y Viad uct

Granb y Row

Multi-Storey Car Park

12 87 41 47 58 30 79 37 70 42 62

Brunswick Street

Booth Street East

Aquatics Centre
To City Centre

Wilton Street

92 52 37
Visitors Centre

Brunswick Street

Portsmouth Street


Dover Street

Oxford Road


Grafton Street

York Street



Nelson Street

D Car Park Permit Office (Booth St West) 31 Careers and Employability Division (via Booth St East) 08 Careers Metro 35 Cathie Marsh Centre for Census and Survey Research (CCSR) 37 Central Academic Advisory Service 34 Central Services Unit 77 Centre for Continuing Education 77 Centre for Educational Leadership 77 Centre for English Language Studies in Education (CELSE) 77 Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health 79 Centre for Integrated Genomic Medical Research (CIGMR) 59 Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine (CHSTM) 65 Centre for New Writing 01 Centre for Manufacture 01 Centre for Process and Integration 05 Chandos Hall 14 Chemical Engineering and Analytical Sciences 61 Chemistry Building 67 Chinese Studies 58 Christie Building/Bistro 12 Civil and Construction Engineering 67 Classics and Ancient History 67 Combined Studies 49 Communications, Media and Public Relations 39 Computer Science 63 Concourse Cafe 13 Conference Office 67 Confucius Institute 75 CONTACT (Manchester Science Park)

Rosamond Stree t West

Royal Northern College of Music

23 36 64 01 01 49 67

Oxford Road Station


Booth Street West

38 44
Bridgeford St reet



Lime Gro ve

gton S


Burling ton Str eet

re e

36 52 17 93

67 67 36 35 36 35 65 52 83 24

Geography Geology George Begg Building George Kenyon Building and Hall of Residence (formerly 37a) German Studies Goethe Institute Government Graduate Development Scheme Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology Graphics Support Workshop GM Archaeological Unit GM Geological Unit Grove House Grosvenor Halls of Residences






Skelton House


Manchester Science Park (See inset map) Penc roft Way



re et

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Sackville St postcode M1 3BB Oxford Rd postcode M13 9PL

30 Harold Hankins Building 38 Health and Safety Services 34 Higher Education Careers Service Unit 67 History 74 Holy Name RC Church 80 Horniman House 77 Human Communication and Deafness 48 Human Resources 35 Humanities Bridgeford Street 30 Humanities Faculty Office

48 Income Office 40 Information Technology Building 36 Institute for Development Policy and Management (IDPM) 35 Institute for Political and Economic Governance (IPEG) 52 Institute of Health Sciences 53 International Centre for Labour Studies 45 International Development 69 International Society 67 Italian Studies

55 John Rylands University Library 42 John Thaw Studio 12 Joule Centre 01 Joule Library

42 71 79 79 67

Lenagan Library Life Sciences Life Sciences Life Sciences Faculty Office Linguistics

44 35 51 48 39 50

Kanaris Lecture Theatre Kantorowich Library Keepers Room Ken Kitchen Committee Room Kilburn Building Knowles Committee Room

38 Japan Centre 67 Japanese Studies 92 Jean McFarlane Building (formerly 37b) 16 John Garside Building 48 John Owens Building

89 Lamb Building 02 Lambert Hall 23 Language Centre (Oddfellows Hall) 67 Language Centre (Samuel Alexander Building) 52 Law 67 Leamington Rooms 30 Legal Advice Centre

77 Management and Leisure 26 Manchester Business School East 29 Manchester Business School West 30 Manchester Centre for Healthcare Management 39 Manchester Computing 11 Manchester Conference Centre 41 Manchester Dental Education Centre (MANDEC) 81 The Manchester Incubator Building/UMIC 30 Manchester Institute of Innovation Research 31 Manchester Institute for the Deaf

