1) A pole casts a shadow 3m long. Find its length if a 24m pole on the same horizontal casts
a shadow 4m long.
2) A fence 100m long is constructed with poles placed 1m apart. How many poles are
3) A tank measures 2m by 3m by 9m. what is its capacity in litres?

4) Complete the series: m,n,n,o,o,?,p ,p ,…
5) A man invests money monthly at the rate of 6 1/4 % per annum. If the interest is not
reinvested, in how many years will the interest become equal to the money he invested

6) Two buses traveling at 25mi/hr & 30mi/hr leaves a park. If d 1st car leaves 1hr earlier,
how long will it take d' faster car to catch up.

7) In a class of 80 students, 28 speak Chinese while 92 speak Arabian. How many
students speak both languages?
8) Ade, Emeka, and Dare had 4, 3 and 0 slices of bread to eat. Ade and Emeka offered some
slices to Dare according to their capacity. Dare in return gave them $3.0. How much will
Ade receive?
9) * A school has enough bread to feed 30 children for 4 days. If 10 more children are
added, how many days will the bread last?

10) *How much water must be added to 20 gallons of a solution that is 30% alcohol to dilute
it to a solution that is only 25% alcohol?

11) * All of the coffee mixtures sold in a certain store contain Colombian, Jamaican, or
Brazilian coffee or some combination of these. Of all the mixtures, 33 contain Colombian
coffee, 43 contain Jamaican coffee, and 42 contain Brazilian coffee. Of these, 16 contain
at least Colombian and Jamaican coffees, 18 contain at least Jamaican and Brazilian
coffees, 8 contain at least Brazilian and Colombian coffees, and 5 contain all three. How
many different coffee mixtures are sold in the store?

12) Complete the sequence 4, 5, 9, 18, 34, ?, ?

*questions added for completeness but are of same kind as the actual questions