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Behavioral Change Management A Key

to a Successful Implementation

Mobile Field Computing

Malcolm Hope
April 2014

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What is Behavioral Change Management (BCM)?

It is the development and execution of a strategy to help people:

employees, contractors, management, develop the skills and
motivations needed to move from the current state and thrive in the
future state.

engagement of management teams to provide direction, support, and

communication of change
the project team understanding how their new technology will effect
the processes of the people that will use it as part of their job
the development of training and support plans - including post
implementation plans
inclusion of key employees, contractors, and management in the
development and execution of the project and BCM plan
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WIIFM - What is in it for me?

WIIFM - What is in it for me?

Most people are motivated by their self-interests
People are most engaged and cooperative when they clearly understand the
personal or organizational benefits that the solution will provide to them.

Identify what the people who the project is suppose to benefit, see as their major
issues, at the start of the project, and relate how your project/implementation will
address these issues.
Most people are very good at doing their job in the current state. They need to be
shown, up front, how you will include and develop them to have the ability to do
their job very well in the future state - training, new equipment, support

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Engagement at the Start of the Project

Engage the people that will be directly affected by the project once you have
determined the project will go forward
Use management throughout all levels to communicate what the project is
about, what are the expected benefits, how they or their peers will be involved
in the project
Identify peers in their organization or industry using the solution, and have them
communicate the benefits of the project
Make it real by showing possible equipment that will be used by project and the
benefits expected

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Identify key leaders, and influential end users

Identify key thought leaders and engage them earlier, enlist them for
feedback, and communication
Ensure end users are represented as part of the project team
Possibly use them to help train their peers as project rolls out

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Get the end users to own the solution

Engage them to ensure the project will solve the right problems

If there is a product selection process, engage key representatives as part of

the selection team

Involve them testing.

Provide mechanisms for feedback

Provide follow up and additional training as required

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