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Review of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act In r/o Development Block - GOHAR, Distt - MANDI (h.p.

Physical and Financial achievement under MNREGA during the year 2010-11 Up to Apr.20, 2010 Name of Gram Panchayat Chachiot Killing Shilhanu Achievements SN Particulars 1 Fund availability a) Opening Balance b) Fund Received (Total) during the year 2010-11 i)- Works ii)- Contingencies c) Misc. Receipt Total Funds Expenditure 2 a) On Wages b) On material c) On Contingency Total Expenditure 3 4 5 a) b) c) 6 a) b) c) 7 a) b) c) 8 a) b) c) 9 10 11 12 Application received for registration Household registered No. of HH issued job cards (since inception) Total SC/ST Women Others HH demanded employment (during the year) Total SC/ST Women Others No. of Households provided employment (Total) SC/ST Women Others No. of man days generated Total SC/ST Women Others

Works Total No. of works taken up

Works Completed Works in Progress Sanctioned amount for works started

Gram Rozgar Sewak Circle :-


Employment Generation Report under MNREGA

Month 1 2

Part - I

Apr. 20, 2010


District -


Block - Gohar

Fin. Year6

7 8

Sr. No.

Name of Gram Panchayat

Cumulative no. of Households issued job cards (till the Upto the reporting month) previous month Other SC ST Total

No. of HH who have demanded wage employment

During the current month

Out of column 4, number of HH provided employment Upto the previous month During the current Month



No. of Out of Ttl. of col.5, Cumulative women no. of individual no of HH provided applicants provided which have employemploy- ment during completed ment out of the month. 100 days col.6

1 Chachiot 2 Killing 3 Shilhanu

Man Days Generation Report under MNREGA

Sr. No.

Part - ll

SCs STs Name of Gram House Person House Person Panchayat Holds Days Holds Days
2 3 4 5 6

House Holds

House Holds Person Days col. (3+5+7) col. (4+6+8)
9 10

Person Days

No. of days worked by women in colomn 10


No. of land reforms/ IAY beneficiary out of col 9


Disabled beneficiaries out of col. 9


1 Chachiot 2 Killing 3 Shilhanu

Gram Rozgar Sewak Circle :- Chachiot

Annexure B-12

Monthly Report under MNREGA

Financial performance under MNREGA up to the month of State Himachal Pradesh District - Mandi
Sr. no.

Part lll

Block - Gohar
Total Availability On Unskilled wages On semiskilled wages

Financial Year -


Name of Actual Op. Bal. Amount received during the current Misc st. Gram year upto the month as on 01 apr. Reciepts 2010 Panchayat

Cummulative Expendature
On Material On Contingency




1 Chachiot 2 Killing 3 Shilhanu