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MaxCell Fabric Innerduct

MaxCell is the only flexible fabric innerduct system designed for the network construction
industry. MaxCell innerduct conforms to the shape of the cables placed within, reducing
space typically associated with rigid innerducts.

MaxCell features include:

• Melt point of 419 °F - almost 2X of HDPE

• Resistant to ground chemicals and petroleum products
• Pre-lubed for lower friction during MaxCell and cable installation
• Place 300% more cables than in traditional rigid innerducts
• Install MaxCell 2 times faster than traditional innerducts
• Use up to 30% less manpower for installation than traditional innerducts.

3" 3-Cell Maxcell is designed for use in 3" or larger conduits. The 3" 3-Cell product is
designed to hold cables up to 1.03" in diameter in each cell. Up to 3 packs can be placed in
a 4" conduit.

Why MaxCell?

Save on network construction

•Place 300% more cables

•Install MaxCell 2x faster
•Use 30% less manpower

As the pioneer in fabric innerduct technology, MaxCell has the industry experience and know how to
develop unique solutions for specific application issues. Whether overbuild of an existing network or
the deployment of cable in a new FTTH system, MaxCell can help you select the right product and
right design to maximize the efficiency of your assets.

Independent surveys and actual field experience prove that MaxCell is a revolutionary product
that reduces material and labor costs by 50% & more in most applications. Installers and network
engineers can cut conduit installation time in half, and increase cable installation speed.

If you want to increase your productivity and boost your bottom line, Maxcell is the solution.

5 Blue Heron Drive Collegeville, PA 19426 (610) 831-5020 Fax: (610) 831-5012
5 Blue Heron Drive
Comstar Supply, INC Collegeville, PA 19426
Think Cable... Think Comstar Phone: 610-831-5020
Fax: 610-831-5012

Application: Overbuild


•Existing outer ducts occupied with cables and/or PE rigid inner ducts
•Desire not to utilize last empty duct(s) (high congestion)
•Microducts difficult to blow in occupied ducts with high fill ratio
•Rigid innerducts may damage existing cables

MaxCell Solution

•Pull MaxCell over existing cables or innerduct (Overlay) allowing additional cable(s)
to be pulled in dedicated pathway

General Benefits

•Avoid new construction of additional outer duct/inner ducts (~$3-200/ft)

•Save remaining empty ducts in congested areas for future network additions
•Decrease time required to startup network

MaxCell Installation Questions

What types of cable can be placed in MaxCell?
•Inside or Outside Plant Cables
•Communications Cables: Fiber Optic, Coax, Twisted Pair, Copper, Cat 5, etc.
•Utility Cables: Power, Control, Lighting

What is the Maximum Fill Ratio Recommended when using MaxCell?

The recommended maximum fill ratio is 45%. Above that level, testing and experience has shown a marked increase in
cable pulling tensions. Remember to check local codes for allowable maximum fill ratio.

How Long Can MaxCell be Pulled?

The distance MaxCell can be pulled is affected by the type of duct structure, the number of horizontal or vertical changes
within a run, the presence of incumbent cables or innerduct, and the number of sweeps or bends. The longest pull to date
is 6,000 feet on multiple occasions. On difficult installations, MaxCell can have a tendency to enter the conduit. Always
affix MaxCell to a permanent object while installing cables or flushing out the conduit. This methodology can be seen in
the Installation Training video.

During the installation of cables or while flushing out the conduit structure we recommend affixing MaxCell to a
permanent object in the manhole. A metal clasp or pull tape can be used to accomplish this task.

In Multiple Cell MaxCell Packs, is there a particular order for installing cables?
We recommend installing cables starting from the bottom cell and working up through the packs.

In Occupied Conduit Installation, is there a concern for tangling?

Yes. Unless the proper installation techniques are used, MaxCell can become entangled with the existing cable. The
recommended technique is to rod an occupied conduit with a “paddle” attachment which rides on to the existing cable.
See our document – Placing MaxCell in Occupied Conduit – for step-by-step instructions.

5 Blue Heron Drive Collegeville, PA 19426 (610) 831-5020 Fax: (610) 831-5012
5 Blue Heron Drive
Comstar Supply, INC Collegeville, PA 19426
Think Cable... Think Comstar Phone: 610-831-5020
Fax: 610-831-5012

MaxCell Installation Questions

When the top two cells have cables already installed, is it harder to pull the cable into the bottom cell?
The weight of cables can be a factor in increased pulling tensions, but experience has shown this increase to be minor –
less than 50lbs. A more important factor in cable pulling tensions is the condition of the conduit. Pull length, total degree/
radius, and number of bends in the outer duct contribute significantly to overall pulling tensions.

Can the cables be removed without removing the MaxCell Innerduct?

Yes, MaxCell is designed so cables can be installed, removed, and reinstalled at any time.

Is lube required for placing MaxCell?

No. MaxCell is pre-lubricated and additional lubricants are not necessary.

Is lube requried for placing cable within MaxCell?

Although pre-lubed, we recommend that additional lubricant be applied to the cable
during installation. Extensive testing has shown that this step can reduce cable pulling
tensions by 15-20%.

Does MaxCell have footage markers?

MaxCell is incrementally marked every 5 feet. The pulling tapes within MaxCell are incrementally marked every foot.

Will Maxcell twist or spiral during installation?

Using proper installation equipment and techniques insures MaxCell will not spiral. The key component of this procedure is
to use a swivel between the pull rope and the MaxCell pack(s).

When installing MaxCell in OSP applications, do you install from manhole to manhole or pull through multiple
Either. MaxCell is very easy to install and many customers pull MaxCell through multiple manholes in a single pull to save

After MaxCell has been installed, and cables have been installed, can another pack of MaxCell be installed?
Yes, MaxCell can be incrementally installed. One pack can be installed now and another pack installed later. This is a major
benefit of MaxCell. For this reason, we recommend that a spare pull rope be installed along with the MaxCell pack.

Can MaxCell be pulled over innerduct inside of outer duct?

When space is available, MaxCell can be pulled into almost any conduit structure.

How do contaminants (e.g. mud, silt, water ) affect the ability to pull throurgh MaxCell?
In conduits where contaminants may be suspected, we recommend flushing the duct with water prior to placing cables
within MaxCell. Similar to rigid innerduct, cable pulling tensions may increase due to the presence of these contaminants.

Can Maxcell be spliced?

Yes. We have developed a MaxCell splice solution for field repairs. We also recommend placing
a handhole to allow easy return access at the repaired location.

How is the conduit containing MaxCell sealed?

Standard sealing practices include inflatable bags, termination plugs, and foam applications.

For watertight applications, split termination plugs are recommended.

For non-watertight applications, inflatable bag termination systems are recommended. These
bags, when inflated by CO2, compress to the structure of the cable placed. This method offers
a silt, water, and chemical resistant solution.

5 Blue Heron Drive Collegeville, PA 19426 (610) 831-5020 Fax: (610) 831-5012