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FutureBrand's Country Brand Index

FutureBrand's Country Brand Index

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Published by: skiftnews on Oct 24, 2012
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Country Brand Index 2012–13
© FutureBrand, All Rights Reserved
 Welcome to the eighthedition of FutureBrand’sCountry Brand Index.
The Country Brand Index, or CBI, is a preeminent globalstudy o country brands. We annually measure and rankglobal perceptions around the world’s nations—romtheir cultures, to their industries, to their economicvitality and public policy initiatives. The resulting indexis a mix o trend reportage, expert ndings, datarichanalysis and uturepositive prediction.
Country Brand Index 2012–13
© FutureBrand, All Rights Reserved
At FutureBrand, we believe that the uture iscreated one decision at a time. Our decisionsrelate to the things that are closest to us—wherewe live, the companies we work or, the productswe use. And those decisions are oten inormedby brands. As a result, brands are among the mostimportant drivers o the uture.The same is true or country brands, but on alarger scale.As travelers, business leaders, employees, parentsand consumers, we make decisions related tocountries every day: how we describe our identity,where we choose to live, who and where webuy our products rom, where we educate ourchildren, where we set up our companies andwhere we go on holiday. To the extent that wechoose countries in these contexts, our decisionsare largely inormed by the automatic associationswe have with them. For instance, Switzerland isgood or banking and watches, Japan is good orcars and electronic goods and Costa Rica is goodor coee and beaches. Our choices are alsoinormed by how amiliar we are with countriesand whether we have visited them or not.Every time we make a decision inormed by anassociation with a place, it creates the uture.When you multiply that with billions o peoplearound the world every year, it can create wavesthat dictate the shape o our lives or decades tocome. Just look at new decisions being made byhundreds o millions o new Chinese consumersto buy luxury goods, home appliances and tripsabroad. These aect global exchange rates,quality o lie and new relationships the world over— many o which are inormed by their intentionto buy a little bit o other cultures through theirbrands, capital cities and entertainment.Our rankings show us what qualities peopleassociate with dierent places and their strengtho perception, giving us a good indication o thedecisions they will make in relation to those placestoday. This will in turn have a positive or negativeeect on every country in the uture.But there’s another aspect to our study that goesbeyond what people think today. Our globalexperts look urther than existing perceptionso places to understand the broader orcesthat shape them, and as such, which specicdimensions will come to be the most importantdrivers o choice in the uture. This gives usour Future 15 country brands—a collection obrands that we believe will enjoy the strongestperceptions in years to come.And nally, because our dimensions examinea balance o perceptions between pleasurableexperiences and ethical, environmental andpolitical considerations, we can also show howthe strongest uture country brands—like thestrongest brands o any kind—are those whichdeliver what we want now as well as what societyneeds long term.
Country Brands Createthe Future

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