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Who is Paying for the Student Revolutionary Movement - John Birch Society

Who is Paying for the Student Revolutionary Movement - John Birch Society

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Published by Andeman

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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: Andeman on Sep 07, 2012
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Who is Paying for the Student Revolutionary Movement
| Print |Written by Gary Allen | July 29 2010
This week (week of July 26, 2010)Glenn Beck is featuring on his TV Show the radical manifesto from June  1969, "You Don't Need A Weatherman To Know Which Way The Wind Blows." Here is an article from 
American Opinion
, The John Birch Society's magazine from 1959 to 1985, "Who is Paying for the Student Revolutionary Movement" by Gary Allen, published in the November 1970 issue. This article is must reading for those following Beck's revelations about the Weathermen this week. It shows just how much financial support for the student radicals in the 1960s and 70s came from the American establishment, and how the revolutionary strategy then as now was "pressure from above, pressure from below." 
The student revolutionary movement has now escalated to a level of warfare that America can no longer afford to ignore. Followingthe accidental explosion which atomized three would-be saboteurs and leveled a townhouse in Greenwich Village being used as anunderground bomb factory, and after the deliberate dynamiting of the Math Research Center at the University of Wisconsin, eventhe Establishment "slicks" could no longer look the other way.
may be a Weekly Reader for adults committed to beingill-informed, but it at last reported the truth: "In a 15-month period ending last April, there were 4,330 bombings across the U.S. Theykilled at least 40 persons and injured 384."What has happened is that the New Left has been divided into two elements: (1) the "respectable" groups which continue to recruiton campus, working for university "reform" and demonstrating (both violently and non-violently) for the Vietcong; and (2) theguerrillas who have gone underground to carry out sabotage, warfare against the police, bank robberies, and kidnappings. As youknow, we have for several years predicted precisely these developments.One of the best sources of information on the sort of people who join such New Left operations — and on the part played in themby the Communist Party — is twenty-two-year-old Jerry Kirk. Five years ago, while a student at the University of Chicago, Kirkbegan joining radical organizations to provide information for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. During his career as anundercover operative, Jerry Kirk joined and became nationally active in S.D.S., the W.E.B. DuBois Clubs, and the Communist Party,U.S.A. After years of undercover activity he was recently surfaced and brought to Washington to testify as an expert witness beforethe Subversive Activities Control Board, the House Internal Security Committee, and the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee.Young Kirk revealed that shortly after he was recruited as a student into the Communist Party he was sent to a training camp inupstate New York known as Camp Unity. There, in the company of one hundred other young Organizers for the Communist Party,Jerry Kirk was put through an intensive training program under the direction of Communist professors Bettina Aptheker, DannyRubin, Gil Green, Carl Winter, and Franklin Alexander.
Kirk was directed to keep his Communist Party membership secret fromother members of the S.D.S. and the DuBois Clubs. As he explains:My superiors in the Communist Party assigned me to work in the S.D.S. and the DuBois Clubs. My task was to help bringothers to what they called a Marxist-Leninist position. They wanted me to help assure that those organizations continued todo what Moscow and the North Vietnamese wanted them to do. I was told, in no uncertain terms, that if I had to lie and tellduped students that I wasn't a member of the Party, and that I hated the Party and thought it "middle class" and no longerrevolutionary, I was to do that. Anything to get the job done.The fact is that many of the young revolutionaries now active are leery of the Communist Party. They profess Marxism, but knowvery well that the Party represents just the sort of giant bureaucracy which they believe themselves to be fighting. The textbookwhich Jerry Kirk studied while undergoing training as a student Organizer for the Communist Party laid it out straight:The conquest of power by the working class basically changes the position of its leader, the Marxist-Leninist Party. Beforethe revolution that Party is the leader of a class fighting for power. After the revolution that Party is the Party of the rulingclass.Kirk explains that "the revolutionary kids have been fed the crusty old bait that after the revolution there will be a classless societywith no rulers. But my Moscow-printed textbook says that the
Communist Party 
will be the new ruling class." Jerry Kirk continues,quoting the Party textbook:Experience has shown that after the revolution the role of the Marxist Party as leader of the people not only does notdecrease, but on the contrary becomes immeasurably greater. It now becomes responsible for everything that goes on insociety, for the policy of the state and the dictatorship of the proletariat.
