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Here is a collection of the long history of Microsoft codenames.

Operating Systems and Technologies

Codename Product
Asteroid Windows 2000 SP1
Aero User Interface in Windows Vista
Bearpaw Windows Terminal Services for Windows Server 2003
Blackcomb Successor to Vista, server only
Bobcat Windows Server 2003 Small Business Edition
Chicago Windows 95
Daytona Windows NT 3.5
Detroit Windows 95 OSR2
Freestyle Windows XP Media Center Edition
Frosting Windows 95 Plus!
Harmony Windows XP Media Center Edition
Impala Windows NT4 Embedded
Communications services in Vista, aka Windows Communications
Foundation (WCF)
Janus Windows 3.1
Lonestar Tablet PC 2004
Longhorn Windows Vista
Mantis Windows XP Embedded 5.1
Mephis Windows 98
Mellinum/Georgia Windows ME
Mir Internal Mercury release
NAS 3.0 Windows Storage Server 2003
Nashville Internet Explorer, for Windows 95
Neptune Canceller successor to Windows 98
Newshell Alpha shell update for Windows NT
Slalom Media Center Edition of Vista
Sparta Windows for Workgroups 3.11
Sundown Windows XP 64-bit
SUR Patch to Windows 3.51
Symphony Windows XP Media Center 2005
Whistler Windows XP
Whistler Server Windows Server 2003
Windows Windows 1.0
Windows 286 Windows 2.0
WinFX The set of next-generation managed APIs provided by Microsoft.

Server Products
SQL Server

Codename Product
Starfighter SQL Server 6.0
Hydra SQL Server 6.5
Sphinx SQL Server 7.0
Plato SQL Server 7.0 OLAP Services
Shiloh SQL Server 2000
Liberty SQL Server 2000 64-bit Edition
Rosetta SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services
Aurum SQL Server 2000, data mining toolkit
Yukon SQL Server 2005
Acadia SQL Server 2006?


Codename Product
Osmium Exchange Server 5.5
Platinum Exchange Server 2002
Titanium Exchange Server 2003
Kodiak Abandoned successor to Exchange 2003
Magma Embedded Exchange


Codename Product
Tahoe Sharepoint Server 2001
Matrix Sharepoint Portal Server v2


Codename Product
Latinum BizTalk 2000
Bizet BizTalk 2002


Codename Product
Falcon Message Queue Server (MSMQ)
Viper Transaction Server 2.0
Hydra Windows NT Terminal Services
Babylon Host Integration Server
Cedar COM Transaction Integrator for CICS and IMS (COMTI)
Wolfpack Cluster Server
Vienna Office Live Communication Server 2005
Hermes System Management Server
Kahiltna Commerce Server 2.0
Comet ISA 2000

Mobile Platforms

Codename Product
Alder Windows CE 2.1
Apollo Windows CE for Auto PC
Axe Embedded Toolkit for Windows CE 2.0 and 2.1
Brich Windows CE 2.11 and 2.12
Cedar Windows CE 3.0
Chainsaw Windows CE Platform Builder 3.0
Galileo Windows CE for Handheld PC 2000
Goldeneye Windows CE for AutoPC
Gryphon Windows CE 2.0 for palm-sized PCs
Hai Ku Multimedia Extension for Windows
Hermes Windows CE for webphones
Jameson Windows CE.NET Update
Jupiter Windows CE for Handheld PC Pro 3.0
Laguna Upcoming version of SQL Server, for Windows CE
McKendrick Windows CE for Media2G0
Mercury Windows CE for Hanheld PC
Merlin Pocket PC 2002 (or Windows CE 2002??)
Mira Windows CE for Smart Display Devices
Orion Windows CE for Chinese Handheld PC
Ozone Pocket PC 2003
Pegasus Windows CE 1.0
Rapier Windows CE for PocketPC 2000
Stinger Smartphone 2002 (or Windows CE for Smartphones 1.0?)
Starlite .NET Compact Framework 1.0
Talisker Windows CE .NET
Tazz Microsoft Phone
Visine Novell Netware Migration Tool
Venus Windows CE for webTV
Wyvern Windows CE for Color Palm PC


Codename Product
AirStream Services for wireless connections to Exchange
Avalanche/td> Internet-Information-Services 5.0
Argo Query-Services for SQL-Server 2000
Aruba Windows Media Platform for Blackcomb
Athena Outlook Express
Athens New prototype PC design (with HP)
Blackbird MSN SDK
Blizzard Business oriented Set of Services in .NET My Services
Basecamp VPN dial-up networking update (PPTP) for Windows 95
Calais Smart-Card Technologies
Cascade Windows Active-Directory
Cayman NetMeeting 3.0 Version 3.01 4.4.3400
Chrome ChromeEffects (GUI-Feature)
Cirrus Access 1.0
Comet Network-Tools for Windows 2000
Corona Windows Media-Technologies 9.0
Coyote Distributed Views for SQL-Server 2000
Darwin Windows Installer 1.1
Dart Setup for Oracle, SQL-Server ODBC-driver
DaVinci Database-Design & Query-Tools
Denali Active Server Pages
Europa New GUI for the MSN-Community
A defunct collaboration between Microsoft & SGI Graphics to combine
Direct3D and OpenGL by creating a unified 3D API. Direct X Version 10.0
Falcon Windows Messaging Queuing Server
Fusion Technologies for DLL improvements
Gemini Succesor GUI "Europa" for MSN-Community
Gibraltar Internet-Information-Server 1.0 Version 3.0
Grizzly Workflow-Designer for SQL-Server 2000
Hailstorm XML Message Interface
Hailstorm .NET My Services
HardeningPack Internet Explorer Enhanced Security (Windows Server 2003)
Hawaii Future version of Visual Studio (after the Orcas release)
Hydra Windows NT Terminal Services
Idaho Preliminary/alpha version of the next Windows-Longhorn
Jakarta JAVA-Engine for Internet Explorer 3.0
Kagera OLE-DB Provider for ODBC-Data
Blackbird MSN SDK
K2 Internet-Information-Server 4.0
Lightning .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR)
Luna Theme technology for Windows XP
Luxor OLE-Provider-Services for Yukon
Magic Carpet Passport-Technologies
Marvel Microsoft Network (MSN)
Merlin Microsoft� Internet Explorer for Dreamcast (cancelled circa 1999)
Mercury DUN 1.2 update for Win95
Longorn Command Shell. Msh is the new scripting and automation
environment for Windows
NGWS (Next Generation Windows/Web Services) .Net
Normandy Microsoft Commercial Internet System (MCIS)
Oprah Netmeeting
Orcas Future version of Visual Studio (after the Visual Studio 2005 release)
O'hare Internet Explorer 1.00
Plato OLAP-Server
Project 42 (from Lightning) .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR)
Ren Email client before OE
Quartz Direct Show
Sideshow Task Shelf of Longhorn (MS research)
Slate Microsoft Management-Console (MMC)
Spark Integration of Windows SharePoint Services and CMS
Steelhead Windows NT Routing & Remote-Access Services (RAS)
Talisman 3D Graphic and Multimedia Architecture
Tensor OLE-DB Extensions for OLAP
Touchdown Outlook 97
Trident Dynamic HTML (DHTML)
Tungsten Microsoft Rights Management Services (RMS)
Whisper Speech Recognition (speech-to-text)
Whitehorse VS.NET 2005 Design Tool Suite
Xenon Xbox 360