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WINDOWS RUN COMMANDS Run Line Commands These are GUI applications that can be opened from the

run line. These applications are not located in the C:\windows\system32\ directory, the keys for these applications are located in the registry under: HKLM\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\app paths BCKGZM.EXE - Backgammon CHKRZM.EXE - Checkers CONF.EXE - NetMeeting DIALER.EXE - Phone Dialer HELPCTR.EXE - Help and Support HRTZZM.EXE - Internet Hearts HYPERTRM.EXE - HyperTerminal ICWCONN1.EXE - Internet Connection Wizard IEXPLORE.EXE - Internet Explorer INETWIZ.EXE - Setup Your Internet Connection INSTALL.EXE - User's Folder MIGWIZ.EXE - File and Settings Transfer Wizard MOVIEMK.EXE - Windows Movie Maker MPLAYER2.EXE - Windows Media Player Version MSCONFIG.EXE - System Configuration Utility MSIMN.EXE - Outlook Express MSINFO32.EXE - System Information

EXE .Connection Manager Profile Installer CONTROL.EXE files reside in (c:\windows\system32\) or (c:\windows\) directory.EXE .EXE .Windows Media Player WRITE.Pinball RVSEZM.EXE .Clipbook Viewer CLSPACK.EXE .EXE .EXE .EXE .MSMSGS.EXE .Character Map CLEANMGR.User's Folder WMPLAYER.Spades TABLE30.EXE .Disk Space Cleanup Manager CLICONFG.Control Panel .EXE .EXE .Wordpad These .EXE .EXE .Paint PINBALL.EXE .Windows Messenger MSN6.EXE .EXE .Command Line CMSTP.EXE .Reversi SHVLZM.Windows Address Book WABMIG.EXE . ACCWIZ.Accessibility Wizard CALC.MSN Explorer PBRUSH.EXE .EXE .EXE .Class Package Export Tool CMD.Address Book Import Tool WINNT32.Calculator CHARMAP.User's Folder WAB.SQL Client Configuration Utility CLIPBRD.

EXE .EXE .EXE .Free Cell FXSCLNT.Windows Media Player version 5.EXE .00b DRWTSN32.EXE .EXE .Doctor Watson v1.DVD Player DXDIAG.EXE .EXE .DDE Share DRWATSON.EXE .EXE .Doctor Watson Settings DVDPLAY.Private Character Editor EVENTVWR.EXE .Microsoft Magnifier MMC.Microsoft Synchronization Manager MPLAY32.EXE .0 LOGOFF.Event Viewer EXPLORER.Windows Explorer FREECELL.EXE .IExpress 2.Hearts MSPAINT.EXE .EXE .Microsoft Management Console MOBSYNC.Paint MSTSC.DirectX Diagnostics EUDCEDIT.EXE .System Logoff MAGNIFY.DCOMCNFG.EXE .EXE .1 MSHEARTS.EXE .Remote Desktop Connection NARRATOR.Fax Console FXSCOVER.EXE .EXE .Fax Cover Page Editor FXSEND.EXE .MS Fax Send Note Utility IEXPRESS.Component Services DDESHARE.EXE .Microsoft Narrator .

EXE .Registry Editor REGEDT32.Registry Editor RESET.EXE .Sound Recorder SNDVOL32.Object Packager PERFMON.NETSETUP.Windows Uninstall Utility PACKAGER.ODBC Data Source Administrator OSK.Symbolic Debugger for Windows 2000 ODBCAD32.EXE .On Screen Keyboard OSUNINST.RTC Application Sharing SFC.Remote Access Phonebook REGEDIT.EXE .Network Setup Wizard NOTEPAD.EXE .NSLookup Application NTSD.System Restore RTCSHARE.Solitaire .EXE .EXE .EXE .EXE .EXE .File Signature Verification SNDREC32.EXE .Program Manager RASPHONE.Create Shared Folder SHUTDOWN.System File Checker SHRPUBW.EXE .EXE .EXE .Sound Volume SOL.EXE .Notepad NSLOOKUP.EXE .EXE .EXE .System Shutdown SIGVERIF.EXE .EXE .EXE .Resets Session RSTRUI.EXE .EXE .Performance Monitor PROGMAN.

EXE .EXE .System Utility Manager USERINIT.MS Telnet Client TSSHUTDN.EXE .System Configuration Editor SYSKEY.EXE .EXE .Windows Script Host Settings WUPDMGR.EXE . and have the file type extension ".EXE .Windows for Workgroups Chat WINHELP.Spider Solitaire SYNCAPP.EXE .Create A Briefcase SYSEDIT.EXE .Minesweeper WINVER.EXE .Scanner and Camera Wizard WINCHAT. .SAM Lock Tool TASKMGR.CPL".Task Manager TELNET.EXE .Help WINMINE.EXE .EXE .My Documents VERIFIER.EXE .Windows Version Information WRITE.EXE .System Shutdown TOURSTART.Driver Verifier Manager WIAACMGR.EXE .EXE .WordPad WSCRIPT.EXE .EXE .EXE .Windows Update The following are Control Panel applets that can be run from the run line.SPIDER.Windows Help Engine WINHLP32. They are located in the c:\windows\system32 directory.Windows Tour Launcher UTILMAN.

CPL .CPL .CPL .MSC .Mouse Properties MMSYS.Certificates CIADV.CPL .Regional and Language Options JOY.MSC .Display Properties HDWWIZ.Game Controllers MAIN.CPL .Network Connections NUSRMGR.CPL .CPL .CPL .CPL .Phone and Modem Options TIMEDATE.MSC".MSC .Power Options Properties SYSDM.CPL .CPL .System Properties TELEPHON.User Accounts ODBCCP32.CPL .CPL .CPL .ODBC Data Source Administrator POWERCFG. CERTMGR.Add Hardware Wizard INETCPL.Sounds and Audio Device Properties NCPA.MSC .Internet Explorer Properties INTL.ACCESS.Disk Defragmenter .Computer Management DEVMGMT.Device Manager DFRG.Indexing Service COMPMGMT.CPL . These applications have the file type extension ".MSC .CPL .Accessibility Options APPWIZ.Add or Remove Programs DESK.Date and Time Properties The following are Microsoft Management Console Snap-ins that can be opened from the run line.

MSC .Removable Storage NTMSOPRQ.Services WMIMGMT.Performance Monitor SERVICES.MSC .Local Users and Groups NTMSMGR.MSC .MSC .DISKMGMT.MSC .MSC .Disk Management EVENTVWR.Removable Storage Operator Requests PERFMON.MSC .Shared Folders LUSRMGR.Windows Management Infrastructure USEfull websites .MSC .Event Viewer FSMGMT.MSC .