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Simple Machines Worksheet
Part 1: Matching

1. ___ Lever 2. ___ Inclined Plane 3. ___ Wedge 4. ___ Screw 5. ___ Pulley

A. An incline plane wound around a cylinder B. Measured by the number of teeth it has C. Can either hold things together or split things apart D. Is a ramp E. Two machines in one: helps roll heavy objects more easily, or it can be used to open doors.

6. ___ Wheel and Axle F. Turns on a point called a fulcrum 7. ___ Gears G. Wheels with grooves around the rim
Part 2: Fill In The Blanks 1. The surface of a ski slope is an example of a (an)


2. The part of the oar indicated by the arrow is an example of a (an) __________________.
3. A doorknob is an example of a (an)


4. A simple machine useful for raising a flag is a (an) _______________________. a (an) ____________________.
5. The part of the ax indicated by the arrow is

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