16 Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre John Garside Building 44 Manchester Museum 01 Manchester Science and Enterprise Centre 110 Manchester Student Homes 47 Manchester University Press 39 Manchester Visualisation Centre 65 Mansfield Cooper Building 42 Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama, and Electro Acoustic Studio 25 Materials Science Centre 46 Mathematics 21 Maths and Social Science Building 91 McDougall Centre 17 Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering (MACE) 35 Media Centre 59 Medical and Human Sciences Faculty Office

79 79 71 67 67 10 15 54 42 01 91

Medicine Medical School Michael Smith Building Middle Eastern Studies Modern Languages Moffat Building Morton Laboratory Moseley Lecture Theatre Music Muslim Prayer Hall North Muslim Prayer Hall South

14 Occupational Health (Sackville Street) 23 Oddfellows Hall 85 Opal Hall 10 Optometry and Neuroscience 48 Owens Committee Room

31 Precinct Library 30 Precinct Shopping Centre 48 President and Vice Chancellor’s Office 30 PREST 40 Prospects House 59 Psychiatry 43 Psychology

67 56 54 59 36 37 36 67 77 13 69 13 35 66 79 37 38 48

36 National Centre for e-Social Science (NCeSS) 52 National Primary Care Research and Development Centre (NPCRDC) 42 Novars Research Centre 92 Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work

7 12 93 43 79 36 46 54 36 70 36 56

38 Occupational Health

Paper Science Pariser Building PC Cluster Pear Lecture Theatre Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Philosophy Photon Science Research Institute Physics and Astronomy Planning and Landscape Police Office Politics Postgraduate Society

38 48 67 8 58 28 53 67 45 54

Regional and Economic Affairs Registrar and Secretary Religions and Theology Renold Building Research Office Ronson Hall Roscoe Building Russian Studies Rutherford Building Rutherford Lecture Theatre

32 St Peter's Chaplaincy 01 Sackville Street Building

Samuel Alexander Building Schunck Building Schuster Building Simon Building Social Anthropology Social Work Sociology Spanish and Portuguese Studies Speech Pathology Sport, Trading and Residential Services (STARS) Sports Directorate Staff House Sackville Street Staff Training and Development Unit Stephen Joseph Studio Stopford Building Student Experience Student Health Centre Student Records

45 Student Recruitment, Admissions and International Development 13 Student Services Centre Satellite 57 Student Services Centre 37 Student Experience 09 Students’ Union Sackville St 68 Students’ Union Oxford Rd 22 Sugden Sports Centre





Car Park













re et


03 19 18 20 48 67

Fairfield Hall Faraday Building Faraday Tower Ferranti Building Finance Office French Studies

Coupland Stre et

ro ft W ay

Rutherford House

Kilburn House

35 42
MultiStorey Car Park
Higher Cambrid ge Street

56 66 47 55

Dil wo rth

Manchester Science Park



Rear Quadrangle



Str ee t





Contact Theatre


ark R


Williams House






Old Quadrangle



Burlington Str eet







Car Park


Ha the rsa ge



Post Office

Roa d


01 67

Pe nc

Enterprise House

Synergy House


St re et


York Str York Street

Sy Sydney Street

9 49 01 14 54 27 54 54 35

Barnes Wallis Building Beyer Building Bindery (Joule Library) Biomolecular Sciences Blackett Lecture Theatre Bowden Court Braddick Library Bragg Lecture Theatre Brookes World Poverty Institute 56 Burlington Rooms 56 Burlington Society

Grosvenor St reet

Charles Stre et

Wa y



24 27 89 34 40 93 53 60
Car Park

20 36 29 77 77 01

Ma ncu ni

Acker Street

52 67 06 01

Earth Sciences East Asian Studies Echoes Day Nursery Electrical and Electronic Engineering E&EE High Voltage Economics Eddie Davies Library Education Ellen Wilkinson Building Engineering and Physical Sciences Faculty Office Engineering Doctorate Centre English and American Studies English Language Courses Environment and Development Environmental Services Unit EPS Foundation Studies Equality and Diversity Office Estates Directorate European Studies


