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lo1 now has a robust explanation re any possible bias ofthe chs inthe package. Joon't know what the holdup Is now, other than Stu's continued concerns. Strong, loperational need to have in place before Monday if a all possible, which means ko ct tomorrow. | communicated you and boss's green light to Stu earller, and just sent an email to Stu asking where things stood. This might take a high-level landrew McCabe [Outgoing [2016-10-12 19:11:00 _[push, Will Keep you posted, I TRave nat heard back from Stun an hour, | wil Tavoke your namie to Say You landrew mecabe Outgoing [2016-10-12 19:13:00 _|want to know where things are, so long as that I okay with you. landrew McCabe [outgoing [2016-10-12 21:07:00 _|spoke to Stu. Lets talk inthe morning. Expect Ioha C. wil probably reach out Th the morning as wall Just call when lanarew McCabe [Outgoing _|2026-10-12 22:15:00 [you're up. Thx. landrew Mccabe outgoing _|2016-10-13 10:14:00 _[Please. © landrew Mccabe __Jourgoing _|2016-10-13 10:14:00 _|call my cell when you are free to chat, Ilo, Tet me know I there 5 3 rr Tat YOU are related to ndrew McCabe [Outgoing [2016-10-13 10:23:00 _|1'm guessing not, but just wanted to check. Jandrew McCabe [Outgoing _|2016-10-13 11:00:00 gr. Thanks, landrew Mccabe incoming [2016-10-13 11:00:00 [call water 830 landrew mecabe incoming [2016-10-13 11:00:00 _|No Sam tam. landrew McCabe incoming _|2016-10-13 11:47:00 _|Ready. Office or call? landrew McCabe __JOutgoing {2016-10-13 11:48:00 _|cell pease [Corvection: CO says letter was Geta CO-I Take. NFT rom me, But they Neely Rave [Andrew McCabe __JOutgoing [2016-10-13 20:00:00 _|more. [You haven't heard from State, correct? We gave them until 20 am eastern to raise their concerns. Our plan Isto proceed with the unredacted production to landcew McCabe Outgoing [2016-10-14 09:54:00 _|the Hillif we don't hear anything in the next few minutes. landcew Mccabe incoming _|2016-10-14 10:29:00 |t have not heard anything from them, understanding that we would go alone. |also, it would be very very helpful to get ODCIA to clarify thet they DO want the Jandrew McCabe outgoing [2016-10-14 10:43:00_|content. The DAG continues to use that as an excuse. FRaIV, flooks like BA Gla not get the call rom the senators Ofc, that was landrew McCabe [Outgoing |2016-10-14 10:44:00 inaccurate. BA has it now. Jandrew McCabe [incoming [2016-10-14 10:45:00 ok. Thanks. TTaIa Nels STMCE Vou WOUTE Be The pone person On TERETE TEU Tor Us MayBE |you can call his assistant and ask her if he isready to schedule Ifthe answer s landrew McCabe incoming [2016-10-14 10:47:00 _|no, then tell her | will need to talk to him again Jandcew McCabe —_|Incoming [2016-10-14 10:48:00 _|she 's landrew McCabe [Outgoing _ 2016-10-14 10:51:00 _|Got it. wil call now. also have moffa writing ub @veryinine 7d knows about what ison tose drives, Jandew McCabe [Outgoing [2016-10-14 10:57:00 _|will be ready by monday SSC CAME RPOTEMNY TE CAG NOW WANES TO TE TENE aH WH WIS OTTO] host. So we are setting that up now, lwe will very much need to get Cohen's view before we meet with her, Better, Ihave him weigh in with her before the meeting, We need to speak with one landrew McCabe [Outgoing [2016-10-14 10:57:00 _|voic, if that i in fact the case. lancrew McCabe [incoming [2026-10-14 11:27:00 _[Thanks. | will reach out to David. Tauck press response awalting your clearance on unclassified emai. Could you landrew McCabe outgoing 2016-10-15 18:48:00 _feheck it please? iT Take VOUT COTS Tan Wa Sessler, Wecesrary [ean step Ou read the response andi seems fine, with the exception of the use ofthe term ndrew McCabe [incoming [2016-10-15 18:52:00 "billets". Too military and may not be understood, landcew MeCebe __JOutgoing [2036-10-15 18:53:00 _|No problem. ISee Fyou can change i to Something Ike "space for additional fbi employees landrew McCabe incoming _|2086-10-15 18:53:00 [assigned abroad” landrew McCabe Outgoing [2016-10-15 18:53:00 oti. Just needed clearance on the statement. Will let the team know Than. [andrew McCabe incoming [2016-10-15 18:54:00, need me to step out and call?