Project Management Interview Questions and Answers 1.

What is the tool that you have used to create project plan? The Microsoft Project Plan is the software that is used to plan for the entire timeline of the project. It helps us to generate all the key deliverable across timeline and assign specific tasks to different project members. This way it becomes easy to cross reference everyone against the status of the work done. 2. What sort of thing do you do get off the stress in times of heavy load and strict deadlines? The way to go about managing the project is to look out for the key factors that have to be concentrated during the delivery. Stress comes due to the unorganized work environment which can build up due to heavy work load. To overcome this I would always try to take a few minutes to figure out the best thing to concentrate. Having everyone to work on the main things and then just concentrating on one thing at a time will solve the situation. To be cool as Project manager is essential to infuse the same state of mind into everyone working on the project. 3. What do you think should be the proficiency level of the Project Manager when it comes to technical details of the project? As a project manager, one cannot be completely aware of all the technicalities, but it is his responsibility to know the outcome expected from every team member. This way, the correlation between the technicalities and the output expected will make it better for communication with other technical members of the team. The Project Leader can just bring out the end result as a manager demands it to be. 4. What motivates you most when you are managing a huge project? The achievement of short term goals in time with all the team members coordinating towards the ultimate goal- gives me a great work environment and good job satisfaction. To make the most of the time and providing the best efforts in making a clean delivery and the appreciation that comes along with it motivates me to do better every time. The success of the projects will again make me take up more challenging projects. 5. How would like the team to be informed of their achievements and goals on a regular basis? I always like to have an open and transparent team environment. The open discussions with all the team members coming up with their own views of the present and future work makes it possible to build a great team spirit. The informal meetings and team activities would strengthen not only the communication between the members but would help the team to grow as an entity by itself. 6. What are the steps that you would take to improve the competency of team members? I would like to have regular brain storming sessions where the discussion about the challenging tasks can be taken up. The best way to get the team member to give in their 100% is to face them with challenges. The team oriented solution is much preferred and the tracking of the progress of each unit inside the team will be of great help to assist each member when required. 7. How does the technical and functional documentation help in managing the project? The documents are the underlying objects of reference when it comes to validating and verification of the various goals. Each and every meeting with customer and the outcome of each team discussion have to be documented. The tracking of the project progress can be made as a regular one where documented requirements have been met in the priority of the client. The changes that have to be done in the development methods come out only in such considerations. 8. How would you anticipate the risks and hurdles that you might face later in the project development phase? The best way is to have contingencies in store for all major implementation phases. This is where the resource back up comes in handy. The resources have always to be maintained at a surplus level, so that when there are critical situations or emergency calling, there is always someone to respond to the situation.


this is when a team discussion of the logic and virtual prototyping of the product to be designed can come in useful. there is good chance that the mock-up of the entire product can give us the necessary insight into what can be done differently and what can be tried to. This can seem easy but it takes patience and real good knowledge in the specific domain to get into the real working technicalities. What is MPMM? MPMM is the project management methodology that gives us all the information we need to complete a project correctly.9. Then spending a few days on the hot spots can help us get a new idea and thereby enabling us to do a smarter work. The prototype based approach works great in this aspect. which drafts out the testing plan with scripts. ● To give the QA results for the product that is being dispatched. ● Known caveats and other constraints that are found to apply on the product have to be stated explicitly. 11. How do you ensure quality in the deliverable? The quality of work mainly depends on the quality of development and the quality of testing that is being done. Once I get to the content to a good extent management can be done by being a member of the team. Direct client and developer interaction can be very useful to have maintenance phase later. In such a discussion. This is ensured in the starting phase of the project when the team sits together for the customer requirements. How do you think can you bring in Innovative designs into the project? The innovation comes from experience and the working models. 12. The requirements should be handled with most importance by the testing team. who is not just managing but developing the project. 13. The deliverable once tested in such a manner will be of the highest quality as expected by the customer. 10. ● Clear knowledge transfer documents where client can get to the product like one of the developers. How do you see yourself in a very small team with just few members? The team with just a few members have to be managed by someone who is identified as one of the colleagues. But not all project are based on the prototype methodology. The framework has in it all the ingredients that are necessary to establish a stable plan and working life cycle for the development. ● To give a live demo of the operation and other specifics. The QA tests have to be very exhaustive. The MPMM is considered one of the best practices and is widely adopted by many fields of operation. 2 . What would you ensure when delivering final product to the customer? To deliver the final product means we have to be sure of the following things: ● Clear documentation regarding the technical details and operation details of the product.

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