In 2002, I embarked on two journeys, equipped only with my mind and imagination, to both an ideal future, and our future. It took me like 4 weeks for the ideal trip, because I wanted to stay, and only a few days for the other. The only living thing I really had contact with was my cat, Zeus; named thus by my sister-in-law for Steve Martin in Zeus and Roxanne. Never saw the movie myself, though. Zeus is integral to the story that follows. He taught me a lot about what humanity should be, and, of course, being a cat. We're capable of so much more than this, and I'm afraid if we continue on the course we've set, we'll irrevocably change mankind into the machine. It saddens me to see us going around in circles, instead of growing. That's because government has grown too big; bureaucracy is one of the most inefficient methods to govern with. We should see that. Music is integral to the recovery. Well, I'm getting way ahead of myself. Read the following document, I urge you to. I don't give complete answers, that's for you to figure out, together. In whole, you couldn't handle the truth, trust me. If you got it all, at once, as I did, you'd probably end up committing suicide, like I tried. It's not a competition, either, so help one another. It's democracy we want, not the same old shit that's keeps being shoveled to us. And, since the answer ain't coming from the top->down, as it should, I'm gonna try from the bottom->up programming of society, before it's too late. The intelligentsia, and the Church, sorta failed us. Just consider me the first Xman to out himself. Maybe some fellow Xmen will explain it in more detail, later. I detected a trail through history that will bear me out. I give clues below. I promise to make it short. Remember, though, the future is the proof. I'd like to thank you and the rest of the universe; for now, it all makes sense...

Interview With The Cat

begin imagining... <a television studio with a desk next to a couch, talk show format, with a paraplegic named Jacques behind the desk, hosting, and on the couch a gorgeous male tiger cat, Zeus.> Welcome, children of all ages, to the interviews with Zeus, a cat with much to say about the planet Earth these days. Hey, Zeus! Hey Jacques, Kiddies... How are you doing these days??? I'm doing great, hunting whenever I want... The prey is getting harder to find these days, though, with the advancement of Man sprawling over nature with shopping malls and other suburban developments... Sometimes, I have to go so far away from home, that I end up spending a night or two away from home, which freaked Jacques out... But I always return... Jacques knows that, now...

Well, Zeus, let's start at our beginning, when you were assigned to teach me about how cats coexist together, especially how evolved they truly are. It took 6 years of trial and error before you finally opened my eyes; cured me of my traumatic brain injury. Well, we had to make sure you were the one to "out" us cats, as it was... Yes, we have political systems too... globally, we've settled on a democratic system, while the American cats have a representative democracy, the European cats are a bit more socialistic, the Japanese cats are a bit more ritualistic, etc... But, we are getting ahead of ourselves, Jacques??? Yes, our beginning. I remember Zeus came to me as a 5 week old kitten. From the start, he was determined to be close to me; he managed to get in my lap from the floor in the first 5 minutes, constantly mewing. Ever since then, I let him do what he wanted to, including leaving a door open 24/7 so he could go in and out as he wished. Sometimes, I didn't see him for days, which was nerve-wracking, but as my father did me; no rules. He let the environment dictate to me what was right or wrong in my teenage years, and I turned out pretty good. All 8 of my siblings did also, though they were all late bloomers, by society's measurement. I, on the other hand, ended up not quite measuring up to those same standards; both failing college and in the work environment completely, because of an accident on my 19th birthday, which left me paralyzed from the nipples down along with a Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI). So I had an excuse for not succeeding in the world. So great! No expectations. It sucked, actually, until Zeus entered the picture. I was finally needed! Yes, by only a cat, but what a great cat he turned out to be. And still am, thank you!!! Little did Jacques know, I was observing him to see if he should be the only human allowed in the Cat Collective. After several rigorous tests covering the 6 years, I decided he was the one to convey our message... One day, while writing political musings, he start writing laws about how cats were to be treated while they were in his house; like if I was touched in any way for sniffing anyone's plate of food, there's the exit!!! I was so proud of this human, so I cured him of his brain injury... Yes, that was weird, going from having a 19 year fog on the brain to having none at all the millisecond I finished writing that Cat Declaration of Independence. I knew the power of pet therapy, but wow, this was totally cool. I thought of calling my doctor and telling him what had happened when something inside of me stopped me. I still sounded brain injured(slurring was still obvious), and there were no real tests to prove my assertion. I told some of my family and friends, but to no avail. So, after a few days, I reverted to imitating my old, brain injured self. It wasn't that difficult to fake. Then, one night, after he grew comfortable with his old self, I told him, by telepathy, to go outside naked into the night to the end of his driveway, which he did... This proved

that the connection between us was a solid one, and that Jacques was ballsy enough to attempt something such as this document. Besides that once, I might add, Zeus never told me, nor will, to do anything, ever. My actions are entirely my doing, my choice. Zeus acts just as an intimate friend and a devil's advocate, constantly making sure that I am acting completely on my own alone. These are my quatrains. TUNA BREAK
Interview I

Why exactly are you making yourself known to the world now, Zeus? On behalf of the animal kingdom, to remind you why you are here, as well as possibly enlighten you about your possible future... your distant future... Let's see, search back in your earlier readings for possible clues... Well, there's the Christian bible, which, if I'm not mistaken, says something to the effect about us taking care of this planet, and in return we get to play in this kingdom. Yes, the Old Testament, I believe, says it... Specifically, the Book of Genesis... But, I was thinking even earlier... That has to be the history of the Roman Empire, which was covered in my Latin classes at the Abbey school. Those classes covered the rise and fall of that empire. It covered their many conquests, daily life, democratic life, and the eventual demise at the hands of whom I forget now. Yes, that was bloody, though glorious era for you humans... But, when you were even younger, Jacques??? Younger... I used to love Greek mythology, as a child. But, those were just a collection of fables about Zeus, Hera, Apollo, and the rest of the gods, that the early Greeks used to worship. Bingo!!! And, what people do the Greek gods act like, today??? Well, Americans, I guess, except we don't have flying horses(Pegasus), flying chariots, and such. Yet, you mean... Geneticists and engineers of the future will, tomorrow, but that is provided there is a tomorrow... Which, sorta looks 50/50 now, as terrorism has become a worthy foe of the western civilization... They're even willing to sacrifice their future(kids) in the name of Jihad... But, let's back up a bit, shall we???

You mean back to your point about us being like the Greek Gods? It's been so long since my childhood... Didn't Jesus Christ(monotheism) replace the gods(polytheism) concept? True, but not entirely... You see, the Christian god is split into 3 separate, yet equal, units; The father, the son, and the holy spirit... Now, what sort of union does that seem like??? Uh, a democratic one? It couldn't be that easy? Yes, it can!!! You, as a whole, were, and are, too caught up with the past, and those things old... It seems the older it is, the more truthful it is, which is weird, as we cannot examine the motivations of the authors, for they are merely kitty litter, by now... Do you mean no matter how many times the Christian bible is revised and reinterpreted, it isn't more truthful, or applicable to today, yesterday's tomorrow? Are you saying that this applies to other documents, such as the Constitution? Yes... The forefathers, though sacred to most, are dead and don't live in today's world, meaning they had little chance of talking to the business end of AK-47... Sure, they provided ways of changing their document, but it has become so constipated in Washington by BUSINESS and other special interest lobbies to be incapable of doing much meaningful anymore... Whoa, Zeus, are you implying that business, as it has evolved, has no right to be involved in the governing of this nation? But, we need business nowadays! Why, it's the foundation of our modern society! No... The foundation of all societies is two partners, be it man-woman, or same-sex partners, that raise offspring... A single parent can function in the role adequately, as in your case, but it was far from ideal, as you keep saying... True, my single father of 8, 6 boys & 2 girls, was neither dominant nor submissive, more just there if you really needed a parent. Generally, he was an absentee parent; very neutral, reserved, and lacking of emotion. We all were sorta late-bloomers because of it. And you're all very self-reliant, now, because of it... We all planned it that way... But, you weren't even alive then? How could you affect my families growth? You ever hear of the 9 lives cat ability... Bingo... Actually, us cats have more lives than 9, but why spoil a good fable... Our job is to inspire you, the caretakers... You, though, make the ultimate decision on which course to take, of course.... We just provide some

of the data... In your case, though, we used dogs, who have some of the same abilities... Remember Zeuben... Roach... Those German shepherds of your brother Michel were the gods' conduit to your family... The gods' conduit? You mean God's conduit, don't you? Yes and no... You see, no matter what, the gods are alien to this planet, right??? <amused>err, yes. Following the Christian bible, this bunch of aliens, or gods, created Man in their own image, which suggests, nowadays, an, as of yet, undiscovered cloning technique, of some sort... Also, they need planet builders, animal biologists, etc. to create the environment and the heavens... Ahh, so these gods are merely some sort of more evolved humans? Yes, exactly... They've been in similar circumstances, way long ago, too... And they, in turn, created their own subspecies, us, when they learned how... As we will, hopefully... Why would we create a subspecies? Maybe to learn more about ourselves, maybe because we can, maybe to follow the "family" tradition, maybe... The possibilities are endless... There may even be other planets with fellow "tribes" of humans on them... Again, the possibilities are endless... At this point, I urge you to watch any of the Star Trek series.... Gene Roddenberry's cat really worked hard, to put those together, to spark the imaginations of viewers... <Yawn>But aren't those series just science fiction? I could be doing other things to better myself, like making more money! <Both paws over his eyes>Jacques, Jacques, Jacques... There's more to life then making money... I know, it's the only way to survive, and flourish, for humans, today... But, it already takes up too much of your time, and will continue to increase the time away from your families and individual selves... The profit motive, as it has become the main force behind your civilization, is an unwise way to go into the future... It is merely a system that will consume the individual, and eventually make her into a simple cog in the machine of life... Eventually, her uniqueness, her independence, will be sacrificed for the sake of efficiency of the machine... Capitalism has no heart, or emotion... Its only use has become exploitation of the masses for its continued growth... So that's what Karl Marx saw, for he did say capitalism would fail eventually. But, didn't communism fail, already?

