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University Of Birmingham Leases HST As R&D Test Bed
PORTERBROOK has leased an HST set to the University of Birmingham for research and development works into a variety of railway applications. The former GWR set is one of a number stored at Long Marston, and will now be used to test and develop a ra
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THE writing was on the wall years before the tragedy at Ladbroke Grove At the public inquiry following the accident, key individuals demonstrated their integrity and the railway tradition of ensuring the safety of all In a letter dated February 9,
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AS THE InterCity 125 fleet gradually loses its place as the UK’s flagship long-distance train, interest in these iconic trains grows ever greater. A sign of the esteem in which they are now held is the publication of this new Haynes Workshop Manual
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Rocket Begins 10-year Tenure At National Railway Museum
ROBERT Stephenson’s original Rocket has begun a 10-year residency at the National Railway Museum in York as part of a new exhibition entitled Brass, Steel and Fire. The 1829 Rainhill Trials winner made the journey from the Museum of Science & Indus
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Historic Signal Cabin Closed
A SIGNAL cabin in use at London Underground’s (LU) Edgware Road station since 1926 closed for good on August 31 when it was replaced by a new signalling system. An extension to the Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) signalling, which is bein
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Refurbished Class 442s sidelined
SOUTH Western Railway (SWR) has temporarily withdrawn its refurbished Class 442 units because of a signal interference issue. The first two of 18 sets to go through a £45million upgrade programme were re-introduced in June, but SWR has now taken th
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English 4-4-4 Tank Locomotives
THE 4-4-4 wheel arrangement is not one which has found particular favour in British locomotive practice. A note from E C B Ashford recalls that only four British railways, prior to Grouping, built 4-4-4 tank engines; they were the Wirral, Midland & S
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Locomotive Firing with Turf
SOME of the trials of firing a locomotive with turf are referred to in a letter from Capt E N Cooke, who recently rode on the footplate of one of the 4-6-0 tank engines built by Barclay in 1902 for the Londonderry & Lough Swilly Railway. Of this syst
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Time For Britain To Get Serious About Tackling Emissions
WHEN the French opened the LGV Est high-speed line in 2007, it led to a substantial cut in flights between Paris and Strasbourg. Next year, KLM will replace a Brussels to Amsterdam flight with a high-speed train. It could lead to other short journeys
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New Hybrid Locos For Snowdon Mountain Line
SNOWDON Mountain Railway (SMR) has named Clayton Equipment Limited, specialists in bespoke hybrid battery-diesel locomotives, as preferred supplier of replacements for its Hunslet 0-4-0DH locomotives. Two new locos will be supplied next spring to e
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Lord Cullen’s Recommendations
ON OCTOBER 8, 1999, the Health & Safety Commission, with the consent of the Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, appointed Lord Cullen to chair the Ladbroke Grove Rail Inquiry Previously, Cullen had chaired inquiries into the Piper Alpha oil rig expl
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Ryde Rail:a History Of Tube Trains On The Isle Of Wight
ONE of the quirkiest and most interesting parts of the UK rail network is the line from Shanklin to Ryde Pier Head on the Isle of Wight. Since 1967, the line has been operated using second-hand London Transport Tube trains, and this new book provid
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Clan Line Makes A Surprise Appearance On Bluebell Railway Service Train – For One Day Only
BULLEID‘Merchant Navy’Pacific No. 35028 Clan Line made a surprise appearance on Bluebell railway services on August 27 during a break from its busy main line schedule. The locomotive arrived at Sheffield Park two days previously in order to use the
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Hitachi Ruled Out Of Tyne & Wear Bid?
HITACHI is no longer in the running to build the next generation of trains for the Tyne and Wear Metro, according to reports in various national media, including the BBC. However, Hitachi has offered no comment, while Nexus, which runs the Metro, s
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Slipping And Sliding
The Railway Magazine’s chief correspondent ‘gets to grips’ with the reasons behind one of the railways' most controversial and irksome problems WHILE many people will connect ‘adhesion’ with glues of one sort or another, the Concise Oxford Dictiona
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0-4-4 tank Hauls Coronation
AN odd sequence of locomotive failures, on a day early in January 1939, caused the down ‘Coronation’ of the LNER to be hauled over two successive portions of its journey by No. 10000, the famous 4-6-4 of Class W1 and an ex-North Eastern 0-4-4 tank, N
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No Greater Anglia ‘Aventras’ before 2020
GREATER Anglia (GA) has confirmed it will not be able to introduce its Class 720 ‘Aventra’ EMUs before the end of 2019. Production and testing of the new trains is running significantly behind schedule after Bombardier experienced delays with the i
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MANY local rail users are becoming frustrated with a lack of trains at Kenilworth on the Coventry to Leamington Spa route as a result of crew shortages or infrastructure problems. The situation is not being helped by haphazard local bus replacement
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Working at Wortley - 1952
DUSK used to fall early on February afternoons in the northern industrial cities of the 1950s. In Leeds, fog on the River Aire mixed with the output from mill and factory chimneys to form thick smog. Peering through the murk from the signalbox window
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‘G5’ Construction Making Steady Progress In Shildon
THE day when a North Eastern Railway Worsdell ‘O’ class 0-4-4T (LNER ‘G5’) steams again in the North East of England is edging closer as the Class G5 Locomotive Company (G5LC) continues to make progress on a new-build re-creation of No. 1759 at its S
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The Furness Section Of The LMSR
MORE than 20 years have passed since any extended reference has been made in The Railway Magazine to the one-time Furness Railway. The comparatively isolated position of the line has made it somewhat unfamiliar even to the railway student. A through
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Filming The Titfield Thunderbolt
FILM producers always have been enthusiastic about railways. From the days of the early ‘flickers’ of 1897, when Lumiére put on the screen the first motion picture of a train – Arrival of Train at Station (filmed in Paris) – audiences have endorsed t
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