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IRCTCs e-Ticketing Service Electronic Reservation Slip (Personal User)
This ticket will only be valid along with an ID proof in original. If found travelling without ID Proof,Passenger will be treated as without ticket and charged as per extant Railway rules. Valid IDs to be presented during train ourney by one of the passenger booked on an e!ticket "! Voter Identity #ard $ Passport $ P%& #ard $ Driving 'icense $ Photo ID card issued by #entral$(tate )ovt.$Public (ector *ndertakings of (tate$#entral )overn+ent, District %d+inistrations, ,unicipal bodies and Panchayat %d+inistrations. (tudent Identity #ard with photograph issued by recogni-ed (chool or #ollege for their students $ &ationali-ed .ank Passbook with photograph $#redit #ards issued by .anks with la+inated photograph $ *ni/ue Identification #ard 0%adhaar0. )eneral rules$ Infor+ation for e!ticket passenger have to be studied by the custo+er for cancellation 1 refund. P&R &o" 2343564735 Transaction ID" 89:8;;7425 From: NE. !E/H01N!/23 Boar7in$: H N08A+U!!0N1N8+3 6e-< U:to: 6AT/A+ 4N16T+3 Pa--en$er +o=i,e Num=er: ((%>%)33)3 Passenger %ddress "! 113 -an$am na$ar in7ore 0n7ore +a795a Pra7e-9 & )*%001 <%R= D=T%I'( " 2.No. !e-'ri:tion 1 % 3 Ti'#et Fare 06CTC 2er<i'e C9ar$e-@
10n',. o" 2er<i'e TaA3

Train No. & Name: 13007/U ABHATOOFAN EXP !ate o" Boo#in$: %%&O't&%013 0(:%):*1 P+ !ate o" 4ourne5: 31&O't&%013 !ate o" Boar7in$: 31&O't&%013 2'9e7u,e7 Arri<a,: 31&O't&%013 %3:)* ;

Quota: C C,a--: 3A To: 6AT/A+ 4N16T+3 2'9e7u,e7 !e:arture: 1):00 ; A7u,t: 0% !i-tan'e: 07%) C9i,7: 00 +

Amount 10n ru:ee-3 6-. 7%0.0 6-. 11.%) 6-. 731.%)

Amount 10n ?or7-3 6u:ee- 2e<en Hun7re7 an7 T?ent5 On,5 6u:ee- E,e<en an7 T?o Four Pai-a On,5 6u:ee- 2e<en Hun7re7 an7 T9irt5 One an7 T?o Four Pai-a On,5


@ 2er<i'e- C9ar$e- :er e & ti'#et irre-:e'ti<e o" num=er o" :a--en$er- on t9e ti'#et . P%((=&)=R D=T%I'( " 2No. 1 % Name Amit Ne9a A$e %( %( 2eA +a,e Fema,e Con'e--ion Co7e Boo#in$ 2tatu-/ Current 2tatu-/Coa'9 No./2eat No CONF06+ 211/ 0003/ UB CONF06+ 211/ 000*/ +B

This ticket is booked on a personal user ID and cannot be sold b an agent! I" bought "ro# an agent b an individual$ it is at his%her o&n risk!

I,P>RT%&T" <or details, rules and ter+s 1 conditions of =!Ticketing services, please visit ?&ew Ti+e Table will be effective fro+ 83!89!283;. Departure ti+e and %rrival Ti+e printed on this =R($VR, is liable to change. Please #heck correct departure, arrival fro+ Railway (tation =n/uiry, Dial 3;5 or (,( R%I' to 3;5. There is a+end+ents in certain provisions of Refund Rule. Refer %+ended Refund Rules w.e.f 83!89!283;. The acco++odation booked is not transferable and is valid only if one of the ID card noted above is presented during the ourney. The =R($VR,$(,( sent by IR#T# along with the valid ID proof in original would be verified by TT= with the na+e and P&R on the chart. If the passenger fail to produce$display =R($VR,$(,( sent by IR#T# due to any eventuality @loss, da+aged +obile$laptop etc.A but has the prescribed original proof of identity, a penalty of Rs.48$!per ticket as applicable to such cases will be levied. The ticket checking staff >n board$>ff board will give =xcess <are Ticket for the sa+e. =!ticket cancellations are per+itted through by the user. >btain certificate fro+ the TT= $#onductor in case of P%RTI%''B waitlisted e!ticket, '=(( &>. >< P%((=&)=R( travelled, %.#.<%I'*R=, TR%V=' I& '>C=R #'%((. This original certificate +ust be sent to )), @ITA, IR#T# 'td., Internet Ticketing #entre, IR#% .uilding, (tate =ntry Road, &ew Delhi!338844 after filing on!line refund re/uest for clai+ing refund. Passengers are advised not to carry infla++able$dangerous$explosive articles as part of their luggage and also to desist fro+ s+oking in the trains. #ontact us on" ! 26?9 Drs #usto+er (upport at 833!;5;68888 , #hennai #usto+er #are 866 E 24;88888 or ,ail To" <or any suggestions$co+plaints related to #atering services, contact Toll <ree &o. 3:88!333!;23 @89.88 hrs to 22.88 hrsA

# o$ # #0/%&/%0#& #%:#' P( .