Because it was implemented wrongly, and at the wrong time!!! Also, there was the rest of the globe, specifically the USA, where the individual was emerging, which was and is the right way to go... The individual's rights should be preserved, at whatever the cost... However, life should not cost, as it did not cost in the 1700s... Yes, I know life is increasingly more expensive than the 1700s, but that's because the USA decided on an, as of yet, unproven economic system... I wonder what's going to happen when the limits have been reached... Will you simply say OK, and cease being so dependent on growth so much??? Probably not, because you're the land of opportunity, in comparison to other nations... Oh, I see, sorta hang out the no vacancy sign while we reformat the interior? But, isn't that isolationism? Only temporarily, until you reformat your economy... A growth based economy is why there is so much disparity among your citizens... TUNA BREAK

Here we are; Zeus, the cat, being interviewed by Jacques Pages, the gimp. Why exactly did the Greek gods die out, and get replaced by one god? That's how it was done for your specific gods in their own history... Their history was a little less bloody, though they had less challenges to face, I like to think... You'll come to the same point, tomorrow, and do the exact same thing, for it has been done like this for eons and eons,as it was determined the best way to grow a subspecies... I've already said too much, lest I spoil it for tomorrow's kiddies...Jacques made me promise... Yes I did! So, this is the only way to grow a subspecies? Oh, there are variations, but let's leave it to tomorrow's kiddies to work on, ok??? For now, just be content that you are princes of the universe... ALL OF YOU... And there are a lot more than just all on your planet... For you, Jesus Christ was the beginning... He set up an example that increasingly became more difficult to follow, for the common man, as the centuries rolled by, in your case... The Church, rather than staying a pristine example of Christ, slowly forgot its mandate, and those at the top of the Church started playing yes man to those in power... Oh, there were some good popes and cardinals, but most were either diffident or worse... They, at one time, probably had a net worth, in material wealth, that surpassed that of many countries... Talk about golden idols... <yawn>Yada, yada, yada. What has this to do with today?

Why are a significant group of you still following such an imperfect tool of Man, a tool that refuses to grow as Man evolves??? Us cats and dogs inspired a nation to separate church from state, and look, today, you have the perfect idiot, George Walker Bush, preaching that its god's mission to wage war in Iraq, and the various echelons of government keep anointing him, though some are switching sides, albeit too slowly.... That's the problem of following documents metaphorically set in stone... They don't answer today's questions and problems... They need to be updated constantly, not just reinterpreted... So, that's why the cats are so pissed. The USA was intended to be free of all the entanglements and intrigues that the European states were/are under? Yes!!! It worked, for a time, too, until the profit motive became the driving force and a person's faith and past actions entered the political equation... Combine that with the growing business involvement in politics, you have a recipe for disaster... You're evolving too fast in some areas, not fast enough in others... That's a negative side effect ot the profit motive... It's like a pressure cooker for technology and individuality, but not for the other aspects of society... Oh, I see, we're growing unbalanced, and not enough time is devoted to pure thought, and we're too much like children in a candy store. Do you mean, individually, we are too caught up with ourselves? Yes, exactly... The Federal government makes you work for yourself, all the while collecting tithes, excuse me, taxes, to sustain itself... In return, you get a society that's, now, pretty messed up... You should look to yourself, and others, for the answer... The Internet is the perfect place to find answers and debate about today's issues...You've already used the Internet in one of your election debates... So everyone should get a computer and get on the Internet, OK. But, isn't the net full of predators? As is life, now... It'll take decades to clear up, but, one day, everybody will realize it's just a tool of democracy and commerce... What about foreign nations? What should they do? Respect that the USA is undergoing a needed reformat and reboot for the future's sake, and take up some of the slack. The United Nations should be strengthened, and take up some of the slack, also. There's only 1 Earth, and no way off for you, too, at this time... It's a global problem, or will become one soon... Share ideas... Because there's a very good chance that you'll end up in the same boat down the road... Jacques saw it changing on his two trips across the pond...

Are you the second coming of Christ, Zeus? At this point, it's irrelevant... I see the pope trying to exert influence over the elections, and it's just plain wrong... Rudy, stick to your guns... Benny, you seem to have forgotten that you're a mere mortal, still... TUNA BREAK

<Zeus is now sitting between two apparent human beings, dressed in safari clothes; Big n' Tasty(male) on the left, Special K.(female) on the right, petting Zeus> Here Zeus is joined by two gods fresh from the safari. Enjoy your trip, Special? Yes, it's always refreshing to be around animals that have no hidden agendas, no secrets to hide. So, why are you here, now? Mainly, to tell you the game you're playing with the profit motive is an impossible way to the future. You are looking more like a giant computer as time goes on. The human element will be vanquished, if you continue on this path. Are you saying that we're sacrificing our humanity for the individual's pursuit of profit? But, it's necessary, for Americans to keep reaching for the golden ring? Tell me where in the animal kingdom you see such hoarding of material objects? Uh, nowhere, really. But, we're Man, not a simple animal! No, we're a more complex animal, different from most of the rest. Like them, You have a purpose, also, on this planet. Women, you have finally come to equality with men, Great! Help the males understand these writings, for you're keepers of the nest, while the males are the hunter/gatherers. Sure, you could probably do it better than the males, eventually, but why spoil a good thing. Of course, there are exceptional times, LIKE NOW, that may require.... Oh, so you mean though men and women think differently, they should stay equal? Yes, or continue on the path you're on, female will surpass male, for you're far more efficient, more in tune with nature, girl, thus a more desirable element to the Capitalist machine. Soon, though, if you go that route, males will become superfluous, as science marches forward.

So, the smallest unit of mankind is two, not one, beings. What of homosexuality? Lesbianism? Again, exceptions to the norm. But, there's nothing abnormal about it. Sometimes, love, or physical attraction, between to two same-sex partners is natural. LIVE WITH IT! OK.. What else is in store for mankind, if the women don't take over? Class wars as government sits by, incapable of controlling either the wealthy or poor. The middle class will be all but a memory. Or, if you manage to escape that, You'll have only 1 corporation managing the earth. Or, a significant number of your children's children's children will become nothing more than mere cogs in the capitalist nightmare. Uh, OK. What of death? Is their an afterlife? Hell, yes. But lives are mutually exclusive from one another; Lives have no knowledge of past lives, unless... Well, Jacques is shaking his head, indicating that we should leave it up to your imaginations. Death is merely a transition point in between lives. Death in others... Sometimes, you have to just get out of the way and move on. Oh, insurance companies aren't going to like hearing that life isn't that sacred. Well, I know you two have a flight to the Fiji islands to catch, so I won't keep you waiting End Imagining... TUNA BREAK
Jacques' Final Thoughts

OK, so not quite the literary masterpiece I hoped. I claimed, from the beginning, to being an amateur author. I had nobody's help in crafting this document, as you can tell. Even editing it. I'll update it as I see fit and as new information warrants. Suffice it to say, I've been on a journey of two futures, entirely with my mind and imagination, all from my bed, and in a month. The abstract thinking involved in the trip left me a little "off". First, and foremost, we are right in that democracy is the way to go into the future. Democracy is life itself for man, in the future. Second, though, we're not quite as democratic as we think, or were. Hell, the citizens aren't even trusted to elect their own president. Why is that? We have the technology available to allow us citizens to elect the president. How different we would be if Gore had been elected instead of Bush, as

the PEOPLE had chosen. Instead, we have an electoral college to determine which candidate is best for us. If I was running for president, I'd want the people to choose me. Also, I'd change the name to first citizen, to remind me that I was one of many. Next, we have too much government for democracy to exist. Ideally, I figure, business would pay for much, if not all, the government. Why, you ask? For the privilege of doing business on this planet, and to keep government streamlined. The people ideally would be only stuck with a sales(purchase) tax. But, today is not ideal! George W. has mortgaged our children's futures for generations to come. So, us citizens got to do a bit more than just sales tax, now. Imagine a trillion beings let loose on the universe, whose sole reason for being is profit and taking advantage of the other, unsuspecting, beings; there ya go.... Now do you see what the gods fear! Now, I could've shut up, lived my life out and none would be the wiser, but I chose to bring the fire down from Mount Olympus instead. We're slowly having our rights rolled back, of course, for our protection, George W. says. You can't fight terrorism, though, George W. maintains that you can, and win, no less. How can you fight an idea, a belief? How can you be victorious over suicide bombers of all ages, either sex, while maintaining credibility with the rest of the world? It's a no-win situation he's gotten us into! It's curious that we chose a hierarchical system, such as modern Capitalism, to represent our only way to flourish, in our supposed democracy. In an ideal democratic state, where all men are created equal, it seems logical that the government's job would be to make sure the men stay equal. In reality today, though, we are individually anything but equal. Instead, we have a society of paranoid citizens who don't go beyond trusting their family and close friends. In God we trust, yet we don't trust each other. Somethings wrong with this picture, and I don't see it getting better. So, yes, we're way behind on the evolutionary scale. The only proof I can give of all this happening is in our distant future, which looks doubtful. You keep looking backwards to go into the future; afraid to use your imaginations. It's soooo slow, your way. Loose the "live free or die" attitude in the individual, please. Let other countries develop on their own, as they see fit. I know it's difficult to sit on the sidelines and just watch, but sometimes that's all you can do. We're forgetting our democratic principles in Iraq, George W., that we're so proud of. I ask a simple question; do they want us there? Do we want us there? The votes are in. We should pull out, right away! It was foolish to begin with; to believe that democratic ideals would have any chance in such an hostile environment. Anyways, it's an Islamic problem, not an American one.

