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Scribd is your personal digital library, where you have unlimited access to the world’s largest collection of e-books and written works. Our premium subscription service offers over 500,000 books from over 900 publishers, including New York Times bestsellers, literary classics, groundbreaking non-fiction, and reader favorites in every genre. We also have millions of user-uploaded written works, from landmark court filings to academic papers from scholars around the world.
Scribd is compatible with all your devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, and any web browser. Books are synced automatically, so you never have to search for where you left off reading. And Scribd allows you to download books to read anywhere - even offline.

A new world for readers

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Fall in love with new books with our editorial collections and personalized recommendations engine.

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Scribd allows you to start reading instantly -- no waiting list, no shipping time, no check-out lines -- on any device and offline.

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Curate your Scribd library just as you would your bookshelves: save your favorites, create collections, and bookmark titles you want to read later.

A new world for authors

80 million new readers

Scribd offers authors exposure to an established audience of 80 million monthly readers around the globe. We help authors and publishers reach more readers.

New model, traditional revenue

While Scribd subscribers enjoy unlimited books for a flat monthly fee, we pay publishers when a book is read as if the subscriber had bought it in a retail e-book store. Authors are paid according to their agreements with their publisher.

Copyright Protection

While we encourage our community of users to share their written works using our platform, we do not tolerate copyright infringement. Our team responds swiftly to reports of infringements.

Awards and nominations

  • Trip Adler was named “30 Under 30” in the Media category by Forbes
  • Top 10 most innovative companies by Fast Company
  • Trip Adler was named Best Young Tech Entrepreneur by BusinessWeek
  • Scribd was a Best Social Media Finalist for San Francisco Business Times’ 2010 Tech and Innovation Entrepreneur Awards
  • The World Economic Forum announced the company as a Technology Pioneer for 2011
  • Time named Scribd one of the “10 Start-Ups that Will Change Your Life”