25 28

MultiStorey Car Park

Dover Street


Brook Street

A34 Upper Brook Street


Car Park

86 G

Grafton Street

Prince rin

ss Str s eet et

Dalton Institute Denmark Road Building Dental School and Hospital Dental School Annexe Development and Alumni Relations Devonshire House Diagnostic Radiology Disability Support Office Dover Street Building Drama Dryden Street Day Nursery

Railw a

A57 (M )

Sackv ville S il treet e

78 Academy 32 Access Summit Disability Resource Centre 37 Accommodation Office 31 Accounting and Finance 01 Aerospace Research Centre (UMARI) 60 Age and Cognitive Performance Research Centre 30 Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Resource Centre 46 Alan Turing Building 36 Applied Social Sciences 76 AQA (formerly NEAB) 79 ARC Epidemiology Unit 65 Archaeology 35 Architecture and Planning 65 Art History and Visual Studies 36 Arthur Lewis Building 48 Association of University Administrators (AUA) 46 Astrophysics 69 Athletic Union 75 AV Hill Building 73 Avila House (RC Chaplaincy)

Granb y Row

) Way A57(M Mancunian

35 Cordingley Lecture Theatre 86 Core Technology Facility 42 Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall 01 Council Chamber (Sackville Street) 51 Council Chamber (Whitworth Building) 68 Council Chamber (Students’ Union) 31 Counselling Service 43 Coupland Building 1 47 Coupland Building 3 31 Crawford House 33 Crawford House Lecture Theatres 30 CRIC (ESRC Centre for Research and Innovation and Competition) 48 Curriculum Innovation

Piccadilly Station

Campus Buildings Building key Campus Buildings
1 Sackville Street Building Under Construction 2 Lambert Hall Under Construction 3 Fairfield Hall University Residences 5 Chandos Hall University Residences 6 Echoes Day Nursery 7 Paper Science Building Principal Car Parks 8 Renold Building Principal Car Parks 9 Barnes Wallis Building / Accessible Route Students' Union / Wright Robinson Hall Accessible Route 10 Vision Centre / Bus Stops Moffat Building Bus Stops 11 The Manchester Conference Centre and Railway Stations Weston Hall Railway Stations 12 Pariser Building 13 Staff House Sackville Street Bollards 14 The Mill Bollards 15 Morton Laboratory

Burlington Str eet







9 14




The Gatehouse Sackville Street


Llo yd


ille Str e


7 A 11

Sackv ille Str eet


91 Williams House 30 Precinct Shopping Centre 16 Manchester Greenheys Harold Hankins Building Interdisciplinary Manchester Biocentre Devonshire House - John Park ScienceGarside Building 31 Crawford House 17 George Begg Building Kilburn House Rutherford 32 St Peters House/Chaplaincy 18 Faraday Tower House 33 Crawford House Lecture 19 Faraday Building Theatres 20 Ferranti Building Enterprise 34 Prospect House 21 Maths and Social House Synergy 35 Humanities Bridgeford Sciences Building House Street 22 Sugden Sports Centre 36 Arthur Lewis Building 23 Oddfellows Hall D 37 University Place 24 enm Grosvenor Halls ar 38 Waterloo Place ofkResidences Ro ad 39 Kilburn Building 25 Materials Science Skelton Centre House 40 Information Technology 26 Manchester Business Building School East 41 Dental School and Hospital 27 Bowden Court 42 Martin Harris Centre 28 Ronson Hall for Music and Drama 29 Manchester Business 43 Coupland Building 1 School West
Pe nc
ro ft W ay
St re et

44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60

The Manchester Museum Rutherford Building Alan Turing Building Coupland Building 3 John Owens Building Beyer Building Whitworth Hall Whitworth Building Williamson Building Roscoe Building Schuster Building The John Rylands Library Schunck Building Burlington Rooms Student Services Centre Christie Building Simon Building Zochonis Building