I am simply the product of genetic engineering coupled with special training. I've also had first contact with beings superior to ourselves. I've been to both heaven and hell while on this very planet. I've seen both angels and devils among the inhabitants of this very planet. My fate is fixed, as is my payment; sort of like that of a suicide bomber. I am just the gods messenger, not unlike Jesus Christ. My original job was to merely to point you to the future. But, in my travels to the future via my mind and imagination, I saw the perilous course that you are on, possibly resulting in the extinction of the planet, and decided to out myself. Am I doing this for free? Hell no, for Zeus and I finally decided that I should get a Bunny Ranch(see HBO) containing twice as many virgins as the suicide bombers in Iraq are getting for their services after I die on this planet! And, the funny thing is I didn't have to do anything for this "gift". Anyways, I'd do this for free, because it's the best way to pay you back, because I think you'd add something unique to the galactic soup. What can I do, you ask? Well, many things are available, to you, to take advantage of, now. I'll leave that to you individually figure out. One particular thing I'll say, though, is GET OFF OF CREDIT by cutting up your credit cards and refinancing to a lower rate. That includes you, too, Washington, D.C.. It's time to stop making our children responsible for our excesses, as a nation. Children are our number one priority. Oddly enough, the older you are, the less valuable you are to the solution, because you have less time on this planet<evil grin>. Old ones, if you're still confused who I am, I'm the lead in The Day the Earth Stood Still, and Zeus is my giant robot! FDR said "there's nothing to fear but fear itself", yet you are being terrorized, by one political party, into believing if you don't vote for them, Al Qaeda wins, in essence. I postulate that if that party wins the election, Al Qaeda wins, because it will keep focus on terrorism, and you'll see more rights rescinded, along with money wasted. Damn, sorry about that, I promised I wouldn't get political, I know, but temptation got the better of me. I do like the generation coming up to power, for they're more cognizant that things need to change. They're smarter, of course. But they're stuck in a rut, doing things the ways passed down. What they need is "thinking outside the box". Lastly, I am the last help you all get from the Gods. Your specific gods are tired of you, I guess! You keep going back to the metaphorical caves, USA. You were to be the example for the rest of the world to follow. I told the Gods I would stick around, and help, unlike my predecessor, who committed suicide, though I am mortal, like you, so.... I've a simple message from the Gods; stop playing around, grow the fuck up, or die, as

a nation! You were to be the savior of the planet... by thought, yet you keep regressing, in action, as of late. Zeus and I have left enough for you to work with. That's pretty much all I have to say, for now. Yours, Jacques Pages 26 Unity Drive Apt. B Middletown, RI 02842

8/20/07 Suggestions

Fire Bush and Cheney! They've served their purpose! I shall set up a website for America and the world where all can participate. I'd like to try first to run it on donations alone! ****Go Barack**** no advertising/business involvement Chill out on the competition, please, people! Competition is for kids, games and sports, only! In my trip to the ideal future, I never saw mention of multi-national corporations. Start integrating the Internet into daily life. Get an Internet-capable computer into every house. Constitutional convention, maybe, to create new constitution using old as template. Get business out of government! 2/9/08 Hi there, Kiddies, it's me, Jacques, the reluctant anti-Christ, again. I know, I promised an awesome website, but it ain't coming from me. It seems I am not up to creating it, though I tried to (re)learn PHP, ASP, even HTML. They are relatively simple computer languages that, for the most part, make up the world wide web. I imagine the cats and our gods got a good laugh as I struggled, and subsequently gave up, on my dream to make it easier for you to reach my level of thinking. All it seems I can do is write. So I write. Since I last wrote to you, I've kept up the news religiously, particularly the election and

the war(s), and amusedly, Bush's fuckups and triumphs, via CNN and MSNBC! Otherwise, I've played on line poker, listening to '60s-'90s music, smoking cigarettes and marijuana. Infrequently, I get some, and party down.. I have my urinary needs taken care of by a bag, and have no feeling below my nipples, the level of my spinal injury. It's like my body stops at my stops at the nipples, thus relieving my mind from the burden of having to process for over 2/3 of my body. This combined with my total lack of responsibility in the physical realm gives me lots of time to think, and more importantly, imagine. Being a computer science major helped a lot in determining we are closer to being machines(computers) than animals if we continue on this free market path that we're on. Remember the old personal computers of yesterday(8088, 808286, etc.). Then there are the today's 808586s, which blow the doors off yesterday's 8088s. Imagine the people being like those computers, each person has her unique processing speed that defines her. Frequently, education, or life (circumstances), upgrades her to a higher level of processing, thus enabling her to function better in the changing world. But, often, nowadays, it doesn't seem to work out as our dropout rates grow ever-increasingly. Why is that? In theory, I believe the level of inputs bombarding our youths today is tenfold that of the1950s;ie. Cell phones, video games, single-parent households, etc.. Yet we expect more and more out of today's/tomorrow's youth. They are forced to grow up quicker by society. Yet, the human animal hasn't been physically upgraded in our existence to match our growing technological sophistication. We're all 8088's at birth, though, and our individual adolescent/teen years are what determine whether we are to be 8088s, 808286s, 808386s, in our later, profit making years. Thus we are unequal, yet increasingly being measured by how much we earn. Meanwhile, we are all expected to act the same, civilized way to each other, each with an unique set of stresses, unique way of dealing with them. Or we don't deal with them, and end up with the occasional Columbine, or workplace, shooting, for example. Those are extreme examples that

we're on the wrong path to the future. Maybe more are needed to convince you further? Allah knows! Our society depends on growth in order to flourish, yes? Yet quite a lot us, me included, cannot flourish, much less survive in this tilted society, and truly enjoy ourselves. Enjoyment... That's what life is truly about. Supposedly, in our current system, as it turns out, true enjoyment of oneself doesn't occur until one retires from the rat race. But, nowadays, retirement age keeps getting pushed back, as our lifespans get lengthened due to the emerging technologies of the planet. One question: did Davey Crockett work 40+ hours a week in order to survive? Back to nowadays: OK, one finally retires from the rat race, only to suffer from one of the various(Alzheimer's disease) setbacks so prevalent in the aged. Does that seem fair? You're lucky, if you get a job you truly enjoy. Nowadays, many more variables determine your employment: your kids' schools, location, wage, travel time, proximity to family, etc.. Family... that was once a building block of civilization. As our civilization is evolving, less importance is being placed on the family, as companies move to where it is cheaper overall. Economics now determines our fates, not our desires and dreams. Was that the original intention of this free market principle? Thus we continue to pound that growing round peg of the free market into the shrinking square hole of civilization. It'll never fit, because Man is an unique animal! Each one behaves differently when faced with the same circumstances. The free market system stifles this uniqueness, determining the cheapest, most efficient way to do things. Quality is slowly becoming a symbol of the past, as cheaper, more efficient alternatives are developed. Technology... As we advance, technological brilliance will create more efficient, nonunionized machines to replace tomorrow's middle and lower classes. Thus, you'll get a shitload more unemployed. What's the answer, more government? That'll mean more taxes, etc.. Remember, in the ten commandments, there was that one that said one should not hold another god dearer? Well, we are! That other god turns out to be

current/future government. Then there's democracy... Let's stop and create the ideal democracy, with the forefathers' help: “...of the people, by the people, for the people”. OK, we settled on representatives to best represent the groups of individuals, because of many factors. We didn't have any notion, back then, of the technologies available to us today, and tomorrow. In our ideal democracy, though, representatives won't do, because now we have the Internet. A voting mechanism(client-program) will emerge in the future to allow us to individually vote on issues. The Internet will replace lobbies of today's government as information kiosks. Thus we'll be well-versed on the issues. One question: Who the hell has time, working 40+ hours a week, or desire, to familiarize oneself with current issues? The forefathers intended it. Nowhere in their sacred documents does it mention the free market system! We have a choice to make now. Do we continue on with this free market nightmare, or do we make the bold move towards democracy? Man wasn't designed to function in the free market system. That system would only work if we were all exactly alike. But we ain't! We're a frickin' melting pot of humanity. Thus, we are all are unique animals. At this point, you're probably thinking a revolution is needed to undo all the damage, for there will be stubbornness at the top, particularly among the elder set. I implore you, though, to not resort to violence, as George W. did with regards to Iraq, but to educate, and just pray that those opposed eventually get it. It will take generations to gradually change to a truly democratic nation. I've been thinking about this change a lot. We want to make it gradual so it will cause the least amount of damage to all. I know, there is the temptation of immediate results, but trust me, small steps is the way to go. Beware of politicians promising quick fixes! It ain't gonna happen quickly. I guarantee it! The cats and gods set me up, methinks. They caused the car accident, and the resulting Traumatic Brain Injury was a fraud, I now think, because I never felt injured. My brain never stopped processing input in the background, it was just muted enough to mimic a

brain injury. So, a great part of my life was sort of a fraud('83-'02), just like a great part of Man's existence was a fraud, with respect to religion. Yep. Past religions are, for the most part, frauds! It was found to be the best way to grow a child species, I guess, eons ago. Neither the gods, nor I, want your worship... Do it, and we'll get pissed! Instead, worship others, then yourselves. It's the only way to a “kinder, gentler nation”. As you evolve, you'll gain the wisdom to either follow in the “family” tradition of creating many child species or not. You will have lots of choices if you just chill out, and stop destroying the planet. Enjoy the scenery. I theorize one's health will improve, and one's “dependence” on medication will lessen. We're over medicated, and a tad on the obese side, USA. Statistics don't lie! At this point, you're wondering,”what can I do, Jacques?” Well, first tell as many people about this website as you can. Second, bank the Bush stimulus check you'll be getting in April. Buy just what you need, not what you want. Don't spend! It's time you stop supporting this nightmare. They(the government) will be forced to negotiate with you. The retailers will be forced to bargain with you. Resist, at first. Refuse to buy!You'll know when to buy, trust me. Tell your kids your playing a game that EVERYBOY else is playing. Third, reconnect with your family. Board games are good at that! And listen to music! Talk with your family. Thus, family values will be restored. It's the only way. Credit cards... When I went to Las Vegas, I went to be around people full of hope, 'cause I needed that right then, to think. In so doing, though, I maxed out my credit cards, for Vegas is very expensive. Having no money left, and realizing Mankind was not going to make it more than a couple of centuries longer, if it continued on the path it was going, I attempted suicide(being the all or nothing guy I am). I obviously failed. After coming back home, the credit card companies started to bill me. The payments from the government I get didn't cover them, and enable me to live, so I took to ignoring the phone calls, and the bills. I swore to myself I would never get another credit card, also.

