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Error Handling on Inbound Idocs: Send Mail to a specified

user group

Configuration Needed in SAP :

1. Attach event to Process Code:

a) Go to BD67, select the process code and double click
b) In next screen Associate Business Object, Start Event and
End Event to Inbound Process
2. Attach standard task to the event attached to the Process Code
a) Go to SWE2, select the (business object , event) pair and
double click
b) In next screen associate Task to be performed when the
selected Business Object’s Event is fired and check ‘Linkage
Activated’ check box.
3. Maintain task at PFTC. Bind task to triggering event and
maintain agent assignment- i.e. people to be notified when the
event is triggered.

a) Goto transaction PFTC [Maintain task] , populate Task

Type and Task number. Click Change to move to next
b) In next screen click “Triggering Events” tab. Double click
on the left side button on the event if it is not green i.e.
Activate Binding

c) Next move to Maintain Agent Assignment screen following

the given path
d) Assign agents to be notified when the task is performed.
Create Agent Assignment
4. Populate Post-processing permitted agent in the Partner
Profile for the given Inbound Message type. Those agents
specifies the job (person or group of people) to be notified if
processing errors occur on the IDOC interface.

a) Go to WE20, select Inbound Message type, failure in

posting whose associated IDOC has to be notified. and
double click

b) In next screen Maintain user-group to be notified upon

failure in IDOC posting
In certain situations, new Tasks and Business Objects for a message
type may be needed. The following transactions may be used for that:
Transaction Use
PFTC Create New Task
SW01 Create New Business Object (creating subtype of
Business Object IDOCAPPL)

After creation, above steps need to be done to activate the error

notification process.