61 Chemistry Building 62 Dryden Street Nursery 64 Environmental Services Unit 65 Mansfield Cooper Building 66 Stephen Joseph Studio 67 Samuel Alexander Building 68 Students' Union Oxford Road (also at number 9) 69 William Kay House 70 Dover Street Building 71 Michael Smith Building 72 Vaughan House 73 Avila House RC Chaplaincy 74 Holy Name Church 75 AV Hill Building 76 AQA 77 Ellen Wilkinson Building 78 The Academy

79 Stopford Building 80 Horniman House 81 The Manchester Incubator Building 82 Whitworth Park Halls of Residence 83 Grove House 84 The Whitworth Art Gallery 85 Opal Hall 86 Core Technology Facility 87 Denmark Building 89 Lamb Building 91 McDougall Centre 92 Jean McFarlane Building (formerly 37b) 93 George Kenyon Building and Hall of Residence and PC cluster (formerly 37a)

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Sackville St postcode M1 3BB Oxford Rd postcode M13 9PL
To Fallowfield and Victoria Park Halls of Residences To Ardwick & The Carling Apollo
A34 Upper Brook Street


17 62
Upper Brook Street


ss Str eet






Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility

Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Rumford Street

Nowgen Centre


Sydney Street




72 73 74

Manchester Royal Infirmary Manchester Royal Eye Hospital

St. Mary's Hospital


To Fallowfield and Victoria Park Halls of Residences




Gr ov e




Ce cil St re et Ac om Bu rn lei gh


72 Vaughan House 37 Visitors Centre 10 Vision Centre

48 Teaching, Learning and Assessment Office 01 Textiles 14 The Mill

38 70 11 84 51 50 50 82 69 52 31

01 81 86 52 37

UMARI UMIC UMIP University College Union University Place


Waterloo Place Wellbeing Room Weston Hall Whitworth Art Gallery Whitworth Building Whitworth Corridor Whitworth Hall Whitworth Park Halls of Residence William Kay House Williamson Building Workers' Educational Association North West Region Wright Robinson Hall