The funny thing is, the credit card offers kept pouring into my mailbox, thus indicating that they didn't care who applied, or what risk they posed. Those annoying phone calls stopped finally after about 4 years, as they realized it was costing them to get nothing. I guess they could've taken me to court, but with the cost of lawyers being so high, they chose not to pursue it for a lousy $15,000. I had a vision later. Actually, most had the same vision starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton: the Fight Club vision. What would happen if all... I thought about going to the government first, very briefly(nanosecond), but as it ain't a democracy yet, or a fact yet, they'd probably put it all under study. That's why I came to you, Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public. You're where the true power lies. The forefathers said it. E Pluribus Unum, which means “one from many”. I didn't figure that one out 'til December. Without you as the foundation, their “house of cards” will surely fall down. From now on, I suggest, there only be one religion, the FUTURE. Also, we should change our sense of priorities to placing children first, next our spouses(significant others), next others, then, finally, ourselves. This part may take generations to really change, for a lot of us(mainly, the elder set) have been “taught” to put oneself first(look out for number 1). We'll die out, eventually. Pardon me, the Doors, LA Woman and cigarette time. Marijuana should be legalized, I think. It is more benign(less hurtful) to the system than alcohol is, puts you in closer touch with your imagination, though it makes you less productive by current standards generally, and is not for everybody. But, then again, neither is alcohol. Also, you tend to be less belligerent on pot. It doesn't cause car accidents, and can't be used as a legal defense, either. Iraq, Iraq, Iraq.... We shouldn't be there, as the people of this nation, the god we know of, is against it. So, George W. is NOT doing gods' mission by keeping our boys over there. Al Qaeda has made it clear they want us out of their neck of the woods. The only way to promote democratic ideals is by example. Bush, instead, has lessened our standing in the world's eyes.

Wages... we have to agree on a living wage for single people, for those with families to support, etc.. CEO and janitor salaries will be the same for the true wealth is found in the relationships and interactions one has. Most of the elder set will back me on this, I'm sure. One of the 1st rules of Sociology is that Man is, by nature, a social animal. If we continue on this path of letting economics determine our future we risk changing Man's original programming. Voting... it's a good age, 19, to start taking part in this world. Only difference, I think, is that there should be a “cutoff” age for voting and driving, say 20 years after retirement age. It seems only fair, and logical. I'll let you debate this amongst yourselves, for you'll see the wisdom eventually. But, I cannot force you, my fellow citizens, to change habits/lives. I know, it's unfair, for it is the time of the apocalypse, methinks. Only I have shown you a way to the future for ALL. I, on the other hand, will be transported to a private island, Skull island, in the Seychelles Islands, off the coast of Kenya. Joining me shall be the only love of my life, the brilliant Diane Metivier, who happens to be a physics teacher, quite lovely, and great in bed! But I'm sort of in the doghouse with respect to her, guys. I do love her so, for having no imagination since birth, she turned out pretty good, teaching physics, which she loves. Wish me luck. I imagine I will be equipped with a DELL web-server, XPS desktop, and laptop, 'cause I want to get some sun while working. Along with those, I expect a holo-deck with time displacement(saw it in Ed Norton, Ben Kingsley film about dinosaurs), for our leisure/fantasy time(see STAR TREK: The Next Generation), and a food replicator. Those will be available to try for anyone who visits, as our doors will be unlocked. No guns will be allowed!!!! We'll have cats to protect us. Also, on that island, there will be a teaching device, similar to that in the Matrix, starring Keanu Reeves. So all languages will be welcome on the island! The device will only work with Diane's brain and mine, because we can handle the data download

speed. It'll only contain all written works of man, nothing about the future. The island will also house the Zeus jet, which will be based on Batman's jet! Same deal with the Zeus boat. From that island, I intend to run and other websites. Diane, and I, are not Qs yet, just simple animals, like all. We bleed, and will eventually die, like you. The only difference being that when we die, our souls and minds will be transferred into bodies on another planet, where we will continue our training as your new Qs. What are Qs, you ask? Well, they're sorta like immortal, galactic cops that are assigned a planet to watch over, and guide in its development, Watch STAR TREK: The Next Generation, a t.v. Series about the future possibilities for mankind. Using that as 1 endpoint, the farthest, of a straight line, with the origin(beginning point) being the birth of Man. I called that the ideal evolution path. I then mapped our evolutionary path on top. Suffice it to say, our path was either miserably short, or it was way below the desired endpoint, that being STAR TREK: The Next Generation. Pure thought processing abilities alone make us different than simple animals. We're closer to computers, I imagine, because of this ability to reason. What separates us from computers is merely emotion, I have observed. I suggest you watch STAR TREK: The Next Generation, if you are in need of further convincing beyond this document. Imagine our children's children's children being alive at that time. I did so; saw each episode about 20-30 times over 2 years, '01-'03, along with Seinfeld. The characters in the latter, I theorize, are examples of how we should be behaving; its OK to be dysfunctional/emotional, otherwise unique. I see, though, this uniqueness being slowly dissolved in this quest for efficiency, so desired by the free market, or capitalism. This quest for emotionless perfection is only attainable by slightly faster emotionless machines, though. Faster, I imagine, because of this lack of needing to process complex emotions combined with needing to process for the entire body, all simultaneously. Frankly, its amazing the processing demand is all handled by a FINITE size brain. The

human brain is, I imagine, the biggest of the animal kingdom, proportionally to our body mass. But, unlike the computer, we can't enhance/upgrade, or repair as fast, our brains/systems as easily or without side-affects. Take steroids, for instance. They give a dishonorable advantage while having unpredictable emotional side-affects. And we're building new machines everyday to replace the human element in the workplace/equation of life. You see you are going to end up with mass unemployment. Hopefully, now you see why I'm here. That's why I chose beautiful Diane's birthday, April 22nd , to start off. That week, the world wide web will only display this web page, and the only active email addresses will be on this page. Such powers are available to us only if we have a future, you see. The gods took a lot of convincing, by me, to do this trick, because they loathe using their powers on us. Also, guns, arms of any type, will refuse to work(my request). This will be the only time such power will be, methinks. This is a week for reflection on how your destroying my planet. But, after this week, everything will return to normal, including the wasteful war in Iraq. Just where exactly is the imagination? Allah knows, but science doesn't. That's because there is no such thing, really. It is how the gods connect to each and every individual. Some machine handles, I guess, it all for each planet. Guess what we loose on this day? Our imaginations will be turned off in everybody. Don't worry, I lived for 19 years, unknowingly, without one, and functioned fine. Ask my family and friends. I will be the only ones with an imagination, to communicate with the gods. This is not punishment or anything like that; its just how it has been done for eons. You see, imaginations are sort of like training wheels are for a bike. Without them, you will still roll along, unassisted by your imaginations. You won't even notice it! Just some jobs will be more difficult, or impossible, to do. We will survive. It'll be sorta like Liar, Liar, starring Jim Carrey, except on a massive scale. The only ones I worry about are the 3-6 year old kids, for they will have a good part of their world ripped from them. Why did I pick the Seychelles Islands? Because it's smaller, has a pretty democratic

government(more so than the USA), and has a politically active population, says Wikipedia. It is ripe for true democracy. Again, though, it is up to the inhabitants. There, we'll be able to see the pluses and minuses to setting up a truly democratic nation. After I feel its a truly democratic nation, I'll reexamine the world to see who's next. Hopefully, you'll take some initiative and start getting ready. Send some observers. This ain't going to be fast. Following the cat's lead, I'd suggest dismantling the various stock markets, first, as it is not accessible to everyone to play in. That's what democracy is all about: games everyone can play. Same goes for elections. It shouldn't depend on how much money you gather, or how charismatic you are, it should, pretty much, rely only your message to the electorate in question. That's where the Internet comes in handy. It cost next to nothing, compared to television advertising. It's the future, only now. Profit's ok for now, just make sure it's only a smaller slice. One idea is for the music industry to charge cost for the cds, but charge(with a little profit) for the live performances, for sound, like oxygen, is free. As I've said before, music is key. Damn, LA woman again. Means cigarette time! I get all my music for free(, or for 9 cents a song( which has many obscure titles). Another idea is for lawyers to chill the hell out on their fees! I know, law school is expensive, but, come on. You were once an honorable profession, nearly idolized (remember Perry Mason). Now, most are merely a bunch of ambulance chasing hacks. That includes you, James Sokolove & associates. Thought is free. Doctors: ditto. All that you are is glorified mechanics. That's it. I don''t know where this “god” complex came from, but please, lose it!!! I could go on and on, but I won't. I live comfortably on $683 per month. OK, I get some breaks; rent is 1/3 my income, don't have a mortgage, don't have a vehicle, don't go out, etc.. My past, and the relationships I developed, are “hints” that can be applied to your lives. Everything about my past is a clue. I would like to see everyones' salary

drop,or rise, to that of the teacher: probably the most honorable profession. Golden parachutes no more. I'll go more into it when on the island. Prices will come down, as soon as demand ain't there. It's time to pardon: Love Shack by the B-52s, cigarette then lunch at my aunt's. Back. Where was I? It's time to realize that things ain't going to work out with the current system of buyer beware: No accountability, also, in government. Remember Richard Nixon, Scooter Libby. Well, I'm in da house, now!!! Seychelles will be first to become truly democratic. Ideally, it would have been you, USA, but you're not as high on the totem pole, as you keep yelling to the world “we're number 1” endlessly. In what are you umber 1 today, I ask? I don't know whether to laugh or barf when I hear it, and I'm a native-born american. I'll probably help Germany, next. I think they're unicameral, also. Joking aside, USA, this paragraph is deadly serious. Instead of being the savior of this planet, as the cats intended, you have become like an uncouth, unwanted, undesirable, rowdy bar patron in a bar, who's about ready to be thrown out. Why? Because, you've perfected capitalism and let loose the disease of capitalism on an innocent world. Why couldn't you have just stuck to simple commercialism? Why couldn't you have believed those cat-inspired adages like “money is the root of all evil” or “absolute power corrupts absolutely”? The cats tried to dissuade you further, with the Great Depression of the '20s, the subsequent stock market crash of the '30s, the Vietnam War, and the Watergate scandal, to name a few. But, apparently to no avail, as you persist(ed) in your belief that you were on the right road to the future. I am reminded of the many arguments I had with my good friend Richard Timothy Flynn about the many virtues of capitalism(him), or the lack thereof(me), over many bottles of tequila and numerous bowls of pot. As I have no reliable memory of those times(TBI), I cannot accurately relate those discussions, except that one time he stormed out of my house, slamming the door, all which isn't easy for a quadriplegic. Time, life, and a good woman, Danielle, have mellowed him a bit. I wonder how he is today. If I showed him this first, he'd probably think I'm off my medication, or