Who is Paying for the Student Revolutionary Movement - John Birch So...http://www.jbs.org/index.php?view=article&catid=1009:jbs-comment...1 z 122012-09-07 08:25
"You see why the C.P. does not want its young revolutionaries to be aware of the extent of Communist Party direction of themovement," Kirk adds. "Yet, cadre Communists thoroughly dominate and manipulate the New Left from inside. The members ofS.D.S. are going to be mere cannon fodder; they are to be sacrificed in the streets in order to provide the excuse for theestablishment of dictatorship in this country."Many of the big names in the New Left — people like Rennie Davis, Bernardine Dohrn, and Tom Hayden — are supposed to beindependent radicals. Yet undercover Communist Jerry Kirk reports that they maintain very close contact with the Communist Party.The widespread notion that the radical groups have no coordinated leadership, Jerry explains, is simply not the truth: "Leadership isprovided for the New Left by the Communist Party; moral and financial support is provided by the Establishment's tax-freefoundations, wealthy Establishment radicals, and by agencies of the U.S. Government." The Establishment gets
what it paysfor. Kirk comments on the myth of spontaneity:Having been trained by the Communists to organize demonstrations, I can testify that not one in a hundred is spontaneous.They may be spontaneous for those participants who know nothing of all the planning behind the scene, but the organizerswho have done the hard planning know what they are doing and get what they want.The Communists attempt to recruit into the Party only the
crème de la crème 
. Before a young radical is asked to join, he must firstbe cleared by a Party chieftain. Prospective members are cultivated for a long time before being brought into the Party. Jerry Kirkwas personally recruited by top Communist youth leaders Ted Pearson and Mike Zagarell.Kirk notes of its recruiting system that the Party "is looking for dedicated people who will accept discipline and obey orders." Manyyoung radicals are too freaked out to accept the required discipline, and while the Party regards them as "useful," they are notoffered membership. "If the real revolution does come," Kirk continues, "they will be the first to go." Regularly challenged by campusrevolutionaries, he says he no longer cares whether such young radicals believe him. Their arrogance, he observes, "has madethem stupid, and if they continue to escalate their contrived revolution a good percentage of them may be dead by 1973. That'swhat this business is all about. These kids are the cannon fodder. They are being programmed to justify by violence a majorcrackdown on American liberties by the
running the Establishment."We quizzed Jerry Kirk about the attitude of the Communist Party toward the continuing bombings. "At the training camp," he replied,"we were told that the bombings were coming, but that the time for open Party involvement was not ripe. They did not put downbombings at all, they actually encouraged this development. But they don't want to waste their sophisticated Party cadre in streetfights with the police — that's what their radical cannon fodder is for — so we were told to stay away from the violent stuff untilgiven the word. Yet, from my personal knowledge, I know the Communist
has powerful contacts within the WeathermanFaction of S.D.S. and may actually control it at the working level."What are the young people like who are drawn into this revolutionary whirlpool? Jerry Kirk told us of his personal experience:Some people I knew in S.D.S wanted me to go on a couple of demonstrations — one of which was against HubertHumphrey, of all people. I was both curious and suspicious. Here were young people from wealthy families who were talkingabout a revolution of have-nots. I didn't see any have-nots!One of the fellows who asked me into the group was John Kaplin, whose father wrote the score for
The Spy Who Came In From The Cold 
for Columbia Pictures. John is a well-to-do young man whose parents live very comfortably in New York.Most of the S.D.S kids were coming from just such well-to-do families. Bernardine Dohrn's father is the head of a bigtrucking firm, and she's a top gun in the Weatherman Faction of S.D.S Howard Machtinger, another member of theWeatherman Faction, also comes from a well-to-do family, as does Weatherman Jeff Blum. Jeff's father used to own a largeinterest in the Baltimore Orioles. They are almost all like that — coming from homes where they have had every advantageimaginable.Richard Flacks, one of Jerry Kirk's professors at the University of Chicago, was a founder of S.D.S. Professor Flacks ran a series ofsurveys to find out what type of young person was being drawn into the radical movement. The results confirmed Jerry'sobservations. Professor Flacks' studies showed that far from attracting the sons and daughters of the proletariat, the New Leftattracts just the opposite. Jerry Kirk comments:That was the thing that astounded me. I had my own suspicious for a long time. At first I thought they were revolting againsttheir parents. Then I found that they had parents who were, by and large, very "Liberal, " and that it was a natural move fromthe "Liberalism" of such parents to radicalism. They were in a hurry.Although these kids came from wealthy families, most of them had been for one reason or another a bit of the outcast in high
Who is Paying for the Student Revolutionary Movement - John Birch So...http://www.jbs.org/index.php?view=article&catid=1009:jbs-comment...2 z 122012-09-07 08:25