60 Zochonis Building

Continue for a further four miles before turning right at the Royal Brewery into 2-4 hours £3. At the next set of traffic lights. D Booth St West Multi-Storey From M67 0-3 hours £3 At the end of the motorway. Leave the M6 at Junction 19 and turn right ontoOtheLANE EAST OXFO RD P B Booth St East Multi-StoreyLACE Follow signs for Manchester Airport and join the M56. LOW MS WIL D ROA N D F Dilworth Street I S H R O T L IN Monday to Friday A D Daytime .Permit Holders Only.12midnight £2 (must leave HATHERS before midnight. 43.09 V1 GUIDE WI LMSLO This publlication is printed on FSC accreddited paper R S A R . M602 Leave the M62 at J12 and join the M602.EE PO R CO R MEN Arena Y NIT TRI IO AT S YL E ST ET E E RE R R ST LS LS EL N NG AN EL SUD L GU NS ON Y WA NS TR ST City map RE ST ET Accommodation map R FO OX CITY Sat Nav Fallowfield postcode M14 6HD Victoria Park postcode M14 5ES LLOYD STREET NORTH CHIC HESTER RO D T OAH ET CENTRE OM ER RE L MI BU T L E R ST R ST G LLE PS 62 EE AY DA O D A FAIRFIELD STREET ND RS H ON W A UL S Y D W KING ST LA TRE QUEEN RO DE OCA OA WHITWORTH ST 2 3 OL IT ST ET W ST HA R R D H PICCADILLY N IN AM RE M NO KING S WHITWORTH ST DI ROW ST TR DH ET RO HA T VE GRANBY NG RE STATION DL LO RS AD O ET TO EET 5 TR A ES ST LL SWA Urbis EE N STR CHARL HI GR ST T N ST 11 E FEN AY GH ST NEL 9 LEI UD T GW RE ST RID GE SH RE E R ET ST The Deva EO PE L G EET Cathedral CHA ET CL IT Centre RE A 57 (M ) CH HY EM ST R CAT W A Y IP P I NSON S SO N O GROVE BL M EAT O ENHAM ROAD GR C U N I A N ON AC M A N ET SS ST R ST EA RE 22 KF VENO ST T GROS RI 100 T Arndale AN Y A RS EE SE ST ST CO Shopping TR EL CHAPEL STREET MA AT LS CHUR RY’S 24 IL Centre E S CH S EET ST T DH TR AG MA 85 RE RE ES DA RKE 27 ON R S T ST ET CA T LE GO AR AD ET REE RD ST 28 ET T R O STRE A6 Salford E ROOM RE TR 65 ST ANN ILL RE ET Central TS S E ST CH R M D ET APE ST PICC D PO OR ST HY ADI LW ST TH OL BRID IFF EA ST KING LLY ST DE OO AR GE S ST ICK T B LL TREE KING SW TA RO Piccadilly ST S T N ET S Y U W T RE AD J LA BR ST Bus Station T EE ST 93 John Rylands DALTON S TH IE LL ST TR YO O O S C NSA 37 T BO BO RK ST DU RD Library C LA ICK ST K W OL EET CH RE P TR NS S ET U P AR Town CIE Q BR LLOY M LO ET O NC UA D ST DU NI IN Hall TRE TT Y ST S CH Police SH O R T E QUA Granda AT WN EE HA OL UL ST C 72 Y ST BOOT Station Central R TO T PL MP ST S S HO T LE ST REET AS ST L PLE TV Studios E SON A R E ST TR YM RL ST CH RE AI Library OR EET R ST RE TO PETER ST ST ST AD ET STREET O OU PR SA N N ON W DI C K O I ST CK 80 RAFT IN A I TH ST DM RE G VI Chorlton SHE Museum of ER D ET LL FFIE ILL ST LD S E Street GR LM ST Science and Industry ET REET ST T IS ST PA Coach Piccadilly 82 RE OV AV LIVER ET TR Station T POO 121 E DE NM AR K R D L RO RD EE FAIRFIELD GE AD STR Manchester RSA STREET HE ST RTH VICTORIA ST TE British HAT W Central RF GRE WO VIS MP EET AT B PARK OAD HA TRA STR B5 21 9 W Council WHIT RD ER E RIDG W RO AM ATHERSAG MOSS AN H Y E WA CH NK R TO Palace Y CE ANB RIN TER L AN E Y BA A GR T ALT ST STR DAIS W Theatre C 108 EAST RE EET ET OXFORD PLACE T ST EET 104 NO E ET REE WS STR M1 3BB S T L E ST TL ES 102 W H H I T W OTH H T R E E T T W ITW OR R T S S T R E E W RT 