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Changing Landscape of Middleware

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WebSphere as a Brand is focused on :  Usability (or Consumability)  Total cost of ownership (What is this?)  Serviceability  Scalability ( and Performance?)  Adaptability (new technologies and standard)  Questions? ± How does performance impact TCO? ± What is FeP? ± What is difference between Scalability and Performance? © 2011 IBM Corporation .

which indicates its ability to either handle growing amounts of work in a graceful manner or to be readily enlarged. a network.Scalability  scalability is a desirable property of a system. (Wikipedia) ± For example.  Scale up vs Scale Out © 2011 IBM Corporation . or a process. it can refer to the capability of a system to increase total throughput under an increased load when resources (typically hardware) are added.

± For example.Scalability Vs. an application program would be scalable if it could be moved from a smaller to a larger system and take full advantage of the larger system in terms of performance (user response time/Throughput) ± Larger number of users that could be handled. but to actually take full advantage of it.  Performance ±Response Times (Fast!) ±Throughput (Increased!)  Achieved Scaling up/Scaling Out  Not most cost efficient  Advanced Tuning?  Scaling the hardware does not work in all cases © 2011 IBM Corporation . Performance  Scalability ± It is the ability not only to function well in the rescaled situation.

2 EJB 1. CMP MDB ‡Servlet 2.3 Events Filters ‡JSP XML ‡JAXP ‡Connectors ‡JAAS ‡EJB 2.A Brief History of Enterprise Java ± How does this Change? ?? Spring Hibernate SDO Portlets SCA 2009 BPEL 2003 Java EE 5 ‡EJB 3 POJO components POJO persistence ‡Web Services POJO components protocol independence JAXB StAX ‡JSF ‡JSP common EL ‡Annotations IoC 2001 2000 1998 J2EE 1.3 ‡EJB local EJBs abs.1 ‡EJB ‡Servlet ‡JSP ‡JMS ‡JavaMail J2EE 1.0 Servlet 2.1 timers pluggable JMS ‡Web Services Basic SOAP/HTTP Registry ‡JMX Mgmt ‡J2EE Deployment ‡JACC New Standards New Technologies New Enablers! © 2011 IBM Corporation .4 J2EE 1.

Russia etc)  Globalization!! ± Single market for everything ± Everything is linked Solution : Cloud Computing? © 2011 IBM Corporation . Brazil.  Emerging Channels of commerce ± New breed of personal devices ± Speed of commerce ± Low tolerance for µslow¶ experience  Proliferation of µsmart¶ phones ± Do everything but make phone calls (?) ± Exponential growth of these phones ( 35% of US population as an example) ± Emerging markets ( India.Drivers So what is changing the Landscape?  New business models and paradigms  Social network! Obviously? ± Everyone wants to be on Facebook/linkedin etc ± Every solution is compared to scalability and availability like social networks ± Capitalize on µperceived¶ new markets on social network. China.

etc)  Virtualization ± HW (e.TPM.What are these landscape changes driving? Elasticity  Rapid provisioning (e.g.g. © 2011 IBM Corporation . WVE) Scalability  eXtreme Caching ± improving speed and scalability  Data/cache partitioning and co-location Data awareness and real time processing  Sense and response or even driven architectures (Fraud/Marketing/BI)  Reduced processing ± or off loading to a efficient tier  Moving data closest to application (relevant logic) Achieve Elasticity and Scalability ± Application Infrastructure (WebSphere enabled middleware) Data awareness and real time processing ± require new architectures and design.g. VMware/PowerVM) and Middleware (e.g. BladeLogic)  Configuration Automation (e. RAFW. CloudBurst Appliance.

1 PowerVM cloud Patterns z/VM Cloud VMware cloud Virtualization alone is NOT Cloud! © 2011 IBM Corporation .4 and 6. and Power7 systems ± IBM z/VM ‡ Manage versions heterogeneous infrastructure . 5.0. 3. and 4 (vSphere) ‡ Manage individual hosts or interact with VMware vCenter ± IBM PowerVM ‡ Manage Power5. Power6.2. 3.5.Virtualization  Deploy to a variety of hypervisors using a single appliance ± VMware ESX ‡ Manage versions 3.

Choose hypervisor(s) Create virtual machines Inject IP addresses Start VMs and WAS Run scripts Custom Node IHS DMgr DMgr Custom Node Custom Node IHS Custom Node Pattern © 2011 IBM Corporation . 3. 2.An automated deployment process ± Rapid Provisioning 1. 4. 5.

Scalable tiers ± Caching at many tiers! DMZ Trusted Domain Elastic Data Grid Internet Web Server Tier App Server Tier DB Tier 1 Akamai Application Acceleration EdgePlatform DataPower-AO in DMZ as Application Front-End DataPower XC10 for simple data oriented scenarios: y HTTP Session Replication y Elastic Dynacache y Web Side Cache XC10 XI50 w/ AO option 2 eXtreme Scale for maximum flexibility covering data and application oriented scenarios WAS/ND/VE © 2011 IBM Corporation Consumer Web Services .

Backup © 2011 IBM Corporation .

1 2 First. what¶s a cache? A database cache? A page fragment cache? A service Cache? TOO SPECIFIC! ‡ A cache is a tool for reducing application path length ‡ OR the distance data has to travel before it gets to the customer/ data sink Akamai Web Channel Mobile Channel Data Logic Service OR Map DB 12 © 2011 IBM Corporation .

1 WebSphere Administrator Deployment Manager Custom Node IBM HTTP Server Custom Node User provided Script packages Custom Patterns Components and activities outside the WebSphere CloudBurst appliance WebSphere Client Cloud © 2011 IBM Corporation .0 IBM HTTP OVF Images Preloaded Patterns Deployment IBM HTTP Manager Deployment Server IBM HTTP Manager Deployment Server IBM HTTP Custom Manager Custom Server Node Node Custom Custom Node Node Custom Custom Node Node User-configured V6.Web UI CLI Bringing it all together Catalog Patterns Virtual Systems Resources REST APIs Job Manager Deployment Manager Deployment Manager Admin Agent Application Server Deployment Manager Custom Node Custom Node Define Cloud Monitor and Resources access Virtual machines in Cloud Application Custom Server IBM HTTP Node Server Custom Node Server V7.

Datacenter Integration Datacenter Management Tivoli Service Automation Manager WebSphere Environment Setup General purpose provisioning WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance Application deployment App build & deployment © 2011 IBM Corporation .

Anatomy of Cloud Computing © 2011 IBM Corporation .