school. Socially out of it, they fancied themselves "intellectually" into it — the perfect dupes for the pseudo-intellectualism ofthe Marxist con men. They all felt very guilty about the wealth of their families.And every one of them I got to know at all well told me about some instance in which a high school teacher, or somerespected friend of their parents, or a college professor, had helped "open their eyes" to the fact that because they wereboth intellectually superior and wealthy they had a special responsibility to share the wealth and all that. It was a lot ofgarbage, but they are very intent on it.The New Left takes guilt-ridden neurotic kids and makes psychotics out of them. Some have become so frustrated that the countryis not yet engulfed in bloody revolution, or that the government has not yet surrendered to their demands, that they have turned tonihilism and violence. Many of these have been recruited into the Weatherman Faction of S.D.S. After all, two or three years ofradical effort seem like an eternity to an eighteen-year-old. When the classless society did not arrive, many were persuaded that itonly proved they could not work within "the system." Some of these opted for drugs and others turned to bombs.The attrition rate among the Weathermen and their independent imitators is very high, due to drugs, illness, venereal disease, andthe efficiency of the police. But, as the Establishment media continue to glamorize revolution, new recruits continue to drift into theunderground. As long as the
of the Establishment continue the perpetual no-win war in Indochina, the New Left is going tobe able to pour new recruits into the top of the revolutionary funnel — even if it is dead bodies which pour out the bottom. As JerryKirk explains:Young people have no conception of the Conspiracy's strategy of "pressure from above and pressure from below," so welloutlined in Communist Jan Kozak's
And Not A Shot Is Fired 
. They have no idea that they are playing into the hands of theEstablishment they claim to hate. They have no idea that the United States is financing and equipping both sides of theVietnam War. The radicals think they are fighting the forces of the super-rich, like Rockefeller and Ford, and don't realizethat it is precisely such forces which are behind their own revolution, financing it, and using it for their own purposes.Jerry says that for all the time he was a member of the Communist Party inside the Revolutionary Youth Movement he never raninto a single activist who knew anything about the Establishment
Council on Foreign Relations. "Nobody in the C.P. evermentioned it either," he notes, "and I did not learn about it until I was out. Imagine an elitist 1,400-member organization, the bignames in finance, government, and academe, with over a hundred of its members holding top appointments in the Administration —virtually running American political affairs. All kinds of things that had confused me before started making sense. Until I began tocatch on to the game I thought that if all the big people I had seen doing the work of the Communists were conscious of what theywere doing, it was a matter of their being Soviet agents. That's all I could figure. I knew there were enormously important andwealthy people in the movement. I knew there were 'respectable' men who were involved. But so far as I could see they had to besomething like K.G.B. agents, or to have been blackmailed, or were on the make for power. I had little idea that the Conspiracy isrooted here, in the collectivist super-rich and their agents at the top, and that Moscow is only a branch office."Jerry says he finds that most young people respond very rapidly when they are shown that the Establishment
at the top areusing the revolutionaries at the bottom in a pincer movement against the American middle class. But some are so psychoticallycommitted to their revolution that they are immune to even the obvious. After an address by Mr. Kirk in Lafayette, Indiana, the
Lafayette Journal & Courier 
questioned a number of student revolutionaries who were in attendance at his speech. The reporterquotes one as follows:We are so alienated by your society that even if what [Kirk] said about being dupes and about dying in the streets is true, wedon't care. Because there is nothing worth living for in America today . . . . We wouldn't say there was much of an exchangeof views in there. He did all the preaching and we did all the listening.We don't quarrel with his facts too much . . . . But we think he's wrong in his analysis. The trouble with those people [a largeaudience of prominent Conservatives] is they don't know who to hate.Clearly, such schoolboy Lenins have been thoroughly taken in by the
of the Establishment. Many who have come to hearJerry Kirk's well-reasoned analysis have admitted as much. But they have crossed the line into illegality, violence, and drugs. Formany of them it is already too late.
But Who Pays The Bills?
The myriad activities of the Student Revolutionary Movement require a great deal of money. Demonstrations, conventions, training,literature, travel, mail, telephone, office space — all require funds. Big money. The coordination involved in putting tens ofthousands of students into Washington, or Chicago, or New York, or San Francisco, does not come cheaply. From where does the
Who is Paying for the Student Revolutionary Movement - John Birch So...http://www.jbs.org/index.php?view=article&catid=1009:jbs-comment...3 z 122012-09-07 08:25

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