105 RL H HA C W 103 ES M Deansgate LITTLE PETER ST 106 Oxford Road TE BBC NS RN RUSHOLME DEA 101 ST Studios ST D ME NR 107 UL RO ISO H ST T AR N DEN RD WE ES T DW RE T EE ER T SO ICK RS ET KEN STR AC T ESM ARD NO GR EN ES TER CLAREMONT ROAD ELL T VE KS WIC EEN ES LM CI OS ON KG CK W CH HU NO GR S TREET AD AD RE RO RT DI M) EN ES H ER 7( ON EST A5 SO ST CH D RO UT OR NR EN AD MA SV MANCUNIAN WAY OR RO N G CRESC GR ST HYD E ST ON SON E RO BY HT CK ULM ET IG AD H E JA EN BR TR T QU DS ST Apollo Theatre A EE EA OR R 57 XF ST ST LO TH K 109 E OO TW IC S B LAN ND SW ATT PL AD MO LANE ST UN OAD OAD OLD HALL SA FALLOWFIELD WE RD R BR ROYCE R 111 RO AD ST TFO H RO KI STRE M13 9PL OT 116 TY BO 112 CI Visitors REET ST L 117 Centre 114 SAL ET RE BON ST T 120 S 115 ICK RD 119 FO T SW E S UN 118 IDG ND EET WI LB RAHAM BR BR LA STR ROAD UP D ER ROA CO V MOSELEY ROAD D DO OL TFOR PLY LS CRES STRE MO CENT ET E 113 110 UT STR HG S TON CRE RO E D ING OTT VE L G A ARN E BUR R RO EET T MAULDETH R O O ER STR N T N CHORLTON AD ES TO H AF R IC WE Sackville St postcode M1 3BB G EST CH O ST Oxford Rd postcode M13 9PL ET HEYS LANE WEST SE N RE REEN DW T G TO ST D DILWORTH STREE OA IN A D R BOL SW TH M62 (Westbound). following signs for the Universities. Continue along 3-6 hours £5 for approximately three miles. Leave at the second exit sign-posted A34 Congleton (hair-pin bend) and keep left. Manchester M13 9PL YEW TREE ROAD T P R I N D E T H John Rylands The University Library RO 0161 275 3751 A D R O A D The John Rylands P A R R ILL ROAD OW BARL C E S S Library Deansgate 0161 306 0555 Manchester Conference Centre 0161 955 8000 S W MSLOW WI L R MOO D ROA R O Faculty of Life Sciences 0161 306 7100 Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences 0161 306 0100 The Academy 0161 275 2930 R O A A The Manchester Museum 0161 275 2634 O O D D BRENTWOOD STREET Security 0161 306 9966 Student Accommodation 0161 275 2888 A D R O D RO AD LA P W IN G LA N E F O G International Development The Whitworth Art Gallery L A E A N N E 0161 306 6234 O G L 0161 275 7450 F P campus Royal Charter Number RC000797 J2309 05. Brunswick Street (signposted 4pm . The University’s Visitors Centre is in the distinctive round building on the right-hand side. At the end of M602.midnight £2 ‘Universities’). including Friday) Saturday & Sunday C A V £2 All Day E M E Cecil Street W Faculty of Engineering and Physical S O N A G E Sciences P A R 0161 306 9100 Faculty of Humanities 0161 306 1100 SL Manchester Airport is approximately 10 miles from the University. Leave M62 at J18 and join M60 ring road. 111. Go straight on through the next set of traffic lights. No Visitor Parking O 4pm .Permit holders only. 142. Continue along and go straight through the next (must leave before midnight.50 the hospitals. BO LLOYD STREET From Manchester Airport catch the 43 bus. LA G Dover Street W Monday to Friday M O Daytime . to ENM AD Follow signs for the Universities ARK ROAD Mancunian Way and join the DENMARK RO (A57M). join Regent Road (A57) and continue along and join the A57M (Mancunian Way). turn right Saturday & Sunday onto Oxford Rd (B5117). following signs for the City Centre. WE the ANE QU following: SS From Piccadilly Bus StationLcatch any of theINNEY C R E S MO CE 14. catch the Tram to Piccadilly Bus LD STREET Station and catch one of above services. Turn left at the next set of traffic lights onto Booth Street West and then turn right onto Oxford Road (B5117). Oxford Road.12midnight £2 R (must leave before midnight. The taxi fare from Manchester Airport is approximately £20. Leave M60 at J22 and turn right at traffic lights onto Oldham Road (A62). 