ho& s! p o%&ces s.o5e " o.pletel.Siphon ISO6M' into Bn% shot #lass ca e"&ll.stals *.o5e " a#ile c .eas& e! an% allow to e5apo ate a.Sti ---M' will %issol5e---an. the 4a in the " ee$e to a s.eth will co.Kse e. heat---a%% a % op o B .! one last /&ick inse with % .pletel. lea5in# soli% i.

S.o& still can@t "ollow that! =LE'SE 4&st *&.e+ · )o& now ha5e *ea&ti"&l c ..o& 'LL the # eatest o" S&ccessS IV5e #ot a*o&t 2# in " ont o" . a e p ett.o& %ope o"" o" so.pletel.'cetone to e. one last ti. c .oke the.eone that canS I wish . .o& sta te% with! *&t the.o5e s& "ace i.p& ities! an% let co.o& N(OO hi#he than the salt .stal clea sha %s that will #et .stals! watch it &n (clean as wate with little to no t ail)! watch it c ack *ack! it@s like Ma#ic- That@s it- Since el.! that@s as %etaile% with the steps as I can *e+I" . % .e as we speak! an% this is the st ai#ht * oD .

To%a.ppete% cook at a*o&t 1E .ason 4a 5ia a pl&##e% "&nnel an% 1 "ilte s Di% (O wate wash o" the "&el6M'---(O(E--L&st a%%e% ?6E c&p o" nea *oilin# wate --'%%e% a total o" ?3 % ops o" Hcl aci% while testin# =h alon# the wa. H&nnelle% into .in.p---((O 'CETO(E---O.e Sc appe% c .oke% a *&. &ntil I n&et ali$e% at T D aine% the sepe ate% wate onto a #lass plate an% e5apo ate% on sto5etop with ?6E heat an% a *low% .X) .e% a point--an ho& late ! s..Co.stals an% sla.