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Technology 4

Technology 4

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Published by lolagarayala

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Published by: lolagarayala on Sep 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lesson Plan - Technology VI Primary
The lesson took place on 10
January 2012. It was connected with the 3R ideas of “Doing Our Bit”project – reduce and reuse different materials to make smaller the amount of rubbish that we throwaway every day. Pupils were encouraged to create something from nothing.
: Using the waste materials to create “The vehicles of the future”
Main educational objectives:
showing the idea of rubbish segregation and encouraging pupils to think aboutrubbish problem during shopping
making pupils aware of the danger that comes from the constantly encreasingamount of rubbish
making pupils aware that not everything they throw away should be in thegarbage bins.
introducing to pupils the containers’ marks, signs and products from plastic
explaining the meaning of words: biodegradation, reprocessing, reusing,recycling, rubbish liquidation
using waste materials to prepare “vehicles of the future”
: lecture, practical exercises, demonstration
: different waste materials: cartons, plastic bottles, youghurt tabs, cans,boards with slogans: “Less rubbish – better condition of the Earth”, “Look for a benefitin recycling”, scissors, sticky tape, glue.
Lesson stages
Preparing to the lesson, welcoming, giving and explaining the aim and theactivities of the lesson
Pupils answer following questions:
What the rubbish is?
Can a town exist without having a rubbish dump?
Where would you situate the rubbish dump, taking into account your place of living?
What rubbish do we throw away and should all the rubbish be put into therubbish bins?
What do we do and what should we do to make smaller the amount of rubbish?
Pupils draw out conclusions:
there is a need of rubbish segregation
there is a need of reusing different materials
there is a need of recycling different materials

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