Newsweek6 min readPolitics
Former Trump Adviser Roger Stone Is Preparing for War
“If there is an illegal attempt to remove the president,” he says, “you’re going to have a civil war in this country.”
Newsweek4 min read
'Luke Cage': A Bulletproof Version of 'Lemonade'
The Netflix series Luke Cage debuted in 2016 with some timely symbolism: Its lead, the first African-American Marvel superhero to headline a TV show, wore a hoodie punctured with bullet holes, invoking the fatal wounds of Trayvon Martin. A series ma
Newsweek2 min read
Seif Kousmate's Photos of Slavery in Mauritania
When Seif Kousmate, a photographer based in Morocco, set out to capture the everyday lives of the country’s Haratin people, Mauritanian authorities arrested, jailed and interrogated him.
Newsweek6 min read
Nawal El Saadawi on Religion, Revolution and Rage
“I do not divide people because of their genital organs,” said the 86-year-old feminist icon.
Newsweek21 min readSociety
An FBI Informant Risked Death to Bring MS-13 to Justice
MS-13 bedeviled U.S. law enforcement for decades. Then, as the bodies piled up, an inside man helped the feds infiltrate the world’s most brutal gang.
Newsweek8 min read
Christopher Plummer Is Just Getting Started
He couldn't wait to become a character actor, leaving 'The Sound of Music' far behind. "So boring, being a leading actor," says the now 88-year-old Academy Award winner.
Newsweek5 min read
'Daily Show' Creator Lizz Winstead Takes on Lady Parts
After pioneering the cable news parody show and launching the career of Rachel Maddow, the comedian is turning her focus to reproductive rights.
Newsweek17 min readPolitics
What Is Felix Sater's Role in Russiagate?
In the two years since the Trump-Russia scandal exploded into the headlines, few have been the subject of more curiosity and speculation than Felix Sater.
Newsweek12 min readPolitics
Will Putin’s World Cup Gamble Pay Off for Russia?
Russia is hoping the World Cup will improve its international image, which may be a challenge considering the Kremlin has been accused of war crimes in Syria and Ukraine, spy poisonings in Britain and election meddling in the U.S. and other Western c
Newsweek5 min readCelebrity Biography & Memoir
Bill Hader Deserves An Emmy
The 'SNL' alum delivered the most revelatory TV performance of the year, playing a contract killer on HBO's dark comedy "Barry." Now he’s ready to be terrorized by a clown.
Newsweek7 min readSociety
White Supremacist Podcasts Spawn New Hate Groups
White nationalists are finding a last refuge in podcasting. And Mike Peinovich has the hottest mic.
Newsweek5 min readPolitics
Child Soldiers in Central African Republic on the Rise
Militias are bolstering their ranks with more kids, as a United Nations–led task force struggles to help thousands of former child soldiers reintegrate into society.
Newsweek2 min read
Is Fasting an Effective Treatment for Diabetes?
Weight gain may be driven not only by what we eat but also by our tendency to eat all day long. In the past few years, intermittent fasting has emerged as a popular trend in weight loss. A growing number of health professionals are also prescribing f
Newsweek6 min readPop Culture
What 'The Truman Show' Got Right, 20 Years Later
Director Peter Weir reflects on the 20th anniversary of 'The Truman Show,' a film so disturbingly ahead of its time it has spawned its own delusion.
Newsweek7 min readArts & Languages
Art as Ammo
The artist Robert Longo’s “Death Star” will debut at Art Basel in June, with a percentage of the sale going to the nonprofit Everytown for Gun Safety.
Newsweek2 min read
Drug Overdoses Lead to Increase in Organ Donors
Researchers who noticed an increase in the number of organs available traced the change back to a disconcerting source.
Newsweek10 min readPop Culture
The Remarkable Story of Liz Phair's 'Girly-Sound' Tapes
The true stories behind the legendary 1991 recordings that led to her Gen-X classic "Exile in Guyville."
Newsweek3 min read
What It Was Like to Report on RFK's Assassination
Peter Goldman was at home in New York, watching the results roll in from the California presidential primary. It was early in the morning of June 5, 1968, and for a fleeting instant, Robert F. Kennedy seemed poised to capture the Democratic nominatio
Newsweek3 min read
What It Was Like to Report on RFK's Assassination
Peter Goldman was at home in New York, watching the results roll in from the California presidential primary. It was early in the morning of June 5, 1968, and for a fleeting instant, Robert F. Kennedy seemed poised to capture the Democratic nominatio
Newsweek7 min readBiography & Memoir
The 50th Anniversary of RFK's Assassination
The presidential candidate's murder on June 5, 1968, felt like the end of hope—which sounds acutely familiar to many Americans today.
Newsweek12 min read
Aung San Suu Kyi's Human Rights Record Gone Bad
Suu Kyi won the Nobel Peace Prize for her commitment to nonviolent struggle, democracy and human rights. But her critics now say she sacrificed the stateless Rohingyas, backslided on press freedom and failed to forge a peace with militant groups.
Newsweek5 min read
Rival Insults Erdogan, Runs for President—From Jail
Holding a political figure for making disparaging remarks, Selahattin Demirtaş says, is evidence of how Erdogan has replaced democracy with a repressive one-party state.
Newsweek6 min readPolitics
Former CIA Directors Slam Trump’s Conspiracy Theories
The president's attacks on the U.S. intelligence community have cast CIA and FBI leaders into the unprecedented role of public “truth tellers.”
Newsweek4 min readPolitics
U.S. Gives Putin 'Unexpected' Gift With Oil Price Surge
Russia is the world’s biggest energy exporter, but for the past four years, sagging oil prices have severely hurt its economy. Trump’s actions could reverse that.
Newsweek4 min readPop Culture
Women Take Back Their Lives in AMC's 'Dietland'
Women go to violent extremes to take control of their lives in AMC's adaptation of Sarai Walker's best-seller.
Newsweek4 min readEntertainment
How Tina Fey and Robert Carlock Made #MeToo Funny
The first episode of the fourth season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt finds our Kimmy—a wide-eyed, confoundingly optimistic former kidnap victim played by Ellie Kemper—firing an employee. She has a new job, as HR director at a startup company, Giztoob
Newsweek13 min readPolitics
Why Democrats Can't Win 2018 Without Bernie
The American public is warming to Bernie Sanders's brand of democratic socialism. So why do his candidates keep losing?
Newsweek11 min readArts & Languages
50 Books to Read This Summer
It’s June, almost halfway through the year, and what have you read—other than several thousand tweets? If you’re like most people, not much, what with work, child care, mindless TV bingeing, plunging down Instagram rabbit holes, stressing about curre
Newsweek8 min readPolitics
Russia Is Rounding Up Jehovah's Witnesses—Who's Next?
The Kremlin has closed Jehovah’s Witnesses prayer halls and banned the group’s translation of the Bible as part of a campaign against minority religions.
Newsweek4 min readPolitics
Will Women Bring Trump—Like Berlusconi— Down?
Silvio Berlusconi abused, insulted and exploited several women, who ultimately brought him down. Could the same happen to Donald Trump?
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