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Partnership of Line

Manager & HR Department

Prof. Swati Agrawal,

Jaipuria Institute of Management
Concept of Line Authority:
Line Authority
Line authority gives managers the right to issue
orders and to direct the work of others. It creates
Superior- Subordinate relationship.

Staff Authority
Staff authority gives the manager the right to
advise other manager or employees. It creates an
advisory relationship.
Questions for the session:

--- Why engage Line manager in HR

--- What HR roles line managers do?
--- How HR department is significant for
Line managers/organisation.
Learning objectives

Appreciate the partnership of Line Managers

with HR department.
HR Roles/Responsibilities of Line Manager
Human Resource Management as Business

Scenario I
HR department along with Corporate office has decided to lay off 10% of

employees. It has been decided that those employees who have C rating

in last quarter, will be considered for lay off. When the suggestive list was

communicated to one of the VP Associate, Mr. Rakesh, he really gets upset

as the name of the person, Mr. Pradeep mentioned is now responsible for

pilot test and launch of new product. During an informal conversation Mr.

Rahul, HR manager said that rating is been given by line managers and if

Pradeep is important why he have been rated C. Mr. Rakesh was of view

that its HR dept only which has made A, B C category for performance, also

he was new and joined in mid year, whereas others have to get higher

rating with their promotion due and hence Pradeep was given C


Line Manager HR Responsibility

1. Selecting the right person for the job

2. Starting new employees in the organization (orientation)
3. Training employees for jobs new to them
4. Managing Team
5. Workload Management
6. Improving the job performance of each person
7. Gaining creative cooperation and developing smooth working
8. Interpreting the firms policies and procedures
9. Controlling labor costs
10. Developing the abilities of each person
11. Creating and maintaining department morale
12. Protecting Employees Health & Ensuring Work Life Balance
Someone said: HR not exactly contribute in
business? With IT now what HR do?
Roles & Competencies of a People Manager /
Supervisor in collaboration with HR Managers

People Manager/Supervisor
Manpower Planning
HR Manager Job Design & Job Analysis with HR
Manpower Requisition
Advice and Counsel
Screening of Applicants alongwith HR
Facilitates Services Induction & Orientation
Policy formulation and Training
implementation Placement / Deployment
Appraisals & PMS
Coordination for;
Time & Attendance, Working hours, Leaves
Compensation Decisions & Fringe Benefits
Employee Grievance & Redressal
Employee Separation (EOS)
Succession Planning
HR Manager is taking more of business role
and looking for their presence in critical
decision making and in board room.
Video 1:
Video 2:
Strategic Role of Human Resource Management

The linking of HRM with strategic goals and

objectives in order to improve business
performance and develop organizational
cultures that foster innovation and flexibility.
Involves formulating and executing HR
systems, HR policies and activities that
produce the employee competencies and
behaviors that the company needs to
achieve its strategic aims.
Linking Company-Wide and HR Strategies
Creating the Strategic Human Resource
Management System

Components of a
Strategic HRM

Human Employee
Resource Behaviors and
Policies and
Professionals Competencies
Human Resource Cycle


Selection Appraisal Performance


Adapted from Fombrum et al, 1982

To conclude
HR often provide the structure, the policies
and the procedures.
Line manager execute the delivery of them

in practice i.e. Performance Management.

Most Important is BUY IN by Line managers.
HR today is Business Partner and have

strategic Role in organisation.