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Perfect In The Pool, Brilliant At The Beach
A successful swimsuit depends on a combination of factors which need careful consideration before you take on the task. As swimsuits nearly always fit the body closely, choose patterns that do the same. The chosen fabric must have a suitable amount o
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Know Your Knickers
It can be a sensitive topic, I know! Some briefs make you yearn for the end of the day just so you can whip them off and slip into your comfy PJs. Others ensure your need for archaeological retrieval several times throughout your day, with your only
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It’s a Wrap!
A wrap is a really handy little item to have in your wardrobe for the summer months - great to put on after a shower, getting out of the pool or just hanging around the house. But ... And there is a but ... because you can never get one when you wan
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By Laura Beth Love Everything old is new again. Combine pieces of the past with today’s jewellery-making techniques and your own unique touches as you create 25 stylish, ready-to-wear projects. In Boho Chic Jewelry, remnants of treasured keepsakes or
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Sewing In To The 21st Century
Let's face it, the world of sewing really has changed. The mechanics of sewing remain the same, but the options to talk, learn and enjoy sewing have expanded faster than a bias-cut hem! There are now sewing bloggers writing tutorials, sewing vloggers
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Who Rescued Whom?
In every sewer’s life there are times when she slows down, or stops sewing. There can be many reasons for this. Machine issues can be one. ‘Old faithful’ might be off in the shop while someone works on her ‘timing’ or even worse, her tension. These a
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You’ve seen them all spring … they seem to be everywhere! But are all those strong, graphic prints REALLY workable? We say yes! … and in so many ways, no matter what your shape. The strong, geometric nature of this summer's best prints actually works
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PLUS-SIZED Clothing Alterations
Manufacturers seem to think that just because you have a large bust, you must have wide shoulders, long arms, and be 6ft tall. Unfortunately this isn’t the case with most plus-size women and here lies a continual fitting challenge for this figure typ
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Construction Elements – Patch Pockets
This series of articles focuses on various areas of garment construction, offering different methods from those detailed in the pattern guide sheet. The ability to personalise garments is one of the great benefits of being able to sew. Adding in-seam
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Sewing Buddies
Each woman started off putting $50 a month into a ‘kitty’ bank account. After a short time they decided that they could buy an overlocker between them. After looking around and doing a deal with Baby Lock they found they had enough money for one over
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A Balancing Act – the Hourglass Figure
Before we begin dissecting the hourglass figure. You can analyse your body by using the measuring techniques and diagrams described below. While in your underwear, measure in inches across the width of your shoulders, waist and hipline (or thighs if
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Christmas – Sparkle
Understated sparkle – a bit of an oxymoron – but while this collection does have shine and sparkle, it’s subtle! Dusted pastels, ivory and old gold, white gold, yellow gold and platinum combine to give you a palette that will make you shine at all th
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Love that DRESS!
One thing we noticed when previewing all the styles from the pattern companies for summer was the proliferation of dresses on offer, but it wasn’t a surprise. After all, nothing says ‘summer’ quite like a fresh, breezy dress … and nothing could be ea
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Bill Blass
Sometime back in the 1990s several top American fashion designers and other assorted industry types gathered in New York to discuss the possibility of collaborating on a group runway show. When the question of what type of fashion should be emphasise
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Finding the Perfect Bra
I know you are probably all having a chuckle right now as finding the perfect bra is like finding the City of Atlantis – we all know it should exist but none of us can find it! Read on as Dearne Natoli from Booby Traps has some great tips on getting
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Make a New Dress Pattern
Making something new is exciting but usually fraught with anxiety because there is always that fitting problem that pops up. You know the one; the problem that is so big in your head that it takes over your whole sewing life and you avoid many a sewi
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Who Is That Person In The Mirror
For many reasons we often get to a point where we lose ourselves in the rut of life. The questions we start asking ourselves are: Who am I? What do I do? Where do I start? What do I need? How can I achieve it? These are all very difficult questions i
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Why Use Sewing Pattern Software? Part 2
Once you have completed the fitting garments, how do you translate what you learned into making fashion garments you will love? PatternMaster has dozens of style options and over 100 design and fit settings so it can be quite overwhelming to know whe
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Sail Away – Part 2
You will find nothing here technically out of the ordinary. Most of these simple-cut garments will go with several others so I get a different look each time. After all, I am not travelling in a way where I am constantly meeting new people, as most o
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Spring’s hit list SPRING 2014 FASHION OVERVIEW
By Eddi Frantz It’s spring! A season of fresh starts…so there’s no better time to refresh your wardrobe. Here are five of the season’s best items that will do just that. What’s spring without a dress? It’s as essential to the season as flowers which
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A Pocket-less Shirt? Create A Pocket Using The Same Fabric
By Judith Turner The first step is to create a pattern for your pocket. The finished pocket size for a large shirt pocket is approximately 13cm x 15.5cm (5 1/8 x 6 1/8in) and a medium size shirt 12cm x 13cm (4¾ x 5 1/8in). In the middle of a piece of
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Swing into SPRING
By Kerryn Swan for Kerryn’s Fabric World Spring has sprung and the weather is warming up, but there’s still a chill in the air. Layering is the best way of dressing to suit the temperature changes of any day. Kerryn has made the perfect lightweight
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The Mature Rectangle
Compiled by Lynn Cook Do not let the middle years influence how you see yourself. If it is the mature rectangle for you, frame your face, elongate the figure and enhance your curves subtly to create a well-balanced fashion statement. Remember to stre
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Paisley & Spots
– Sckafs Fabrics There is something crisp and clean about navy, white and cream mixed together. It’s even better when it harks back a few decades to the time of spots and paisley designs. Trendy, elegant and so, so smart! Wear as a gorgeous dress or
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Taking the Guesswork Out of Fitting a Commercial Pattern
By Glenda Sparling – Sure-Fit Designs™ Is there an easy way to get a commercial pattern to fit your unique shape? You choose the latest style in a commercial pattern. You read the back of the pattern envelope and choose the size that seems to be mos
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Roadtest — Butterick B5954
By Wendy Gager for Knitwit Wendy and her team love having fun with the new fabrics that are constantly arriving at their shop, so much so that they can’t wait to try them out with either new or tried-and-tested patterns. And, they call this work! Wo
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Little Black Dress with a Twist
Nothing completes a woman’s wardrobe like a Little Black Dress (LBD). Runways, movies and red carpets are filled with them, with the ABC (amazing, bizarre and classic) of fashion often represented at an event. With literally hundreds of rolls of qual
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By Stephanie Corfee In addition to a 40-page project book packed with more than 20 inspiring prompts and projects, this kit comes with a selection of colourful art tools designed to help anyone turn their doodles into impressive works of art! Creativ
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You Can Do This!!!
By Barbara Emodi “I am wondering if I should give up sewing? Lately nothing fits and I am fed up.” Today I read a question posted in one of the sewing discussion groups I visit that really struck me. As you can imagine the response comments were i
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