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No Two Generation See Eye to Eye

No Two Generation See Eye to Eye

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Published by JGPORG

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Published by: JGPORG on Sep 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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No two generation see eye to eye
Generation gap has been a perpetual phenomenon. There is always a gap between twogenerations. It is rather a sign of progress in the society. If the people go on thinking andworking on the pattern of their forefathers there won't be any change in the world.The present generation differs from the last one. So did the last one from its predecessor. Theprocess has been continuing since times immemorial. That is how the world has beentransformed from the Stone Age to the Age of Internet. It should be taken for granted that no twogenerations would see eye to eye. It is a natural process not simply in families but in the societytoo.Still there is generally a clash between the two immediate generations for they are contemporary.Their success, failure and results can be visualized in the presence of the two. There are alwayschances of failure in the attempts of the younger one; and the older one is liable to rust and fall.Thus, the charges are leveled against each other. If the younger one fails in an attempt the olderone has the cry of experience behind it. If the older ones die down in their routine work the lashof being outdated is always ready against them.Howsoever congenial the relations between the two may be points of difference would alwaysarise. They may be simmering under the surface of respectability for the old or of innocence andconsiderations for the young.Howsoever, strong the foundation may be the building gets dilapidated gradually and is apt tofall one day. So is the case with the mansions of old thinking, philosophy, outlook, systems,customs and even scientific analysis.Change is the law of nature. As the population grows, as new contacts are established amongdifferent nations, needs and requirements of individuals and society grow and change. Newideologies are to be framed
new means of facing the sharp competition in business and industryare to be evolved. Business can't be run on the old pattern.
Naturally new ideas are to be evolved by the younger generation. If the older one is stubborn andsticks to the old guns a clash is always there. The older people are at the end of the tunnel of life.Thy just do not want to disturb their way of life, while the younger ones have to preparethemselves for the future compulsions and obligations.Youth is the age of innovation. A young man has a craze to change the world. Take this wind of change out of the youth and the world would stand still.All young saints from Shankaracharya to Vivekanand and Dayanand in India had to face theonslaught of the older scholars of their age. Byron, Shelley and Keats, the Romantic trio who leftthis world before celebrating their 36th, 30th and 26th birthday met the greatest criticism andanger from the older critics of their days.Youth is ambitious and is inspired by new concepts of morality, new customs and newphilosophy of life. The old are a part of the establishment for whom it becomes difficult to comeout of the shell of conservatism.For the older generation in India dowry, caste restrictions, suppression of girls, institution of bribery and allied corruption, self conceitedness, showing off in marriages, hypocrisy are sodeeply embedded in the domestic, social and national life that the slightest effort of the youngergeneration to break the shackles is vehemently opposed.The youth too is in no mood to accept certain permanent values of morality, celibacy, chastity,balance, moderation and self-control. Lessons can be learnt by both from the exasperatingchanges in the West
by the old to allow gradual healthy transformation in all spheres
by theyoung not to take so much of liberty as to destroy their own culture by the over permissivenessfrom which the European youth is tracing its steps back.Let generation gap lead to progress not to clash and explosion. Let the old retrospect and seetheir own differences with the generation preceded by them. Let the young gain from the healthyexperience of the old to establish healthy traditions.

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