Community Action Plan

Problems Solutions Projects Goals Responsible Persons

Malnutrition among children 

Conduct health education to parents regarding the important of giving nutritious foods to their children.  Assess the availability of their resources and teach them how they can make use of it properly and more creatively (e.g. making squash as candy, burger made by puso and the like)  Encourage the mothers to have their infants breastfed and give emphasis on the benefits of breastfeeding.  Promote the importance of consuming foods that are fortified and to choose foods approved by the 

Health Promotion through educating the parents of the importance of giving nutritious foods to their children.  Feed children a ready-to-use therapeutic food until they have gained weight.  Feeding Program.  Immunization Program.  Food Fortification Program.  Breastfeeding Program. 

To educate the family regarding the importance of eating nutritious foods.  To assess the children·s nutritional status and reduce the number of malnourished children.  To make them more health conscious by teaching them how to choose right kind of foods and how to prepare it properly.  To encourage them to have an active participation with all the programs that are prepared for them 

Members of the community particularly the parents.  Health care providers such as the nurses, doctors, dietician and other nutritional professional.  Government officials especially the local officials of the community.

 Following evaluation of child·s nutritional status in collaboration with dietician and other nutritional professionals. those that are with ´Sangkap Pinoy Sealµ. initiate nutritional intervention in collaboration with nutrition support personnel.  Give emphasis to the parents the importance of giving proper immunizations to their children. Submitted by: Amado Lumabang III Cristine Joy Roce .  Encourage increased oral caloric intake and supplementation with vitamin.BFAD. and folate supplements.  To teach them independence and stand on our own when it come to maintaing health. y Assess child's nutritional status. iron.  Teaching them agricultural technique called Green Revolution to make their crops more nutritious. Teach them the different kinds of immunization and what age their children should receive it.

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