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Coffee and a Slice

Coffee and a Slice

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Published by Catherine
Two people encounter a wanted Boston serial killer on a cold dark night.
Two people encounter a wanted Boston serial killer on a cold dark night.

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Published by: Catherine on Oct 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Coffee and A SliceByCatherine McManusCatherine McManus, 2011 Catherine McManus2210 Whitaker StreetSavannah, GA 31401508.826.1844cmcman20@student.scad.edu
FADE IN:INT. DINER - NIGHTELLEN, a very pretty waitress in her early twenties, sits ona stool in a light blue one piece uniform watching the news.The diner is empty except for her, and the cook, STEVE, inthe kitchen.Words flash across the bottom of the television screen:WOMAN FOUND DEAD IN CAMBRIDGE APARTMENT.NEWS REPORTEREarlier this evening, a woman wasfound strangled to death in herCambridge apartment. The BostonPolice Department believe she isthe latest victim of the killer whohas come to be known as the"Charles River Killer." Her namehas yet to be released.The bell connected to the door of the diner rings. Ellenlooks up to see TIM, an attractive man in his mid-twenties.He wears a black pea coat and leather gloves. He sits at atable facing the television. Ellen rips her eyes away fromthe news to get his order.ELLEN(She talks with a slightBoston accent)Hi, what can I get for you?TIM(He talks with a slight Bostonaccent)Well...He looks down at her beat up name tag.TIM (CONT’D)...Ellen, I guess I’ll have a cupof coffee with one sugar and aslice of the pecan pie.She quickly scribbles his order on her notepad.ELLENAlright. Just a minute.As she goes behind the counter to grab his order, Ellenpeaks her head into the kitchen, only accessible through adoorway.(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.She sees Steve watching a sports program.ELLENHey, if everything’s cleaned upback here, you can leave. I’llclose up.STEVE(He talks with a thick Bostonaccent.)Are you sure? I just heard someonewalk in.ELLENThey just want pie. Really, it’sfine. You have the early shifttomorrow and we’re not open muchlater. It’s not a problem.STEVEAs long as you don’t mind-ELLENI don’t.STEVEI’ll leave through the back.ELLENSee you Sunday, Steve.STEVEYup. Thanks, hun.Ellen returns to the area behind the counter and grabs Tim’sorder.A slamming door is heard as Steve leaves O.S.She brings him his order and sits down on the stool sheoccupied before as she continues to watch the news.Another beat passes as Tim digs into his pie and coffee.TIMSo why is it that a girl like youis working on a Friday night?ELLENSomeone has to pay for school.(CONTINUED)

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