140. Stay on 0-2 hours £2 M56 until it joins Princess Park Way (A5103). 48. including Friday) AGE ROAD Saturday & Sunday All Day O MA Permit holders only. No visitor parking Switchboard 0161 306 6000 W A A A N N ON WS DA 7 S ST LE S K IL K IL KVIL S S SAC S R LANE R LANE CELLOR LANE C AN C AN CHAN O O HOY O O N I N G T W I T H CA RD M HA NG NY D CO KR AR RP LE ST LE ST LE ST N S ST S UP PR I NC ESS AR RP LW K K K O OO BRO R E E REET W D O M L M L MEDL G G G NI N O OW DO D O OA RO R R RD F F FO O O OX AD KR T T EET T E T E STR GE GE GE RID R BR AM A CA ALEXANDRA M IL S S ST D GR CK J A AT EA T T ST E E EET S S STR OW SL ROAD VO HIRE ST NORTH VO SHIRE ST NORTH DEVON CH BIR E YEW TRE UPP ROAD ER LL OYD ST H H H K K KIII ROAD AD RO O RO ROAD CHORL CHORL CHORLTON R G GE IIIDG T T ST B BR MB A A AM C C CA TH T T E ER H HA HE CH E ER H H HIG HE HIG HG HG D D AD E E ET R R RE RO ER ER ST INE R RD OK OK OK AR RO N N NC RB RB RB P P PE U U UP LDS FIE E T E T ENT RT PO STOCK R O A D B5 ST LO LOW ALLO T T T TS M S T S T SSU V S V S EVA C C CH 11 A A LEAF 7 YEW TREE ROAD D D DARY LANE UN BO BO BO S S ST UTH LLOYD STREET SO RO RO RTH WHITWO D D D OR X O X FO OX A 51 03 Y LORS WA CHANCEL D D AD R R RO INE R RD AR N N NC AD D D OAD E O E O CE R ROY A A A R R RO A5103 4 A3 ET R E REE STR D LN SS RO SS RO P P PRINCESS RO Y Y Y BO BO BOUNDAR R YEW TREE ROAD O D O D OLD IRLEY ST B B AD AD AD E E A AN LA P U U UP RN OTT CL ER BR Useful contacts OO D ROA KS PENCROFT WAY TR EE The University of Manchester. 16. including Friday) NE B Saturday & Sunday A All Day R £2 B U R T O N R O A D D A O O Chancellors Hotel and Conference Centre 0161 907 7414 Students’ Union 0161 275 2931 Visitors Centre 0161 275 2922 A Y E D Car Park charges correct at time of going to print D A B U R T O N From Piccadilly Train Station catch ST 147.50 Moss Lane East (B5219). M60 DEN UNIVERSITY CONTACTS By air A Charles Street Multi-Storey DDEBooth St West (Surface Car Park) MAUL H UL L LA NE NEW BR ID GE SPRINGFIELD LA T EY ES LIV GO EAT GR EET TR DS UL ET E E RE ST E E TRE I S I S IE S U UC DU Building key 37 109 120 111 27 100 106 101 119 5 102 3 117 93 24 80 105 110 2 113 110 115 85 104 114 103 116 28 112 22 107 108 72 121 11 82 118 9 Accommodation Office Allen Hall Armitage Sports Centre Ashburne Hall Bowden Court Brian Redhead Court Burkhardt House at Hulme Hall Canterbury Court Chancellors Hotel and Conference Centre Chandos Hall Dalton Ellis Hall Fairfield Hall Firs Villa George Kenyon Hall (formerly 37a) Grosvenor Group of Halls Horniman House Hulme Hall Ladybarn House Lambert Hall Linton House Manchester Student Homes Oak House Opal Hall Opal Gardens Owens Park Pankhurst Court Richmond Park Ronson Hall Sheavyn House Sugden Sports Centre St Anselm Hall St Gabriel’s