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Main Topics What is fraud Types of fraud Elements of a fraud Offices fighting fraud Ways to avoid scams Notable fraudsters 2 .

Fraud is a crime.g. 3 . in science. e. to gain prestige rather than immediate monetary gain. Defrauding people or entities of money or valuables is a common purpose of fraud. a fraud is an intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual The specific legal definition varies by legal jurisdiction. but there have also been fraudulent "discoveries". and also a civil law violation.What is fraud? In the broadest sense.

such as Ponzi schemes and Pyramid schemes Moving scam religious fraud marriage fraud to obtain immigration rights without entitlement rigged gambling games such as the shell game securities frauds such as pump and dump tax fraud 4 . taking money which one has been entrusted with on behalf of another party false advertising false billing false insurance claims forgery of documents or signatures. such as quackmedicines. for example selling of products known not to be effective. fraud upon the court health fraud. identity theft investment frauds. documents or valuable goods charlatanism confidence tricks such as the 419 fraud and Spanish Prisoner creation of false companies or "long firms" embezzlement. committing fraud to get government benefits counterfeiting of currency.Types of criminal fraud include: bait and switch bankruptcy fraud benefit fraud.

5 . the speaker's intent that it shall be acted upon by the plaintiff. and consequent damages suffered by plaintiff. plaintiff's reliance on the truth of the representation.Elements of fraud a representation of an existing fact. the speaker's knowledge of its falsity. plaintiff's ignorance of its falsity. plaintiff's right to rely upon it. its falsity. its materiality.

S Securities and Exchange Commission Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre 6 .Offices fighting fraud The National Fraud Authority (NFA) is the government agency co-ordinating the counter-fraud response in the UK European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) Asia Anti Fraud (AAF) U.

Antivirus and Firewalls are Important. etc. Look. Type in Web Addresses manually into your Browser.Top Five Ways to Avoid Identity Theft and Internet Fraud Think. Investigate every link you receive in your E-mail before Clicking.  Use secure Webser vers for transactions with your Credit Card. Update yourself 7 .

How To Avoid Scams Ask questions and check out the answers Research the company before you invest Know the salesperson. Be wary of unsolicited offers. 8 .

And most importantly. reputable discount brokers where the federal insurance guarantees accounts. It’ll ensure that no one account is so large that it leaves you penniless if financial fraud happens.How can you avoid financial fraud? Manage your own funds as much as possible with large. outside accountants to audit your accounts 9 . make sure you diversify into several managed accounts. Managed accounts should also include publicly-traded. whose value can be tracked daily. you should make sure all managed accounts have separate custodians and independent. If you are still tempted to turn your money over to another’s management. no-load mutual funds and exchange traded funds/notes.

The film Catch Me If You Can is based on his life.. US impostor who wrote bad checks and falsely represented himself as a qualified member of professions such as airline pilot.Notable fraudsters Frank Abagnale Jr. and attorney. who has about $1 billion worth of judgments against him stemming from fraudulent accounting practices at that company. His $75 million scam was among the largest in Canadian history 10 . Eddie Antar. The money came mostly from relatives and members of the closely-knit Ismaili community. founder of Crazy Eddie. doctor. Salim Damji is a convicted fraud artist who defrauded millions of dollars in an affinity fraud.

2007 to ten years in prison for a US $2. Gregor MacGregor.Notable fraudsters(2) Ramón Báez Figueroa. the last Postmaster-General of the UK and MP who faked his death to marry his mistress. Sentenced on October 21. John Stonehouse.2 billion fraud case that drove the Caribbean nation into an economic crisis in 2003. 11 . Scottish conman who tried to attract investment and settlers for the non-existent country of Poyais. banker from the Dominican Republic and former President of Banco Intercontinental.

Conclusion There are many types of frauds and as the technology develops new ways of fraud appears People should be very careful with their money and personal information 12 .

Thank you for your attention 13 .

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