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Enterprise Service Bus
WSO2 knows that your enterprise has entered the fastpaced, new age of Web 2.0. That’s why we’ve taken a fresh look at old-style, centralized ESB architecture. And we’ve designed our unique Enterprise Service Bus from the ground up–relying on our innovative Carbon technology—to give you a smooth start-to- nish project experience you cannot nd elsewhere.

Easy to Acquire and Deploy
Right out of the starting gate, you’ll reap the bene ts: You can easily download the complete WSO2 ESB as 100% Open Source, with no up-front license agreement or fees to pay before you get started. And the ESB’s reasonable download size won’t slow you down. Or you can register for a WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus as a Service account on the WSO2 Cloud. You’ll also nd the WSO2 ESB easy to con gure through an intuitive graphical interface or a straightforward XML con guration language. This agile approach means faster time to get started in deploying the ESB. No esoteric skills needed. For example, you don’t have to be a programmer or know how to write Java to deploy WSO2’S ESB. If you do encounter a question or problem, WSO2 support services stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you to address the need e ciently. We’ve reduced common hassles by making the WSO2 ESB t smoothly into your overall infrastructure. The WSO2 ESB can be deployed to support many architectural patterns, including those demanding high scalability and reliability. It plays well with many popular systems and protocols.

identity services. You’ll have the capacity to adapt quickly to change and ensure that your architecture evolves gracefully over time. the WSO2 ESB is not a toy. This platform encompasses a range of capabilities unmatched in other platforms – business processes. And partnering with WSO2 will keep you on pace with technological innovations. so you can track the health of the system in real time. you’ll have the exibility to add in components from the complete WSO2 Carbon platform.High Performance Although we’ve worked hard on providing the lowest learning curve and the smoothest development experience. Easy to Manage and Govern The ESB’s intuitive Web management console makes local or remote management a breeze. The next level allows you to program speci c logic in Java or Javascript. We’ve built a foundation that can help you in your current projects and be part of your enterprise’s technological growth in the coming years. Open Source development has proven its ability to evolve along with the emerging needs of businesses as they grow and develop. and more. the ESB has 29 built-in mediator types that form the building blocks for sophisticated transformation and routing tasks. ongoing costs low. rules and events processing. WSO2’s ESB comes loaded with many built-in core capabilities and extension mechanisms to ensure you have a solid basis for solving needs you aren’t even aware of yet. But your enterprise will grow and your technology needs to grow. You’ll also bene t from the exibility of WSO2 ESB’s capability to integrate with your existing systems with support for management protocols such as JMX. data services. Not only have you already saved upfront license fees because the WSO2 ESB is 100% true Open Source. Our customers successfully rely on the WSO2 ESB for their most demanding high throughput scenarios. too. And when you use the WSO2 ESB in tandem with the WSO2 Governance Registry. Easy on the Budget The WSO2 ESB o ers unbeatable savings on cost of ownership. Simple management keeps Enterprise Service Bus In Action Admin Users Business/IT Users Management Console Business Activity Monitor ESB Cluster Hardware Load Balancer Client Application Server HTTP Enterprise Service Bus Mail Server Client DB Enterprise Service Bus JMS Broker Client File System Identity Server User Management Governance Registry Governance Mediation Receiver Transform Route EIP Send Mediator LB/FO Secured Reliability Transactions Priority Base Dispatching Tasks Log/ Tracer Pub/Sub . And as your enterprise expands and your technology needs increase. you will have the capability to con gure and manage clusters and policies in one place. but the speed and ease of developing for the ESB means signi cant savings of developer time. Easy on the Future We’ve shown you how you can save time and money on today’s projects with WSO2’s ESB. To start with. The WSO2 ESB also has the capability to publish usage stats to the WSO2 Business Activity Monitor. And the great performance means you maximize your investments in hardware you can run the WSO2 ESB on cheaper. The fully asynchronous core eliminates limits on concurrent messages and is deeply architected around Web services to ensure messages pass through the system with as little touch as necessary. The nely tuned engine o ers blazing performance within a at memory footprint. less powerful computers.

and command line provisioning Full hot deploy.FEATURES High performance Message content is parsed on demand – touch as little of the message as possible Fully asynchronous model – no limit on concurrent messages and at memory footprint Message Relay mode for ultra-low latency situations Full graphical management console Intuitive graphical sequence. another formats Enterprise ready Clustering High availability Load balancing Fault tolerance Transactions Integrated Registry/Repository with the ability to connect to external registry Cloud ready Service discovery through WS-Discovery Web console. XSLT. SQuery HTTP/S with REST/POX VFS (File/FTP/SFTP) JMS Mail TCP/UDP Adapters for vertical industry standards Hessian binary web service protocol Financial Information eXchange (FIX) Health Level 7 (HL7) . CSV. XPath. vmWare. update allowsindependent management in a shared environment Amazon AMI. remote API. iteration. undeploy. EDI. KVM images available Support fwid of data formats and standards Advanced Web Services speci cations and SOAP Full XML support – Namespaces. and aggregation Request throttling Response caching Smooks support for transforming data between XML. endpoint and proxy service designers Dashboard view of important metrics and statistics JMX management Internationalization for the console Wide array of built in mediation patterns Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) Content based routing Service virtualization Load balancing Fail-over sending Priority based dispatching Protocol Carbon Studioansport swtching Message transformation Message enrichment Message validation Logging & monitoring Message splitting.

SPECIFICATIONS OS Linux Windows Derby Oracle Standalone Tomcat Ant Eclipse Abdera AMQP Email FIX FTP Hessian HTTP/S Solaris AIX MySQL MSSQL WebLogic WebSphere Maven Carbon Studio IMAP/S JMS Non blocking HTTP/S Quartz SFTP SAP Servlet Javascript Jaxen HL7 CSV SMTP/S SOAP TCP UDP VFS XMPP WebSphere MQ Geronimo JBoss HP-UX Mac OS x Containers Flexible Deployment Topologies Event Handling Security EJB3 ESB Client/ Server Spring Peer-to-Peer Enterprise Service Network (ESN) Hub and Spoke Pipeline Database App Server Development Tools Transports Asynchronous Streaming WS-* LDAP Synchronous Transactions Kerberos Open ID SAML Web Services SOAP 1.1/SOAP 1.2 WSDL 1.1/WSDL 2.0 WS-Addressing (supports dual channel invocation) WS-Security with Apache Rampart WS-ReliableMessaging with Apache Sandesha 2 WS-Eventing with Apache Savan & WSO2 Eventing WS-Policy (supports separate policies for incoming/outgoing messages) MTOM/SwA optimizations for binary messages XML/HTTP (POX) REST formats Technical Languages Groovy Java FIX Hessian Jython (Python) JRuby JXPath JSON GZIP Data Formats .