Hall Vaughan House Victoria Hall Weston Hall Whitworth Park Woolton Hall Wright Robinson Hall T RIA STREET R R AR RIII K K KF AC AC AC BL Victoria P PP AP O ON TIO S S STA T DS C RD OR OR FO DE WA WA WA ET EET E T E T T T STR ND N N LA L L PO P P T ND LO ST STEP HEN STR EET ST RE ET VI L CK SA VE ON DAN TZIC ST PR AD RO CO RPO RAT ION STR EET W OO DW AR D IN ST LE O CE VIC ST SS W T ST RE ET OL SP DHA EA M LE VE R ST STR R EE ST REE NE T T RE W ET TO N ST RE ET E DG RID RD BR EY E E W IC DW AR BL O O HG U BR AM RC R RN KG JE X P E ET EE T TR ST RS R R HE UT UT UT RR CA CA CA RD N N N L LA NE P H ST HG ATE N JACKSO BROW N S M SPRING TREET OS FO GA LE RD UN Y EN ST TA S RE IN S ET TRE ET SOUT ILE B B BA F IDG IB E P T ES Y O R AL CRO SS STR EET S S ST CRESE GAR TSID E STR EET DEA NSG ATE ST RE ET ST RE ET MOUN T STRE ET LOW ER B YRO M ST PO RT LA ND EV ER Y E E EE T TR ST L LL EL R R IIIRW R B R NT ET E E T E T STR LE DA D D Y Y LY DIIIL C C CA PIIIC D O A57 O BOU T T T H OT BO BO BO K R G G G R MB CA NDA E EW NE R R RE T T ST T T AT RY LA O S A IDG T NE T ES A N N N N NDO LON R RE RE O O OUN STREET T T AYT ST RE ET A 51 03 E D E W AT ER WA TSO NS TRE ET D D RD S E E ES NC HE L M OS LE Y LO W ER O PST POTA HE S SW IN TO N ST RE ET M ALBI ON AN GR T N S SO NS ET T T T SS S S W W EW D DR ND T TA ST A3 RD FO OX E ET EE T TR ST T T ST 4 B5 E STR A 11 T T ST N N IIING A AR BA N NI CU GA TE AN HER UN ION ST CO TTE RS T ST EA RD HIG Y DEV ON SHI RE ST LAUD ER DA LE CR E SC EN T SO UT H DE VO NS HIR ES TRE ET ROAD CHORLTO N RO AD Directions to the University Sat Nav Car parks GR OV E From Victoria Train Station. Monday to Friday 0-3 hours £3 3-6 hours £5 6-10 hours £8 10-24 hours £10 4pm . 44. including Friday) set of traffic lights. The University’s Visitors Centre is in the distinctive round building on the left-hand side. Turn left onto the A34 (dual carriageway) and get in the right hand lane.Permit holders only. 41. By road R By road to the University Visitors Centre All approach routes are clearly signposted ‘Universities’. No visitor parking 4pm . Leave at the second exit onto Higher Cambridge Street.12midnight £2 (must leave before midnight. Continue to the T-junction and turn 4-10 hours £5 GR ET left onto Oxford Road (B5117). 42. Turn right at the first set of traffic lights into Grosvenor Street. including Friday) R Saturday & Sunday O All Day £2 A PA Development and Alumni Relations 0161 306 3066 K I N G S W M6/M56 M SS A556. 157 and 250N T IL By bus Monday to Friday WITHINGTON Daytime . No visitor parking LA PW 4pm . Proceed down Oxford Road past EAT WESTERN STREhours 10-24 £7. The University’s Visitors Centre is in All Day £2 the distinctive round building on the right-hand side. Continue along until the end and turn left D join Great Ancoats Street (A665). 6-10 hours £8 Upon reaching a major roundabout (the Apollo Theatre is on 10-24 hours £10 the left) take the second exit. The University’s Visitors Centre is in the distinctive round building on the left-hand side. Stay in the left hand lane and turn left at the next set of traffic lights onto Oxford Road (B5117). M62 (Eastbound).12midnight £2 IN G LA (must leave before midnight. join Hyde Road (A57).