something like that. Then there is Mark Williams, a Welsh friend from my college days('82-'83) up at URI. He's the only friend to stick by me since the accident. A loyal friend to the end, he has also mellowed since his activist days, marrying a good, Guatemalan woman, Ada. Invariably, we discuss current events amid bottles of imported and local wines. Sometimes, he brings over cheap champagne and local ale, which we mix. As a matter of fact, he was supposed to pass by this weekend. If I showed him this, he'd probably also think I'm insane. That's why I'm extending my Internet “blackout” to a whole month. Television(PBS, a local channel, ANIMAL PLANET(Zeus's request) A&E, HBO, DISCOVERY, CNN, MSNBC only, and for all free), and telephones will still work, as will vehicles. Otherwise, I don't really give a hoot what you do during the month. Don't talk to your neighbors, mailman, community in general, show me how defiant an individual you are, I really don't care. Diane and I really have a lot of catching up to do, if you know what I mean(wink, wink). If you think I'm running for some office, please slap yourself a couple of times in the face, then get your frickin' 10 year old to explain it to you. I am the second coming of fucking Christ, and all I was supposed to do was merely point the USA towards the ideal future, behind the scenes, I would've just been one of many inspirational pardon. Love Shack, by the B-52s, which also means a cigarette. Then, another. You know how great that cigarette tastes after great sex, well... focus, Zeus. one of many inspirational speakers of science, sorta like Barack Obama of politics, but no, USA has to go and forget its mandate, over time. So, instead of being a behind the scenes savior, I find myself a “visible” salvage operator of this planet. Ugh. So now I find myself having to detoxify a whole world off of modern fucking capitalism. You think Heroin is the hardest to kick aside, just wait and see. Because, you will. I went through it first, I just realized now, and believe me, it was hard to do, unknowingly. Knowing may make it a little easier, I think. Add to that governments

that think they're right when they shouldn't be as big(“government is a necessary evil”). <calmer>You see, it's not any individual's fault. It just happened, that's all. Also, no cat or dog shall injured because of this document. They're just serving their purpose. My first interview shall be with the Weekly World News. I invite a female WWN reporter to come to Skull island for the exclusive, as we feel more open, at ease with a girl. Direct confrontation of me results in me shutting up(deer in headlights). I can't control it, either. The cats instilled it in me, I think. That's how we're gonna start the new Renaissance. It's not a question of if or when anymore, The time is now. Life is for everybody, equally. It says so, in the damn declaration of Independence, for Allah's sake. I know, it only says “created”, we're just taking the next frickin' logical step. In return for all this, and more, I expect that either Diane, I, or our upcoming children, have not to pay for anything, anywhere in the world. Zero, Nada. Zilch. We'll be wearing uniforms, so we'll be hard to miss. Both Diane and I will return to our 19 year old selves, also, in body, but our minds will be preserved. Collectively, we'll be known as the Zeus squad, defenders of freedom! We'll be like the comic book superheroes Thunderbirds'; you know them as the Tracys in the Jonathan Frake's film Thunderbirds., except we'll be slightly dysfunctional(human). You'd think it logical I'd not have my imagination, too, Methinks the same thing, so it is so. No special circumstances. Damn, that makes me the closest thing to a god that you get. Hmmmmm. This could be fun for all, ya know? We still have the cats, too, so we are not alone. They'll keep inspiring us, though not as much. A massive, countrywide block party is set for, how about, April 22nd , 2009, USA? We could make it an annual event, too. Remember, in god we trust. We'll start with neighbors. Diane & I will maintain a residence here. It'll be my first block party, so I'm a bit nervous. I'm not even sure what a block party is, so I ask Kim, my aide. It sounds doable. Now, we need organizers from each neighborhood. So we're gonna need a volunteer from each neighborhood to coordinate things, so email me at with

suggestions/ideas. All this document was done with OpenOffice, a free suite of office programs developed by Sun, Inc.. It is available for download at http:\\, and is really quite a nifty little suite, though it still needs work. 3/11/2008 FINALLY FINISHED Yours, Jacques Pages For kids under 19 I'll build a FAQ. For kids over 19 PS: I'll leave open for the month, also. Poker is a stress reliever, fun, and free. Everyone is equal, there. My handle is DemetedGimp, and I play throughout the day/night. Maybe we'll play against each other, though I bore easily. It has the best poker graphics on the web. Just download the client-program, fps.exe, I believe. And watch Seinfeld; that is how democrats should be like today on our brave new world, the cats figure. All the characters. will also be open for the month. It is a online encyclopedia.

Remember always, Christ was not a Christian!!!!! There, your imaginations are gone, and the deprogramming has already begun! 5/5/2008
Happy Cinco de Mayo, kiddies! You'd think I'd be demoralized at not finding myself in the Seychelles by now, but, knowing the cats as I do, I find no reason in taking anything back. It'll happen, just as I told you earlier, just not as quickly as I'd hoped, because I'm anxious to get started. But, the cats keep reminding me, festina lente, which means make haste slowly.

Actually, my imagination and I agreed earlier that a good time would be after the US elections this coming year. So, I guess, he gets away with it: being a mere footnote in history that George Walker Bush was the lousiest president to date, criminal almost. But no accountability for president George W., as he skates away, into the sunset. Something inherently unfair in that, don't you think. But it's done, let's go to the next page, ok? The next page should consist of restoration of the forefathers' principles so elegantly disposed of by Bush and his cronies. Honor is what one accumulates now, not material objects. Honor is something you can't buy or trade, and may be beyond today's USA, as it has nothing whatsoever to do with Capitalism. Sure, you get the occasional Bill Gates, who devotes himself to philanthropy, but they're rare. Normally, its for only the tax breaks that one entity donates. “What's in it for me?” has become the mantra for the U.S.A. today. It seems that y'all have accepted Darwinism as your explanation for the way things are/should be. Well, you're wrong. True, Man is an animal. What sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom is our self-awareness, I think, and that awareness defines our individual selves, our uniqueness. We have the ability to say no to our urges. Hence, we are more like computers, than animals, because of that damn scheming CPU in our heads. Gave the address of this website to my psychiatrist, and my friend Mark, way back in March, 'cause I truly believed my imagination that Diane's birthday would be the start for me to turn this mess around. Wonder what their responses will be when I see them next. The psychiatrist will hopefully commit me, or something like that, to break up the boredom of this existence. But, knowing the cats as I do, no such luck. They will keep safe-guarding me, as they have all my life. No outs for me, like suicide, or accidental death. Mark, on the other hand, will either act like my family did with my earlier writings, or

he could see what a mess the planet is in, as I do. My family's view ranged from me not understanding how the world works to me being totally insane! I can't express myself, as adequately as I want, with my voice and mind. You see, they think that society is going right, that life today is how life should be when, in fact, it isn't. Or, I could get my first disciple in Mark, Allah knows. Sent Zeus off to live somewhere else, where he will be guaranteed a great life, and replaced him with a 6 month old tiger kitty. Named him Apollo Creed. He's green and black, a real stunner. Unlike Zeus, though, I'm keeping him indoors. He got outside on me once, and rather than freak, I let him spend the night out in the cold. Next morning, he came back, cold and hungry, so I let him back in. Since, he's been less rambunctious to leave my side. By the way, he has no brothers and sisters, which is weird for cats. No new voices in my head, so I wonder if I've been sorta defrauded myself yet again. So, now my imagination has slightly changed its tune. Now, it wants to see how far we have evolved since the days of good ol' Jesus Christ, and his subsequent bloodletting. I've been so painfully torture-tested as to make John McCain's days at the Hanoi Hilton seem like a true vacation! By day, I functioned normally. At night, internal, hot, barbed skewers were being slowly turned under my breasts while my head felt like it was in a vice, for example. And the only explanation I got for it was that I was paying for the Holocaust(their humor is weird). This went on for months, with the only human contact being during the day. Now, I see why the creators did it; to prepare me for the ignorance, and the possible torture at the hands of one of three branches. Letting Bush use torture at Gitmo, Cuba, makes us all guilty of crimes against humanity. Actually, it's not Bush's fault; it's the system we're under. Pyramid power just don't work for mankind; no way, no how! TRUE democracy is the only solution for Man at this time and in the future. Hopefully, this document opens some eyes, because, as it stands now, I'm liable to shoot up a post office... just joking, USPS.

