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Weld Report

Weld Report

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Published by Rahmat Balli

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Rahmat Balli on Oct 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Title: Arc Welding and Oxyacetylene Flame CuttingIntroduction of Arc Welding
In electric arc welding, a high temperature arc melts the metal to be jointed while additionalmolten metal is being added. After the metal has solidified, the resulting joint will be strongerthan the original metal.Arc welding is widely used in the manufacturing and construction industries. Specialapplications of basic arc welding such as resurfacing steel parts, hard facing, automaticwelding processes, pipe welding and shielded arc welding are widely used.
Information of Arc Welding
The process of arc welding
The work to be welded is connected to one side of an electric circuit, and a metal electrode isconnected to the other side. These two parts of the circuit are brought together and thenseparated slightly. The electric current jumps the gap and causes a continuous spark called anarc. The high temperature of this arc melts the metal to be welded, forming a molten puddle.The electrode also melts and adds metal to the puddle. The welding circuit consists of thework, welding machine, welding cables, electrode holder and electrodes.
The Electrode
The electrode usually has a steel core. This core is covered with a coating containing severalelements, some of which burn under the heat of the arc to form a gaseous shield around thearc. This shield keeps the harmful oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere away from thewelding area.Other elements in the coating melt and form a protective slag over the finished weld.This slag promotes slower cooling and also protects the finished weld or bead from theatmosphere. Some coated electrodes are designed with alloying elements in the coating whichchange the chemical and physical characteristics of the deposited weld metal. The result of using properly designed coated electrodes is a weld metal which has the same characteristicsas the work, or base metal, being jointed.
Electrode classification
American Welding Society (AWS) Classification Numbers
All AWS numbers consist of three parts. For example E-6010,

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