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Management in Islam

Management in Islam



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Published by mubie

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: mubie on Jan 19, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Islam” the religion, which has almost 1.5 billion followers inthe world. It is not only a religion but also a complete way of life, that’s whyit is called as “Deen”. Islam does not only tell us about worshipping oneGod and offering prayers but it tells each and every thing related to life. Itteaches us how to live, how to act, how to behave with elders and how to behave with young ones, how to eat, how to drink, etc etc. In short it tellseach and everything related to human’s life that’s why it is called as “Deenfor whole humanity”. And The Almighty ALLAH sent Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) to show us practically how to act on teachings of Islam. ALLAHsent Quran On Prophet and prophet explained it with his sayings (Ahadees).The Holy Quran, the most comprehensive divine book of the world has thesolution to every problem. It’s a vast source of knowledge. It tells us abouthistory, Geography, Astronomy, Biology, and Management etc. There isalmost every kind of knowledge in it. Many people say that its exaggerationto say that The Holy Quran has Knowledge of almost of every kind myanswer to their compliment is that Just like an Ocean has many valuable pearls in it but only those can find who are trained divers. If any one whodoesn’t know diving starts saying that there is no pearl in Ocean then it is thelack of knowledge of that person. Similarly, any one who is not good enoughto derive valuable teachings from The Holy Quran cannot say that this book does not have teachings. This is the lack of Knowledge of that person. That’swhy in Holy Quran ALLAH says:
“This is a book with verses basic or fundamenta further explained in detail, from ones who are wise and well acquainted”
So, it shows that this Holy book has some precious pearls. Tofind these pearls we just have to understand it thoroughly.Management that is considered to be one of the most important subjects of modern times is also derived from the knowledge that Quran has given us.Many of its principles and theories that are made in 16
or 17
century arederive from the knowledge that The Holy Quran has given us 14 centuriesago. Now let’s look at the Islamic concept of management.
Islamic Concept Of Management:
Management today is defined as
“Getting things donethrough others.”
Following this concept, A Manager is now understoodas the person who works through others. A good manager, therefore, is a person who not only knows what is to be done but exactly how to get itdone. TheHoly Quran confirms:
“…We raise some of them above others in ranks, so that some may command work from others...”[43:32]
This ayah from Surah Al-Zakahraf reveals in a nutshell as towhy God raised some people over others in ranks that being, that they canget work done from them. This Ayat (43:32) encompasses the entire philosophy and wisdom of modern management. It emphasizes, in essence,the creation of appropriate hierarchies and the division of responsibilitiessubject to individual capabilities. It basically implies the creation of organizational charts from the top management to the lower management. Itstresses the division of work and responsibilities according to individualcapabilities.
Analysis of Definition: 
If we ponder over the definition of Management, we will getto know that points discussed in that had already been given by Holy Quran1400 years ago. Now let’s look at the definition,
“Management is coordinating work activities so that they are completed effectively and efficiently with and throughother people.”
If we look at the word “Efficiently” it means that proper usageof resources and less wastage of them. This is one of very important aspectof management. Wastage—either in terms of: material, human capital,energy, machine utilization, or processing time, creates inefficienciesresulting in the increase of costs and consequent decrease in profits. Theholy Quran has spoken against wastage and lavish expenditure in followingwords: 
“And render to the kindred their due rights, as (also)to those in want, and to the wayfarer. But waste not (your wealth,time, health, Talents, opportunities etc) in the manner of a spendthrift.”
“For the wasteful are the brothers of Satan; and Satan is ungrateful to his Lord.”
These are the Ayaat of Surah Bani-Israel and in this AyatIslam has given Muslims the golden rule of not wasting any thing.Following these principles an organization can be able to produce bestquality products at the least possible cost. A Muslim must also strive toeliminate any wastage around him, at home, workplace, or in society evenwhen faced with resistance. A very common example would be to control theuse of water, food, and electricity according to the needs. Wastage of resources such as material in the workplace, man-hours, machine-hours,

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Hi...Mubie, I am trying to compile Islamic Way in management and Organization in different sectors. Can you help me by sending the copy of this file? It's a great work. Btw, people are talking about the Ayaat 42:83, have you corrected it?
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