I see where our creators, and I, are heading, as the time for miracles is past! U.S.A., though I love your past history, 1492-1823, has lost its glow lately. I repeat, you were supposed to be the first one in line to get true democracy, either on your own, or with my limited assistance. It would've been a cake walk. But things got screwed up, I don't know exactly where, and you built one helluva big golden calf, U.S.A.. It wouldn't be that bad if the rest of the world hadn't got infected by following suit. But, the blame game serves nobody, in this new age, so it ends here where it started! OK, so the experiment(democracy) failed in the U.S.A.. This is where logic steps in, as the first country to become truly democratic is the Seychelles island. Its size makes it a LOGICAL, prime candidate. Then Germany, followed by Canada. The order is not written in stone, either. I figure to do one country per continent, so neighboring countries can more easily learn by example. I'm here for the planet. I've had a recurring dream about bringing Bill Gates together with a bearded pope. Benny is not the pope in the dream, so I guess it means me, the new pope. I don't have either the time or the patience to fart around with the Vatican, as I'm a gimp of action, so please, Bill, get in touch with me. We have work to do!(I have a few ideas/challenges he might be interested in) I went today to the psychiatrist, who has not read the website, as of yet. I do hope the good doctor reads this as human being, rather than as an analyst. I'm not the one with the problem that needs fixing. I'm here to help the human race realize its dreams, but on my own terms. That's the deal. And, the current philosophy just ain't going to get us there. We thought we could control capitalism, but, as it turns out, it will soon control us. I hope I've made it clear the probable end of us if we continue. Do we want this for our children. I haven't been in touch with Mark Williams since I told him about this website. Maybe he also hasn't read it yet. Maybe the website won't make sense until it is finished and it

is viewable to all, because I need ALL of you to take a leap of faith, like I did. What you believe is irrelevant, I don't care. I just presented a logical construct that I believe in. I just went to and took the belief-o-matic questionnaire to see if my beliefs match any beliefs on earth presently, and it said my beliefs match those of the Wicca belief 100%! Somebody's been taking cigarettes from me lately. Always at night, and always when I'm down to my last one or two. Before 2 days ago, I used to get an extra 1 or 2 every other pack. She always plays with me like that. Games. It seems that that is ultimately what life is; a series of games. Nothing more. So, then, why is ours so tragic, she asks? Killing, maiming, and exploiting each other in order to survive? I have to agree. We have to stop acting on our beliefs and start using our brains a bit more than we have. That's what science is here for, and science is slow. Patience, young Skywalker, patience! For we are very young, still. Only a couple thousand years old, according to her. I have to agree with her, folks. Take a look at the world from the outside, the world doesn't look that civilized; don't confuse technological advancement with how a civilization advances in this universe. You're not ready for first contact yet. For now, USA, you're on double secret probation, and there's no triple. If you're still confused, watch The Forgotten. Never mind the plot, pay attention to the special effects, and imagine. And, George W., watch it 3 or 4 times, please, and see that you were never the 'decider'. Cheney, forget it. You're just plain evil. Allah, I feel old, tired, and slightly dirty. I'll be around... Jacques P. PS: Way back at the beginning of this trek, she, my goddess, suggested to me to, in essence, do unto others as they do unto you. I misinterpreted her, and thought she meant do unto others as you would have them do you. Nice sentiment, but totally

unrealistic, today. Gordon Gecko was right in that greed is good, except replace money with knowledge. Material wealth has become fictitious, imaginary. Take a look at the dollar's “worth” worldwide versus 15 years ago. Knowledge has substance to it, on the other hand, you never stop learning, and you get to pass it on thru the master-apprentice relationship. Thus you get quality back into life, instead of those designer rip-offs made by cheap sweat shops. Money stuff is not my forte. Otherwise, you're not ready to loose your imaginations yet, 'cause you rely on them too much to function, still, I think. Thus, you'll be latecomers to the big, galactic bash in the heavens. No problem. A seat will be kept open, just for you. Like I said before, I think you'll add something unique to the galactic soup. So I'll give you, say, 200 years to undo some of the damage, look like you're a bit more civilized, and on your way. Diane and I will come back in much the same way to determine if you've improved. About space and the final frontier. I'd advise the U.S. to clean up its room, first, before it comes out and plays. A good start would be president Obama, methinks. The cats are nuts about the international space station, and the camaraderie it brings among participant nations. No fireballs in the sky for them!<evil grin> Actually, Challenger, and subsequently Columbia, are simply examples of one of Capitalism's negative by-products, I think. You see, back in the Apollo days, a greater amount of pride was taken in the building of the components of the Apollos than today, thus the price of the parts of the components was not negotiable; they were the best money could buy. But, time passes, and going into space becomes less a priority. NASA now has to worry about cost a bit more, so it follows the low-bid philosophy of its parent, the U.S. government, so quality takes a back-seat to cost, now. Now, combine that with third-party contractors desire to maximize profit, is a recipe for disaster. It was only a matter of time until less than perfect components started to

emerge. You see, nobody's at fault. Take another example; the recent contract won by a European jet manufacturer for U.S. air tankers. While they're probably damn good tankers, best money can buy, it still seems a trifle unfair, ya know. I'll let you work that one out on your own. In the end, though, capitalism knows no boundaries. Google did nothing wrong by supplying those names to the Chinese government a ways back; it was simply maximizing profit. I could go on and on, but I won't, cause it's clear; they're ain't much wisdom in Capitalism when it comes to the human animal. Capitalism just exploits. My job is to save what is salvageable on this planet, discard the rest. This idea was mine; to advance you way the fuck up. I just hope not to live to regret it. 'Cause I gots lots of living left. You don't know how close you were to the trash heap, USA. Let's remain constructive, though. Got to be positive. It's difficult with an irate imagination always second guessing me. Because, there is a way out, don't worry, and it involves tough love, USA. Just trust the slow, generations mode to fix you. Sure, you may experience some anarchy, at first. Hopefully, though, it will be short, as you realize power is a myth, because all are sister and brother. You see, gods are a multicellular organism, and, at this point, we are the cells. Now, I'm gonna try and learn Joomla!. It's a content management system(CMS) that looks easy enough to learn and enable me to create a website suitable to my purposes. Queen...Who wants to live forever... stupid question, really. Why, Man does. Well, wish me luck with Joomla!. Later, Jacques P. 5/21/2008

6/1/2008 Hi, the gimp's back, with a preliminary report on Joomla. It's exactly what I need for my website, and is easy to learn/use that pretty much anybody could participate if they have a browser(Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera). I suspect that's what is constructed with: a CMS similar to Joomla. Soon, all web hosting sites will feature it, if they haven't started to, it's that simple. Plug and Play meets the web. Its almost like somebody read my mind 15 years ago when I contemplated developing such a system, but 'life' sorta got in the way. As it turns out, though, it seems the cats only want me to write, as they hamper my every move to program. I so wanted to do a Joomla website, as I don't watch tv anymore, as the news reporting of the elections has turned ridiculous. Who truly bases her judgment of a candidate on what his priest says/said? Have we become that pathetic, or are the news organizations grasping at straws? News has become entertainment, for the most part, as it seems more based on opinion than fact. Take a look at Fox news channel, which is apparently number 1. It sickens me. So there is very little honor possible at my current level(at any level, really). And I'm supposed to assume the current state of mind, which means to leave this locale(planet), nothing to hold me here. I see nothing redeemable in you, USA, on your current path. But, I'm a gimp of honor: 200 years to straighten this mess out, or the crapper, as it were. By that I mean your entire existence removed from the planet. No history, or record, of the Great USA's past 200 years, just as the movie suggests. And I've been thinking about the little profit I promised above. I was wrong, there can be no profit in the NEW RENAISSANCE. That's why Jesus threw the moneychangers out of the temple. They were simply making a profit. Didn't I already say that the cats were keen about ebay? As it turns out, all the planet is your temple, now. All land is holy land/sanctuary. And as you can't kill anybody on sacred land(Highlander I, II,

III), why don't we just abolish guns completely from the face of the earth, for Man has the opportunity to be truly immortal. Lets face it, Man can't handle the simple responsibility of good gun handling, or want to be troubled with it, and have made its use intolerable. We don't trust each other, but we trust each other with a firearm. In the case of hunting wildlife, given the choice of compound bow versus shotgun, I choose the bow because it was the honorable thing to do: with a bow, at least the prey has a chance to survive. With a gun, there is no chance of survival for the prey. And, hell, it takes more skill to drop a deer with a bow than with a gun. Curiously, the cats want this only on faith. My job was to merely translate a cat's impression of the earth, and a possible solution to the mess we have created so easily. The future beckons, and it is simply children. How we treat them is how we treat the future, and this individual wanderlust/immediate satisfaction trip we're on just ain't healthy. It seems that whether we agree or disagree with today's politics is irrelevant. We're still all equally guilty of the same crime. The nation-state construct has that flaw. That flaw says we're all guilty of torture, not just George W. Bush. The Congress, over the years, especially the last 8 years, have given the president, and his cronies, an unacceptable amount of freedom to disregard time-tested principles. He may be guilty of crimes greater than 4000+ American murders, but, thanks to the law, he won't be punished. He gambled, and we lost: bigtime. Remember, the sermon, “Vengeance is mine”. I know, I said I'd drop it, for our sakes, for the sake of the presidency, etc. but the damage done internationally plus the damage done internally by the “what me worry” idiot-child's refusal to even consider that maybe he made a mistake. Simply put, Al Qaeda in Iraq was not Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Bush has to pay for his arrogance. He ignored the people, HIS FUCKING LORD, for gods' sake. Hard time is what is called

for! I don't care if he hasn't broken any laws, find something that'll stick him and his cronies(Cheney, Libby, etc.) in some real prison. And that comes from the top, who don't like to get involved in the politics of other worlds. It would make no sense if they did involve themselves with the political development of a child-species. One of the features of the website is for all, not only americans, to postulate, discuss, then vote on hypothetical rules for us to follow, because hell, I don't even know them for certain. I might even learn something new, which would be cool. Also, maybe a unique 'n' commandment list for each country, voted on by only the country in question. That's the beauty of Joomla, the web language I mentioned above. You only need a web-browser, a user-name, and a password, to discuss and vote on issues. I envision, after we get the kinks worked out, to have our electoral campaigns run entirely on the web. No more costly tv advertising, costly local offices, costly phone banks, but rather a one-stop, issue oriented medium that puts the user in control of what, and how much, they view . It can be easily done on the cheap. The web is too confusing, you say, or it is too difficult to learn? This is something I've thought on: putting america's youths to work. Borrowing Franklin Delano Roosevelt's idea, create a WPA-like agency manned by america's teens, who will troubleshoot, train, etc. computers for the computer-illiterate folk. Of course, the teens will get paid per job, learn a valuable people skill, and be off the street. And how much will it cost the consumer? Very little, if anything. All this can be your kids and grandkids if you have faith in a future and stop believing the course set by today's government is going to work for your kids. It won't be a cakewalk(change of this magnitude never is), but it will be as the forefathers envisioned for your great grandkids, 'cause what you're living now, is anything but democratic and real life! Well, my poker playing aptitude hasn't improved at all. I see why I'm fascinated with

