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Bree Jandora - Daddy Spanks the Girls

Bree Jandora - Daddy Spanks the Girls



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Published by Adelle Ng

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Published by: Adelle Ng on Sep 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Daddy Spanks the Girls
Bree Jandora
Fiction, Erotica, Romance, Adult
"anal sex" "lesbian sex" "hardcore sex" "Bree Jandora" spankingpseudo-incest menage threesome "oral sex"
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“What were you two thinking? So irresponsible. The both of you.” KevinWilson fumed in the front seat of his car. His daughter, Paige, and her best friend, Melanie, sat in the back seat. They hadn’t yet left the parkinglot of the police station because Kevin was too angry to drive.“We’re… . s..s..sorry.” Paige couldn’t hold her tears back any longer.She knew that she and Melanie had really fucked up this time. And therewas no explanation for it besides stupidity.Kevin gritted his teeth and turned in his seat to face her. “Do youknow how much trouble you both would’ve been in?” He saw her tears but they didn’t stop him. She needed to know the reality of the situation.“You’re both eighteen now. That means you’ll both have criminal re-cords for the rest of your lives if you get arrested now.” He stared inPaige’s eyes, which he could only see because they reflected the streetlights. “Do you hear me?”Paige gulped and nodded. “Yes.”“What’s that now?” he asked.She once again swallowed the lump in her throat. “Yes sir.”“Yes sir,” Melanie echoed. She had no idea what she was in for, butshe was sure to be in more trouble than Paige. Her dad, Stan, worked ina factory an hour away. On the phone at the police station he said he wasgoing to take a break from work to come to Paige’s house to give her a‘good talking to.’ The only problem was, ‘a good talking to’ from StanSegal was usually code for a trip over his knee, followed by several daysof finding soft pillows to sit on.“As for you, young lady,” Kevin said, “you do know your dad had totake off work because of you, right?”Melanie inhaled with a sniffle. “Yes sir.” Her dad could have waited if he wanted to. That’s how she knew she was really in trouble. He neverleft work in the middle of his shift like this. He hadn’t spanked her inover year, and she thought it would probably never happen again. But
this was different. She had almost gotten arrested and, to her dad, itdidn’t matter that she was eighteen and just about to go to college.Kevin finally started the car, not saying another word to the two girlscrying in the back seat. They all rode silently to the Wilsons’ house andwalked inside. Kevin told the girls to have a seat on the couch. He almostseemed calm, which made Paige sort of happy. She wondered if he hadchanged his mind and realized all she needed was a lecture.Her hopes were soon dashed. Kevin plopped down in the recliner andglared at the two girls, both of whom were disheveled and scared. “Incase you’re wondering, we’re just waiting on Stan.” He cracked open a beer and took a few sips before looking at his watch. He then took hiscell phone and walked out to the front porch, closing the door behindhim.“So,” Paige said. She was grateful to finally have a chance to talk toher friend without anyone listening. “What do you think’s gonnahappen?”Melanie gave Paige an exasperated look. “You mean to you, or to me?”“Either. Both.” Paige shrugged.Melanie sighed. Couldn’t Paige just wait it out? Did they really have todiscuss this? “I can’t speak for you, but I will probably get the shit beatout of me.”“Yeah. Me too.” Paige nodded. “So, your dad still spanks you?”“It hasn’t happened in a long time. A year, actually.”“I remember that.”“Oh yeah, right.” Melanie thought back to that night. That very pain-ful night when she took her mom’s car without permission to see Ter-ence, a boy her parents had specifically forbidden her from seeing. Paigecame over the next day and Melanie had to explain why she was layingon her stomach on the bed instead of sitting. “What about you? I didn’tknow you still got it either.”

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