Commercialization. 9. 4. The very first display in the LCD screen. Idea Generation.CONTENT 1. Our cost. 10. . Touch screen specification. Benefits. Concept Development. Related with product. 3. Hotel room pic with LCD moniotor. 7. 12. 6. 11. 5. LCD pic. 2. Product pricing. 8. Idea Screening.


Idea generation  Changing human trends Expansion in the high class hotel industry Future expansion to more segments Booming hospitality industry    .

Idea screening      Initial investment Technically feasible to manufacture First mover advantage Profitable Good opportunities for sales in hotel industry .

The component is a capacitive touch screen controller and allows for soft-touch and multi-touch functionality.Concept Development  The tech is based on the Samsung Touch Embedded DDI technology. The product has the best durability with -lower power consumption -superior cost competitiveness   .

gloved hand. Server(A normal computer can be used) is to be located with high end configuration . and Right-Click. Allows you to perform the following mouse functions: Left-Click.        Related with product 14" and 15" TFT monitors with touch screen (Fits standard displays with 4:3 aspect ratio. NOT widescreen 16:9 displays) Mounts externally for easy setup Works with all mouse-driven software using software driver mouse emulation Works alone keyboard and mouse Works with finger. Drag-and-Drop. Double-Click.

grease.Touch screen Specifications Touch Type: Screen Size: Cable Interface: Touch Resolution: Response Time: Activation Force: Positional Accuracy: Light Transmission: Scratch Resistance: Temperature: Humidity: Chemical Resistance: 4-Wire Resistive 15" Diagonal USB Port 4096 x 4096 10 ms. maximum 50-120 grams per square centimeter 3mm maximum error 80% nominal 3H pencil hardness Operating: -10°C to 70°C Storage: -30°C to 85°C Pass 40 degrees C. acetone. 95% RH for 96 hours. and general household detergent . Alcohol.


Benefits      No need to reprint static menu Reduction in manpower and cost Conference for business people Entertainment for kids Reduction in time of ordering. billing .


Commercialization     Hotels which are four star and above Expanding in the higher end classes and later to lower segments Targeting hotel industry in the preliminary/initial stages Catering to the Business to Business market .

Our cost      For touch screen specifications the cost is Rs 6900($150) Mac OS X operating system used on SCREEN and it cost around Rs 1380 ($30) Assembling & installation cost Rs 3000 ($68) Total cost of the product Rs 11280 The cost of the master computer is Rs 16280 ($400) .

Product pricing     Each table system will cost Rs 19600 Installation charges per system will be approximately Rs 2300 ($50) Free service for first year Annual maintenance contract per system Rs 2000($ 44) .

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