poker. I'm a little damaged because I am sucking at poker, and it shows me I lost a bit much with the cats fucking around with my head. I don't care about winning or loosing, just getting the job done, with risk be damned! Because my patience for things is getting worse, not better, I feel ill-equipped to live here. And Patience is a needed quantity to look for in a steward/teacher. So, I'm not the one for you. I'm neither a leader nor a follower. I just am, like my father was. You need a leader, now, 'cause that's what you're used to. I charge him with starting to wean you off of your dependence on pyramid power, and Barack seems a good risk. If you go republican, well, you have another 8 years to get your heads out of your arses, for it'll be 8 years of the same. Poker now, excuse me. I lost... C'est la vie! You need to shake the routine out of your lives, and get a little more spontaneous. Get crazy! I don't know, but do it intelligently. Above all, though, have some fun, will ya!!!! And smile. Be courteous. Laugh, grin, chuckle. 'Cause, as it is, you're on the Titanic, heading for the iceberg this way. Be more like Kramer, of Seinfeld. I'm not asking for miracles; those died centuries ago. Just start, and every succeeding generation will get less, and less, serious. Only you can start the ball rolling. Send the kids to the movies, roll a blunt, and enjoy each other. Being the anti-Christ that I am, I think now is as good a time as any for Diane and I to take a powder. I've left enough for you all to work with. The answer ain't coming from the top, so now it must come from the bottom. You want the land promised by the forefathers. No miracles at this time, except maybe Diane's and my exit. I know, I said I'd stick around, but a better opportunity came along, and her name is Diane. You reap what you sow, I guess, while she reaps her own. Repeatedly, I hope. Just joking. Actually, we'll probably fill in what NASA was planning to do over the next 200 years. So, see ya in 200!!!!!!!!!! Or something like that. You've finally got some real purpose in your lives, USA. The rest of the world, too! I've given you examples to follow, so it shouldn't be that hard to

lighten up. The biggest mistake is if you rush it, though. Space can wait, NASA. Concentrate your energies at home, USA, to find a solution to the problems, of which there are quite a few. Stop playing beat cop. Death is merely a function of life. The physical body dies, the soul does not. Let's recap what we've learned so far, through our minds and my(our?) imagination. Because I couldn't imagine an omnipotent, non-evolving being as creator(too many questions ending up with too many faith-based answers for my comfort; it struck me as oddly un-democratic also), and evolution not much better(not much evolution in the body human since birth o' Man). Having no beliefs, I finally came up with, or imagined, the idea that the universe was similar to the Internet here on Earth, except each node was composed of humans. Having just seen the movie, Mission to Mars, clinched it for me of how us humanoids were spread across the universe. Then, a cat, Zeus, entered my life, acting how humans behaved when I was younger('60s-70s). He was neighborly, patrolling the neighborhood every morning and night, stopping by houses to see what was up, etc., without distrust. One time I remember he came back one afternoon, sat on the couch, and would only let my nurse see a deep gash in his abdomen from a long stiletto, the vet later said. So he spent the night at the vets, Zeus came back right as rain, and resumed his patrols after only 3 days rest. The vet said initially only after the abdominal tubes were removed 2 weeks later, but there was no stopping Zeus from his duty. Nobody forced him to be neighborly, or friendly. It reminded me that, once, we were not as paranoid as we are today. And, I don't care what anyone says, it's getting worse, statistics don't lie. What's causing it? I couldn't figure that one out, but I noticed a trend, and it starts at the top of the pyramid. It's called inheritance, in computer science, where the lower “classes'” attributes are copied exactly from those of the upper “classes”. So, what's this have to do with me, you ask? Don't you see, if honor and integrity meant anything to the upper classes, then the pyramid model would work. But it doesn't mean much,

now, apparently, as honor and integrity have both proven time consuming and low paying. Since the upper class has failed us, it's time for all, not just the lower classes, to come together and have one, massive block party. You see, material wealth and luxury, though pleasurable to the immediate, tactile senses, also has a damning effect on the deeply rooted psyche, and brings to surface our uglier sides(7 deadly sins, etc.). Then there's the stress factor. In the '80s-'90s, going postal proved the extremes of stress expressed with deadly results. Today, it's institutions of higher learning that exhibit this feature. Allah, it'd happening in today's schoolyards; 1st in the USA(Columbine), 4th in Finland. Every life has a potential to be explored by the individual. None should be denied that right, except for perhaps penal colonies, to a degree. And the free market/Capitalist system ain't cutting the mustard, as far as I, Zeus, and hopefully you, can see. We're just digging a hole that is almost too deep already to climb out of. How soon 'til corporations become both important and powerful enough to form public policy. Hell, they're already buying it. Most everybody has a price to look the other way.. Of course, there are exceptions, Men of integrity, stepping forward to do their part, But, they are few and far too rare. The trickle effect promised by philosopher John Locke's social contract theory has not been proven, as of late. His promise of reason and thought has been replaced by greed. The individual is trained to only think about herself, and the government will worry about the rest, when, in fact, it's the other way around. But, Zeus and I cannot force you to change. All we can do is suggest to, and help, you realize the greater potential that is man. Now, poker.... fell asleep, oh welllll. Switched from cigarettes, Newports, to cigarillos, Al Capones, because I only smoke 3 a day, thus, I save money, 'cause I used to suck down 20 Newports a day. I hope I've convinced you that the free market/Capitalism won't work, 'cause it's not gonna. I went

into the future so you don't have to, also, with the cats' help, and saw an interesting future for you if you would jusr chill out. You sure as hell aren't going anywhere. The only thing allowed in space is ISS-related, and independent ventures. My brother Charles said he viewed this site, up to now, and doesn't say too much about it. No encouragement or discouragement. Several good ideas, he says, but too difficult to decipher. I can't help that, the trip to the future sorta screwed me for life on this planet, by making me the weakest link by your standards. I have to trust you, individually, which has caused problems of having my ATM card stolen repeatedly, and all the money taken from my bank account at least twice. Now, I lock all my doors, as a concession to the people taking care of me, because I feel closed in with the doors locked. You'd be amazed what paranoia results from that closed in feeling. Man, I think, was not made for that sort of paranoia. You see, Man is supposed to be free, like the animals are. So we made several, little wrong turns somewhere in our evolution. I have some ideas where, but as I'm from the future, I prefer to remain there, and have no desire to research it. I've better things to do. I'll leave it to the “professionals”. We need to rationalize some course changes in our policies/thinking. Now for some real time proof: It's 3:00 in the morning, there is a light around the corner that keeps flashing, out of reach, in the next room. It has become a nightly occurrence. Only problem is that there is no identifiable light source near it. Go figure. I haven't the foggiest of where it's coming from. 6/26/2008 6/28/2008 Apollo got out on me, again, on the 27th. So much for tough love, eh? Oh, well, I got the surprise of my life this morning. Apollo had somehow managed to unlock the door,

and let himself in, because I found him asleep, at the end of the bed. Clever cat, that Apollo! Zeus used to do the same thing, except as a smaller kitten, and I would find him up in the attic, no less. Go figure, 'cause I sure as hell can't. In crafting this document, I decided TRUTH was the only way to go, with very little embellishment. I've led a fairly exciting, though sometimes painful, life. I know, there's very little direct evidence to support my assertions, but that seems to be how the cats and gods want it. Hopefully, faith in the future will replace any faiths I inadvertently pronounced frauds. You see, science, and reason, were to replace all other faiths, for the most part, here in the USA, ideally, but, I don't know, something went wrong. <That night>The aide from last night just came on, to tell me she left both the garage door, and the connecting door, open a crack so Apollo could find his way to my bed, so, I guess, false alarm. My imagination also tells me nothing amazing may happen to me. I could just go back to merely existing, with me being labeled insane, or worse. It has prepared me for every contingency. If one or two more astute X-men sees some rationale to my diatribe, and acts on her/his own to educate those ignorant, then my job will be done well. The more and more I think about it, it sounds likely; to match the set-up job humanity got. Oh, well. Bring it on, those wanting to stay ignorant. All I know is that we better stop making the future liable for our “transgressions”, among other things, such as the people loosing their imaginations in 200+ years, whether they're ready or not. It's not punishment that we loose our imaginations. No, it's just how it has been done for eons. Believe or not, 20,000 years old is not that old. Who knows how old our gods are? That question will have to wait until we meet. From what I gather with our “talks”, we are very much ahead technologically than they were at in their 2000 AD mark, but they were ahead in the game with political, sociological development because they were more well-balanced at this point. I gather, they lost their imaginations at their 2000 AD. But, they're very secretive about their past, saying, in essence, the future is up to us to figure out. That's the great thing about free will.

You see, we created a world totally unique to all others, and yes, you might say we're underdogs, at this point in time. We're not a good bet, according to them. So fucking what. I personally feel we can overcome the stupidity of the past, the lack of imagination, and come out “winners”. We just have to change from a growth economy to a stable economy(Economics was not my best subject). The best way, I think, is to shoot for a more democratic society. Sure, it'll be difficult, probably a little painful to some, but I think it's the only way to the future. A good start would be revamping the electoral process. Incorporate the Internet more in the elections(I know I covered it above). 2Nd, change the tax code to recognize the more you got, the much more you pay(to get the deficit down). 3Rd, freeze government spending as much as possible(no more pork barrel, get off the damn credit card). 4Th, cut immigration to special situations only. 5Th, enact high tariffs(we got to get USA back on its feet). 6Th, limit NASA to unmanned exploration temporarily, or helping ISS. 7Th, infrastructure rebuilding(modernize). 8Th, health care(Obama's plan). That should start you, USA. You also might consider going unicameral sooner than later(one house). USA public, I think you can see where I'm going, and can change your lifestyles accordingly. Above all, though, get out of the stock markets. Remember, there is no honor in Capitalism, only exploitation, and that's not the face we want to put forward when we make first contact. All are representatives of Earth, not just a special group of individuals trained for it. You see, we'll be interpreted based on all our current civilization, not just our industry, or one side of our planet. All aspects . Way back when when my brain injury got “cured”, I couldn't think of life without profit being involved somehow. I forced myself to unthink the past 40 years of dealing with the free enterprise model, and rethink a world free of it. It was/is tough, when the environment surrounding you is based on it, but Zeus, the movies, and tv series, helped

