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04/29/2013 10:34 PM

In older versions of Ubuntu the file might be present. Users enter a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) to point to a Web server by means of its Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) and a path to the required resource.html HTTPD . apache2.conf: houses the directives that determine which TCP ports Apache2 is listening on.ubuntu. and File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Now the file does not exist. The most common protocol used to transfer Web pages is the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP). sites-available: this directory has configuration files for Apache2 Virtual Hosts. but empty. Web Servers are used to serve Web Pages requested by client computers. This configuration is termed LAMP (Linux.ubuntu. envvars: file where Apache2 environment variables are set. Apache Web Servers are often used in combination with the MySQL database engine. 6.ubuntu.HTTPD . mods-available: this directory contains configuration files to both load modules and configure them. For example.d: contains configuration files which apply globally to Apache2. to view the home page of the Ubuntu Web site a user will enter only the FQDN: www. Protocols such as Hyper Text Transfer Protocol over Secure Sockets Layer (HTTPS).Apache2 Web Server 2 of 3 https://help. 3. as all configuration options have been moved to the below referenced directories. and other popular scripting languages such as Python and Perl. 7. to this directory. however. Other packages that use Apache2 to serve content may add files. Apache. or To view the community sub-page. 8. To install Apache2: 1. are also supported. and wildcards can be used to include many 04/29/2013 10:34 PM . 4. Similarly when a configuration file in sites-available is symlinked. At a terminal prompt enter the following command: sudo apt-get install apache2 Configuration Apache2 is configured by placing directives in plain text configuration files. 9. other configuration files may be added using the Include directive. or Mozilla. In addition. 2. Installation Configuration HTTPS Configuration Sharing Write Permission References Installation The Apache2 web server is available in Ubuntu Linux.04/serverguide/httpd. a protocol for uploading and downloading files. MySQL and Perl/Python/PHP) and forms a powerful and robust platform for the development and deployment of Web-based applications. sites-enabled contains symlinks to the /etc/apache2/sites-available directory. Contains settings that are global to Apache2. Chromium. These directives are separated between the following files and directories: 1. mods-enabled: holds symlinks to the files in /etc/apache2/mods-available. Virtual Hosts allow Apache2 to be configured for multiple sites that have separate configurations. Not all modules will have specific configuration files. When a module configuration file is symlinked it will be enabled the next time apache2 is restarted. the site configured by it will be active once Apache2 is restarted. sites-enabled: like mods-enabled. named after the httpd daemon. 5.conf: historically the main Apache2 configuration file. Clients typically request and view Web Pages using Web Browser applications such as Firefox.Apache2 Web Server ◀ Previous | Next ▶ Apache is the most commonly used Web Server on Linux systems. httpd. a user will enter the FQDN followed by a path: www. the HyperText Preprocessor (PHP) scripting language. conf.conf: the main Apache2 configuration file.

To report a problem.ubuntu. visit the bug page for Ubuntu Documentation 04/29/2013 10:34 PM .html The material in this document is available under a free license.Apache2 Web Server 3 of 3 https://help. see Legal for details For information on contributing see the Ubuntu Documentation Team wiki .04/serverguide/httpd.