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Published by esabea2345

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Published by: esabea2345 on Oct 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Further practice: USE OF FUTURE
1. Write complete sentences for these different uses of the future:
a) I / study more/ for the next exam (
)b) Sarah/ meet/ John/ tomorrow/ at 5 (
)c) Stop bothering me or /I / tell/ the teacher! (
)d) I / think/ FC Barcelona/ win the League (
 prediction based on opinion
)e) The weather forecast/ say/ rain tomorrow (
 prediction based on what is happening
)f) I’m bored./ I/ watch/ a film (
decision made at moment of speaking
2. Read the following situations and write appropriate sentences withfuture meaning:
a) You have failed your exams and your dad is mad at you. (
)b) An old lady is trying to cross the road but she doesn’t dare to. (
)c) Your little brother stole you diary and showed it to his friends. (
)d) You intend to quit smoking this year. (
)e) You are on the scales. You’ve put on 3 kilos during the summer. (
decision made at the moment of speaking
)f) You are throwing a party tomorrow. You want to let your friend know.(
3. Writing PREDICTIONS with WILL / GOING TO: 4. There’s a party at Ben’s place on Saturday. He gave invitations to hisfriends Rob and Mandy. Read their opinions about it:
We use……………….to make predictions based on OPINIONS.We use……………….to make predictions based on FACTS.
Saturday at 10 o`clock!
Barbeque + CocktailsFireworksKaraoke + DancemusicGamesFancy dresses(optional)
I feel ridiculous wearing fancydresses.I love singing!I really enjoy games!I prepare excellent cocktails!I
a vegetarian!I
scared of fireworksMmm I adore barbeque food!I can bring some rockets!I hate playing stupid games!I can wear my frog disguise!I don
like sweet drinks!I
really bad at dancing!
Write al least 9 predictions based on opinions:
E.g. Mandy will not eat meat, she will ask for a veggie burger.
5. Write predictions based on what’s happening:
 Bomb/ explodeFootball player/ score a goal The goalkeeper/ not catch the ball The man/ not eat the soup The man/ burn the tip of his tongue The car on the left/ win the race The car on the right/ not be first The girl/ buy the dress The girl/ stop by the shop’s window
6. Underline the correct form of the verb.
’ll go/ are going
to the concert tonight. We’ve got first row tickets!What
will you do/ are you doing
tomorrow? Nothing, I’m free.
I’ll leave/ I’m leaving
next Saturday. My train is at 9:30 am.I’m sure he
lending/ he’ll lend
you some money. He’s very rich! The weather forecast said that it
will/ is going to
rain tomorrow.

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