a lot. I'm not asking you to do the same, but just to be aware, and let the generations/family model seep back into life in general. Let kids be kids, but always remember, they need your guidance, at times. My father let the environment form us. Me and my 5 brothers used to smoke pot and drink beer, basically, because it was the only thing to do after work/school. We weren't addicts, or anything like that, we just liked to do the two a lot. Yes, the brothers and I all experimented with other drugs, but none of the drugs really became a problem. Michel, my brother, was an aficionado of a lot of the psychedelic drugs of the '70s, but I'm not exactly sure which, as he died like 6 years ago. He died in his 40s of, I gather, his system being overworked as a teen. One night, after a few beers after work, he went home to sleep, only to have his wife find him dead cold dead right next to her. Specifically, an aneurysm. Yeah, and he had finally gotten his life together, too, with 2 kids, one my godchild. I was like Michel. Tried lotsa drugs, when I was a kid(14-19), though I never injected any. Curiously, I never felt that “desperate” to get high, because I knew it could really fuck you up permanently. Anyhow, I worked as bar back for a prestigious Newport restaurant, The Clarke Cooke House, which was a very demanding and stressful, so the drugs were necessary, I thought, to function. Nearly everyone at the restaurant did them, and still functioned superbly, or as superbly as a then high barback remembers. There, I met Cris Gerry, a 1 year younger bar back than me, who also liked drugs, but to a lesser extent than either me or Michel. Pretty much only pot and cocaine. I don't even think he tripped. Well, he died like 7 years ago of, you guessed it, an aneurysm. He always had his life together, though, and left behind a wife and two kids. On a lighter note, I played World of Warcraft today, and I suck at it. It requires physical coordination. In case you don't know what it is, it's a pc game which connect with other pcs around the world through a server running a fantasy land filled with orcs, wolves, hobbits, ogres, etc.. Its a very intense game. Your children probably use it, so ask them

for a better description, please. It has such a variety of fantasies that it'll even attract adults. I am not worried about the children doing their part in realizing their future if and only if the adult world they find is not business as usual. This is where I plead with you, USA, to change your excessive lifestyles and habits, I plead because I don't want to come here in 200 years to find it has fallen on deaf ears, with you continuing this hedonistic society, and thus be forced to erase the USA and it's contributions to the whole world. 7/1/2008 7/8/2008 In 2 days, Apollo goes into the veterinarians to get declawed(only his front claws), and dewormed. At first, I was against it. Then I remembered what happened to Zeus, when he went to get declawed. Zeus couldn't be put under anesthesia so they ended up only really trimming his front nails. 2 days later, I was staring at his trimmed nails, when they mysteriously grew to full length, right before my eyes. Go figure. I know what happened, now, because I seen similar examples of one of the Gods “power”: people seeing things as other things. I believe Zeus got injected with some harmless substance, while the veterinarian thought he was injecting anesthesia. I also believe they can do this hallucinatory trick on more than one person at the same time. I call them “parlor tricks”, as someday we'll learn the magic. Latest from my imagination is that I may stay for a month or two to see if you are still as primitive as the Romams were way back when Chrust I was in their 'hood'. I personally hope to disappear, as I can neither do much here as a gimp, nor do I really want to stay here. Pardon, David Bowie, this is not America..... (the cats must be controlling my music) for 'tis not the forefather's America! Locke's social contract theory was just that: theory, not law. Has not the past years disproved it? Ideally, we should be leading simpler lives, depending less on government, and more on ourselves.

Looking for the best way to survive is the unconscious mantra of millions, no billions, of people around the USA. Where's the frickin' enjoyment? I'm really angry with that 5% wealthiest who, even with their fancy educations, didn't figure it out! Ignorance, is not an acceptable excuse. I'm slightly less angry with the “working man” for accepting this, like sheep, as life itself! “We the people...”. None of you thought something was wrong, bigtime? So, we have too much government. I am prepared to go through the budget, line by line, to eliminate the pork. That's what us old-time programmers are used to: going through lines of code to make s program run optimally. I don't relish it, but it must be done. Sure, some will loose their jobs, forced into the private sector, but it can't be helped. It's time we stop making our children responsible for our stupidity. The wars are wasteful uses of the old credit card, ain't they? If you want to continue wasting cash hunting for Bin Laden, I can't fault you, though you'll be creating a martyr if you catch him. Pakistan's Musharrif should be cut loose, for many reasons, as well as several other nations. Israel should be left to it's own devices. It's just fighting over land, and has celebrated its “underdog” status for far too long. Nowadays, it's a lousy bet, as it attacks not proportionally, but with a little bit of overkill. Not much honor in them, anyways. There are many relationships we're involved in that are less than desirable, I'm sure. Well, now that we've been relieved of our “beat cop” duties, we can start the healing from within, and start focusing on the more important internal issues. Flip the hypothetical bird at outsiders begging for Allah knows what. Like I said, higher priced imports to get USA back on its feet. I hope Detroit has gotten its head dislodged from its ass regarding efficiency, hybrids, etc., and is willing to manufacture low-priced, “green” cars, and hybrids.. Gas and oil prices. Can't help you there too much except pray that OPEC wakes the

fuck up, realizing we're all in this menagerie together, boosts oil production while reducing costs to the world. If they do, great, we'll continue the relationship, if they don't, great, we'll just explore other avenues, such as the oil sands of Alberta, Canada, and other, renewable, greener energy solutions. I'm encouraged by the “one laptop per child”( initiative, started by Nicolas Negroponte, which brings the Internet to many 3rd world communities via the children, who then show the families, etc... get 'em while they're young, sayeth the cats. I downright applaud this method of educating the 3rd world, because it's the right thing to to do. But, we'll be having a problem down the road. Shrinking employment due to technological innovation, corporate downsizing Pardon poker... lost in 2nd round...corporate downsizing, numerous competitors for the same job, leads an outside observer to pass on by. No intelligent life forms on this planet, no. Just a slightlyunderstatement dysfunctional organic computer. Who wants to waste their time? Sorry for the venting of my imagination, but she's right, if some astronaut from another species were to pass by to share some knowledge, it could deem us as being too primitive to grasp the concepts above, and pass right on by. The communities' health is more important than any individual's right to do anything, so, you see, we been doing it sorta ass-backwards for some yime. That's why I let her come down so hard on George W.. It's simple. Are we better off since Bush took office: No. Did he listen to the people, from whom his power comes: No. But, then again, did the people elect him to his first term: NO. Somebody must be held accountable for this travesty against the USA. I think President Teddy Roosevelt said it best, “the buck stops here!” I've been messing with Drupal, a web language similar to Joomla. The cats seem to want me to mess with it, for I'm making progress with it. Thank Allah. It's a little more robust than Joomla in certain areas that I like. And it's has a great tutorial interface to use on the web, so kudos to the designers. Apollo is limping a little with his left paw,

but is more playful than ever. My Aunt saw this website, and pronounced me more depressed to my psychiatrist, in her opinion. I'm in the process of getting her removed as legal guardian to me. I'm 43, and think I'm mentally sound enough to make my own decisions. She's 83, in great health, and a bit of a control freak, if you ask me. But, I do love her fiercely, as she is my father's older sister and the one who raised me from ages 6 months to 12 years old. My father got me afterwards, and had a tremendous impact on me, also. He is my example to live by, and as far as I've seen, the ultimate democrat. Saw the NBC nightly news last night. Talked about corporations stopping their health care coverage of their retirees. A prime example that there is no honor in capitalism! Anyways, the news goes on illustrating how expensive the drugs for seniors are, and how their savings, their “nest eggs”, are being eaten up much faster than expected. So, what do we do now? Set up government programs to assist the seniors, of course. Thus, we look to government as our savior, again. Who pays for it? The children, of course. Just saw an interesting South Park about the earth being a reality TV series for the aliens. I'm not worried about the upcoming generations doing their part, if, and only if, things are not business as usual when they grow up. That's your cue to slow the hell down, people. What's the rush, anyways? Look at what it's doing to the planet. The planet will regenerate slowly, if given a chance. From now on, please try and give a damn. Point it out, gently, when others forget to do the right thing. So, Barack went to Europe, and Iraq, partially due to his opponent's view that Barack lacked foreign credentials. Europe was a good move, on Barack's part, to start and “mend fences” with the Europeans so casually trampled by the Bush administration. Iraq, I feel, was a wasted trip on Barack's part because, I don't know, Iraq is a waste of our time and money, much less boys. Saw another good South Park about Chef, the black school cook, protesting the City flag, which depicted a black person being hung by the citizens, as being racist. On the

other side, the townspeople see it as a piece of history. It goes on to make several good statements about today. The main one I derived from it was that only by keeping talking about racism keeps it alive. Another I derived from it was while hate crimes are illegal, groups like the Klu Klux Klan are allowed to spread their message of hate legally. The 1st amendment needs to be recrafted, this means. Now that we have the Web, we can change the constitution to fit today's world by the majority. We went too far in fighting for the individual, methinks. The individual is important, yes, but majority rules the roost. The protection of the body has to surpass that of the individual cell. It's the only way for the species to survive. Saw yet another South Park. In it, Kenny gets addicted to cat urine, which gets you high in South Park. People are getting high off of cat urine so much, that the DEA steps in, and removes every cat, because the courts deem it so. In the end, it is pointed out that no matter what, children are going to find a way to get high. I'm not doing it justice, so I won't continue. But you have to see the episode. See them all, please, they all have a message to communicate to all. Yes, they are a cartoon, but they're aimed at an audience of all ages, they're quite funny, and on Comedy Central. This jusr in for the proud new owners of the Apple Iphone. There's the new Iphone out now, with twice the speed of the original, among other things. Wasn't the original just released a short time ago as the must-have of 2007. Methinks I smell rats, but it's all legal. I've not seen anything new, on the technological front, to warrant such a release, but as everybody does it, so should Apple. Doesn't it seem a tad unfair to the consumer, though? We've become numb to it! “There's a sucker born every minute!”.... Do you want that as your species epitaph??? 7/27/2008 For kids under 19 I'll build a FAQ. For kids over 19

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