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2012.09.05 | Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

2012.09.05 | Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

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September 2012 association meeting minutes

September 2012 association meeting minutes

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Published by: Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Association on Oct 24, 2012
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Mt. Scott
Arleta Neighborhood AssociationSeptember 5, 2012Meeting was called to order at 6:34 pm. Attendees introduced themselves (about 18 attended).Mt Scott Community Center update
annual bldg closure 9/17
28 for cleaning. Sarah is leaving the staff, and willbe replaced by Jeannie Burke.Libraries Yes Campaign
Kirsten Leonard
 www.librariesyes.com / info@librariesyes.com -- There is a proposal on November ballot to provide stable library funding for the future. Multnomah County Library is the 2
busiest in thenation (behind NY Public Library).
Library offers children’s programs, and kids are allowed to be in the library
without a parent in attendance. 10,000+ kids participated in summer reading programs this year. For the past 36years, Multnomah County Libraries have had levy (temporary) funding, including the one we just voted on in May.86% voted yes to support keeping the libraries open, but due to the decrease in funding, libraries are open manyfewer hours than in the past.
That’s why Libraries Yes feels this library district i
s preferable to repeated levy votes.Library funds could not be used by other departments. Permanent rates would be $1.24 per $1,000 of assessedvalue.
For a typical family, that’s $45
-$49 more per year than already paying for libraries. Two library districts inOR have closed in recent years due to lack of dedicated funding. There are two other measures on the ballot (artsfunding, Portland Public Schools bond) in November, but these are all pieces of the same issue
serving families.You can also join Friends of the Library for $10, to help raise funds for buying new books for the library. They alsohave an upcoming books sale at the Lloyd Ctr Doubletree.Lisa Anne Ross talked about Resolutions NW does free neighbor mediation services. If you are having conflict withany part of your neighborhood (business, roommate, neighbor etc) you can ask them to mediate that issue. Theydo conflict resolution in schools using a Restorative Justice model, and offer family mediation, although that is notusually a free service to all. Anyone wanting to become a mediator can apply to be trained to be a volunteerthrough a 38-hour mediation training, by applying no later than November. Lisa Anne is offering 120 hours of service to their program this year. 80% of those using RNW come to mutually agreeable solutions, and of those,70% of those are followed through with. Services are available in Spanish as well.Neighborhood officer is out tonight, but Officer DeClerque attended. Not many out of the ordinary crimes, justusual theft levels. Graffiti abatement
Don Sharar uses the graffiti abatement city smartphone app to track opengraffiti calls, and there are 6 months of open cases not addressed or closed. There is a 72-hour response rule forbusinesses in the City of Portland. NRT has a special program to address vacant properties that experience graffiti,transient incursion. The officer recommends calling East Precinct during daytime hours to let them know. Whatshould residents do about suspicious behavior (possible drug deals, garbage left in the backyard of an apartment)?The officer recommends residents call east precinct during business hours and report it or flag down an officer.Erika also has additional information on how to report derelict homes / foreclosures.City Parks rangers want to be contacted when there are people camping in the Park or in the Triangle. Dan Portis-Cathers has their contact information.SE Uplift report:Liaison said that Small Grants season is starting soon
start planning grant applications. Submission deadline is

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