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What Makes Kimchi So Healthy

What Makes Kimchi So Healthy

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Published by cresdumayac

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Published by: cresdumayac on Oct 22, 2012
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What Makes Kimchi so Healthy?
Korean kimchi is undoubtedly the healthiest food on the planet. In a tradition dating back thousandsof years, vegetables are pickled and and combined in a multitude of ways that suit every taste. Thisarticle explains the health benefits that derive from kimchi in general, and the Ultimate Kimchi recipein particular.Another great thing about kimchi is that it keeps for weeks in the refrigerator, and still tastes fresh.The garlic and vinegar are natural preservatives that keep the raw vegetables and fruits tasting great,even though they are cut up into pieces you can easily nibble on. If you have one of those "KeepWarm" rice pots in the kitchen, then a wholesome, energizing snack, or even a full meal, is justseconds away. Kimchi is not only a health food, it's a convenience food. What a deal!
It is vital that the Kimchi is properly fermented.
 Kimchi's Health Benefits
Kimchi is nothing if not healthy. It combines the world's healthiest ingredients in a tasty treat, anduses the combination of vinegar, oil, salt, and spices to way that makes an all-natural preservative.The following sections describe kimchi's specific ingredients and their effects:
Kimchi eliminates cholesterol
Kimchi promotes intestinal health
The quality of Korean food
 Kimchi Eliminates Cholesterol 
With its combination of garlic, scallions, fruits, and vegetables, kimchi works overtime to keep your arteries clear. This section explains how.
Garlic and Onions
It is only in recent years that the scientific community has begun to establish the powerful healingeffects of garlic that have been known in Oriental cultures for centuries. Onions and garlic have for 
centuries been eaten as regular staples by the longest living peoples on earth -- Asians, Russians, andBulgarians. There is no coincidence, here.
Garlic is a powerful anti-oxidant 
. That means it prevents oxygen from combining with things. Alongwith the vinegar and oil, it helps to keep the vegetables in kimchi fresh. Garlic has been used as a preservative for centuries by peoples in Korea and India, long before the advent of refrigerators. Butgarlic does even more for you after you eat it.The oil of garlic is 60% allicin. When garlic is crushed, two enzymes join together to form this powerful substance. In the body, allicin reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels -- the major causeof heart attacks and strokes. It is so effective that volunteers eating a quarter-pound of butter actuallyshowed reduced cholesterol afterwards when they ate it with garlic, instead of the higher cholesterollevels they would normally experience. Only foods in the garlic/onion family have this characteristic.So one benefit of eating fresh, crushed garlic is that it lowers your cholesterol.Besides kimchi, what food can claim substantial amounts of fresh garlic? None! And it doesn't hurtthat the scallions included in the kimchi have the same effect on cholesterol levels. Both foods raisethe number of High Density Lipoproteins in the blood -- these are the "good guy" lipids that carrycholesterol to the gall bladder for elimination.In addition to allicin, garlic is the best known natural source of selenium. This trace mineral is a keyingredient in the process that keeps skin and hair healthy, thereby preventing wrinkles. It also preventscholesterol platelets from adhering to artery walls.Selenium is deficient in the soils surrounding the major population centers in this country, and it has been shown to be deficient in most of the population. So garlic is a key ingredient! Be sure to useorganic garlic, though. The non-organic variety has much less of this vital mineral. Selenium is soimportant that Jack Challum ("The Nutrition Detective") believes that selenium deficiencies may beresponsible for ailments as diverse as the flu, the Ebola epidemic, and AIDs
Garlic is also important because selenium is a necessary part of glutathione, a substance the bodymakes from the amino acids glutamine, cysteine, and glutamic acid. Glutathione peroxidase is avitamin C "booster" that reconstitutes Vitamin C as it breaks down in the lens of the eye, due tosunlight and cathode tube x-rays. Glutathione therefore makes 10 units of Vitamin C do the work of ahundred! It is partly this activity, and partly the fact that it is required for Vitamin E to function, thataccounts for selenium's ability to protect against cancer.Since garlic's selenium helps to preserve Vitamin C, and since Vitamin C is responsible for transporting fat molecules across cell walls to fuel muscle cells, the combination of garlic andvegetables keeps us thinner and makes us feel more energetic!
Chili Pepper 
Did you know that hot peppers have the highest concentrations of Vitamin C of any known food? It'sa fact. Peppers have 10 times the Vitamin C of any other food, and good Korean kimchi uses a lot!The combination of fresh fruits and vegetables (especially the broccoli) with the chili pepper giveskimchi the richest concentration of Vitamin C in any prepared food. This vitamin is needed in the gall bladder to convert cholesterol into a form that can be eliminated from the body.In addition, the ingredient that makes them hot, capsaicin, has recently been used to alleviate the pain
of arthritis, and actually helped to proliferate the synovial cells that are so thoroughly ravaged by thisdisease. What other miracles does it perform? Science has yet to discover.
Cholesterol-Clearing Effect 
What a food! Kimchi is a full-spectrum artery-purifier. Selenium from the garlic works to scoopcholesterol off of arterial walls. Allicin from the garlic works with the onions to raise the levels of HDL transport molecules which carry the cholesterol down to the gall bladder. The high levels of Vitamin C are used to convert the cholesterol to disposable substances. And the glutathione peroxidase made from the garlic along with the phytochemicals from the fruit and vegetables all work to magnify Vitamin C's availability. If there is a single-food defence to heart ailments, kimchi has to be it!
Garlic's Additional Benefits
And it doesn't stop there! Garlic has been shown to combat allergies(15), regulate blood sugar levelsin diabetics and hypoglycemics(17), and reduce the symptoms of stress(18) (with a concomitant boostin energy).(19) If for no other reason than the use of garlic, kimchi is indeed a food that should beeaten with every meal, just as Grandmaster (the originator of the recipe I have named the "UltimateKimchi") suggests.As for the myth that you will smell like garlic if you eat a lot of it. It's not something you have toworry about. Oh, you'll smell for a little while -- that's because the garlic and onions are powerfulanti-toxins, anti-allergens, and anti-biotics. Some of the cholesterol and other junk that is beingremoved from your system is coming out through the pores of your skin. It's a good sign, actually, asign of inner cleansing. As long as you keep your internal environment reasonably clean and you don'tkeep polluting yourself with negative emotions, junk foods, alcohol, tobacco, and the like, your system will soon clean up and your body will smell clean and fresh -- without deodorants. That's a promise!
 Kimchi Promotes Intestinal Health
Kimchi also works to clean out your system by feeding the lactobacteria and bifidobacteria that live inyour intestines. These are the “friendly bacteria” that we need to be healthy. Kimchi nourishes themso they can thrive and outnumber the “unfriendly bacteria” that threaten our health from the inside.The
that are responsible for producing many of the B-vitamins we need, including theB-12 that is so frequently missing from vegetarian diets. Since the body cannot produce thesevitamins for itself, these bacteria are essential for our health.The
prevent flatulence and keep sticky, sludge-like waste matter from accumulating inthe intestinal tract, adhering to the intestinal walls, and interfering with nutrient absorption. All in all,the lactobacteria and bifidobacteria are pretty good friends to have around!
Cabbage and Onions
The top two ingredients for promoting the beneficial bacteria and inhibiting the unfriendly bacteriaare cabbage and onions. And, according to at least one writer, fermented cabbage is the absolute best.

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