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Magazine Analysis

Magazine Analysis

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Published by r_g_1995
A2 Work
A2 Work

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: r_g_1995 on Sep 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Analysis of 3 MagazineCover
By Ross Georgallides
Analysis of Empire Magazine Front Cover
Masthead: Powerful, subtle andinteresting title appearance with amutual feeling to it. The red hotuppercase sans-serif font suits thename given to the magazine andironically is built up big, strong anddistinctively bold like an empire wouldusually be. The name of the magazineis unique and gives an expression of acommunity within the film genre,hence
.Main Image: A long shot of a beautiful, young and inspiring model used to attract the targetaudience with
direct address. Clear usage of Laura M
theory and its benefitswhen constructing this main image for the magazine front cover as it immediately catches allaudiences eyes from the models clear beauty. The figure of the model curves around theheadlines, filling in all the negative space.Price, Date, Issue, Website, Barcode:All slyly hidden, unattractive yet keyconventions on the magazine. Showndiscretely so the power of the mainimage and masthead are notendangered, however the informationis there for when audiences take acloser look.Sell Line: Denotes that the magazineis
biggest movie
which automaticallyattracts the attention of an audience.Displayed in a small uppercase blacksans-serif font positioned under themasthead, which is a stereotypicalway of positioning this convention.Sub Images & Exclusive Stories: Threesmall close up shots of three differentcharacters in three different popularfilms underneath the bold capitalisedsans serif font which denotes eachmovie on a diagonal banneredbackground positioned in the bottomleft hand corner. Images and font bothmatch and compliment the frontcovers colour scheme and entireappearance.Cover lines: The cover lines stand outclearly due to the size,
almostas big and as powerful as the look andfeeling of the front covers masthead.Big uppercase sans serif greyscalefont with teasing in sighting linesunderneath denotes what the storiesare about. The clear main cover linesstand out more due to larger sizingand are positioned next to the mainimage to link the story and phototogether. The cover lines fit themagazines colour scheme and style.
Colour Scheme/House Style/TechnicalCodes: The constant colour schemeset it a simple white, black, grey andred scheme with a few exceptions of blue. Giving the house style a cool,independent and recognised feeling.Which relates to the title
Analysis of Total Film Magazine Front Cover
Main Image: The main image is a close up shot of the human face of a protagonist featured inthe
front cover, relating to a cover line story. The image involves direct address asthe character is staring into the audiences eyes, this attracts the target audience towards themagazine. The main image is unique as it
s edited to a black and white filter giving a grownup appearance to the film magazine. The attitude and facial expressions of the charactersuggests he has a lot of power, some what intimidating the audience.Price, Date, Issue, Website, Barcode: Theseconventions are featured on the front coverbut are hidden in the consistent usage of theblack red and white colour scheme, thismeans the less important information of themag remains on the front cover but
 distract the audience from receiving the realattraction and denotation intended by TotalFilm. The barcode is positioned to the right of an extremely powerful and attentiongrabbing main cover line, which almostdisguises
awkward ugliness from theaudience.Cover lines: The cover lines on this front coverare situated to the left and the right hand sideof the face of the model character, which is astereotypical way of constructing thisconvention. They denote stories within thefilm magazine, have a simple whiteuppercase sans serif font with and withoutboldness and all have the same style. Eachcover line consists of a few words whichattract the target audience towards readingon further. The colours used on the fontcomply and fit in with the white, red andblack colour scheme.Masthead: The masthead has been typed ina big bold sans serif styled font with theword
(black colouring) across theletter
in the word
(whitecolouring), this is used to create aneffective fusion of the two words, ironicallythis masthead is so powerful the companyuse it as their logo. This masthead gives thetarget audience a clear understanding of what genre the magazine is from adistance and can attract people from justglimpsing at it. The colouring of both thewords compliment the main image and thecolour scheme, giving the masthead andall-round attraction. The masthead isstereotypically positioned on the top of thepage but is covering the forehead of thecharacter, this is an unusual way of constructing a front cover. However, it doesnot remove the supremacy of the mainimage.Skyline: This skyline is a snippet of information giving an indication of threehot, must see films around at the time of the released issue. Typed in a bold bloodred sans serif font that matches the
font.Main Feature Cover line: Huge noticeable bold capitalised artic white sans serif fontdenotes a huge world exclusive film of the year. Convincing the target audience to read oninto the magazine to find the world exclusive main feature. This convention is placedcleverly with space efficiency, good information and without taking away the effect of themain image and the masthead. Words chosen like
in the typing are verystereotypical.

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