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General procedures for Clients Investments

a) Congresses:

a.1) Internal: min 5 patients on Roche therapy per year (PEG or RFA).
a.2) External: European: min 10 patients on PEG with an average of 15 ptn per year (E.g.:
European Association for the study of the Liver - EASL, United European
Gastroenterology Week - UEGW)
a.3) External: Outside Europe: minim 20 ptn with an average of 25 ptn per year (E.g.:
American Association for the study of the Liver – AASLD, Digestive Disease Week –

Comments: exceptions from these rules can be made based on the following criteria:
 for KOL the above patients target is not mandatory
 KD who worked exclusively with Roche and enrolled more than 20 patients
per year can receive an additional congress ( partial or full reimbursed )
 For Roche Own Events invitations of KOL and KD ( KD means physicians
who have more than 30 patients on Roche therapy ) are not based on the
number of enrolled patients
 The selection of participants to Medical courses sponsored by Roche will be
made based on scientific interest, recommendation from KOL , Head of the
department, and potential of the clinic
 Any exceptions will be discussed with BUM and approved by CM on a case by
case situation

b) Fee

b.1) Fee per patient:
- can be received by investigators, prescribers, and medical managers from LIH
- Amount: between 30 USD/ptn (in general for person from LIH) and 300 USD/ptn (for
KD or KOL) with an average of 200 USD/ptn
- Timing of according the amount above is: for medical manager in LIH at the start of
therapy for each patient, and for investigators and prescribers: 100 USD/ptn at the therapy
start and the rest of 100/200 after 6 month of therapy
- Each sponsorship request will be accompanied by the patient’s situation of the physician
(see appendix 1)

Comments - exceptions from these rules can be made in one of the following situations:
- with prior written approval from BUM and CM
- for KOL or KD with exclusivity negotiation

b.2) Speaker fee: for KOL and KD on the occasion of Roche events: National congresses
and Roche symposia.
- 200 USD for regular speaker
- 300 USD for chairman
- for international speakers according to International Roche policy