Data Domain
Collects storage statistics and autosupport data from a Data Domain OS which is used in conjunction with
outputs from Backup Quickscripts to identify high change rate clients and provide a comprehensive data
backup overview.

The system running Mitrend Scanner requires:
Windows Vista / Windows Server 2008 or later.
Microsoft .NET 4.5 Download Installer Here.
Targeted System Requirements:
Must be running an instance of Data Domain OS
Provided credentials must have SE permissions
To collect AutoSupport files, the target system must have shared its ddvar directory by running the
following command:
cifs add /ddvar *

Validate the Value
EMC SEs and Partners will also receive the EMC Data Domain Validate the Value presentation, which
summarizes the impact of Data Domain's data protection benefits.

1. Download the latest version of the Mitrend Scanner application.
2. Rename it from MitrendScanner.renameToExe to MitrendScanner.exe and open the executable.
3. Select the Data Domain scan type.
4. Enter the hostname of the target Data Domain system.
5. Verify that the "/ddvar" directory has been shared via CIFS and is accessible from the current
In a Windows File Explorer window, type "\HOSTNAME\ddvar" (replacing "HOSTNAME" with
the hostname of the target system).
If Windows is unable to find the directory, run the following command on the Data Domain
system: cifs add /ddvar *
6. Enter credentials with administrative rights on that Data Domain system.
7. Click ADD to add the target to the list.
8. Open the Options Menu and verify that the connection port is correct.
NOTE: The default is port 22, but this is often changed for security reasons. If you do not
know the configured SSH connection port for your Data Domain system, contact your

Via a web browser.System Administrator. Click NEXT. 2. replacing SERIALNO with the serial number copied in the previous step: priv set se password SERIALNO If the above command provides an output similar to "This command is not available for this user" then you will need to use a different set of credentials. you must: A. 10. 9. G. open your Data Domain assessment for editing. E. On the Upload Uploading as a draft will push all of the scan data to app. Run the following command: system show serialno 3. Add the resulting output files to a click CONTINUE. contact us at support@mitrend. Under the "What will you be assessing today?" section. 12. To complete the assessment. On the bottom of the page. Add the ZIP file containing the results from running Backup Quickscripts. 11. select the BACKUP subsection and choose the item which corresponds to the backup quickscript that was run earlier. Once all results have been added. Once the scan completes. Click BEGIN SCAN. Using the terminal of your choice. connect to the target machine using the same credentials that were provided to Scanner. Help and Support If you have any difficulties or questions. 13. navigate to app. press on the DRAFT button.mitrend. B. click "Submit your assessment" Troubleshooting DATA DOMAIN COMMAND FAILURE 1. . Run the system specific Backup Quickscripts against each backup server which uses the scanned Data Domain server. Navigate to the "History" tab D. or export the data for a manual upload. F. Select and copy the serialnumber (the string of numbers and letters after the ":" 4. C. Run the following command. This will list all of your assessments in a 'draft' stage.then verify the information on the page is correct. you may either upload the results as a draft. but leave the assessment as a and login.mitrend.