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WASP Newsletter ~ 01/25/45

WASP Newsletter ~ 01/25/45

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Published by CAP History Library
Women Airforce Service Pilots
Women Airforce Service Pilots

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Categories:Types, Research, Genealogy
Published by: CAP History Library on Oct 26, 2012
Copyright:Public Domain


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--.:-:,...-:-_~ . -.ll_..l'",,
Vol. II,
25, 1945
Edited and distributedby the Staff of the NEviSLETTER StaffWASP NEtiiSLETTER. Mary Strok PeterIthaca, New York Ruth Mary Petry
Burrowing from out of the depths of a blizzardand an already snow-bound community - we greetyou from our new headquarters~ temporary thoughit may be. Here we have all the remotemess andausterity of the Siberian wasteland comparedwith the roaring, throbbing noisiness of an ArmyAir Field to which we're so accustomed. Thisnunnery-like stillness is broken only occasion-ally by the sound and sight of a cocky littleski-shod Cub strutting its stuff in the gray sky,-dazzling figure eights, wicked S turns, a steepspiral or two, - then it speeds away and leavesus with the memories of what we once had --- anopen sky and a powerful ship and someplace to go,- and what good little
would want more thanthat to be happyZ Until someday when those mem-ories can once more become realities, we at thisend say. "Hi gals, we hope you like our stuff."AIRCRAFT INSPECTORS:From headquarters of the Army Air Forces Training Command in Fort horth, wehave received the following:"The Army Air Forces Air Technical Service Command has indicated aninterest in procuring former hASP personnel as
Aircraft Inspectors!."Those interested should vlrite to the:Commanding GeneralMid4,est Procurement DistrictAAF Teclmical Service Command.,.ichita,Kansas."At the time of writing for further information, standard Form
shouldbe filled out and accompany the letter. This form may be proctrred atany Post Office or Civil Service Office~"
RED CROSS:The following statement has just been received from the Amer~can Red Crossoffice in New York City, and will be of great interest to the many V[ASPs whohave asked for information on overseas work with Red Cross:AMERICAN RED CROSS NEEDS STAFFThe tempo of the war is increasing. American boys are fighting on the Germanhomeland and land-based B-29's are striking at the heart of Tokyo. More womenare needed by the American Red Cross for the foreign club program. More womenare needed in our hospitals to continue the work of v'elfare and recreation forthe men who are finishing the job. More women are needed to keep the club andhospital recreation programs going long after hostilities cease, and untilthe Peace Conference plans are in successful operation.Red Cross women must be versatile. They must be able to do the unexpected, de-pending upon the need at the time. It's facing danger while huddled in a ITlliddyfoxhole, or waiting at an airstrip, scanning the skies for that "missing" planeto return. It's using ingenuity in pl~~ning an entertainment with limitedsupplies. It's interesting that bedridden youngster in arts and skills, orgiving words of comfort to the boy on the stretcher "'Ihoplayed ping-pong at theclub a few weeks before. But it's satisfaction in being right there giving theservicemen a llhome away from home" in their precious hours of leave from thebattle-front, or a refreshing drink. when they return from a hazardous mission,or just a smile and an American "hi-ya
The American Red Cross needs more of these ingenious women to serve in clubsthroughout the viorld and in military and naval hospitals. If you are interest-ed in going overseas, write to the Director of Personnel in your Area.OPENINGS and QUALIFICATIONS are as follows:Staff AssistantsARC recruits women for Staff Assistants, who assist the Program Director inplanning the recreation activities in the clubs.Overseas - Age range: 24 to 35 years (preference given to those up to 30years of age).Salary: $150 plus maintenance - uniforms fLrrnished.Hospital Staff AidesHospital Staff Aide is the non-professional vJOrker. The v:ork consists ofassisting both the social vlOrkers and the recreation vlOrkers in their dutiesin the hospital.Overseas - Age range:Salary:Domestic - Age range:Salary:25 to 40 years.$150 plus maintenance - uniforms furnished.23 to
year s (preference given to tho se between25 and 40 years of age).~140 plus lodging and uniforms~
- 2 ....
Hospital Recreation torkersHospital Recreation vJorker must be experienced in planning various types ofrecreational activities for large groups. ThEoy should especially have initia-tive and organizing ability.OverseasAge range: 25 to 45 years (preference given to those under 40years of age).Salary: ~175 plus maintenance and uniforms.Overseas SecretariesSecretaries must be competent stenographers; fast typists willing and reaay totake a stenographic test. They are as signed to oither AIi.Chospital units orAHC central offices,Overseas - Age range:SalaI'Y~23 to 35 years.$150 plus maintenance - w1iforws furnished.Addresses of National HeadquartersandJurisdictions and Addresses of Art-a OfficesNATIONAL HEADQUhRTERS - 17th and D Streets, N.V.., Washington, D. C.EASTERN AREA - 615 North st. Asaph street, Alexandria, Va.:District of Columbia, Indiana, Kentucky, Mc.ryland, Ohio, Pennsyl-vania, Virginia,
v ,
est Virginia. (Joseph L(;verenz, PersonnelDirector) .1,;IDWESTERNAREA - 1709 Washington Avenue, st. Louis, Missouri:Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, f.,ansas,Michigan, Minnesota,Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma,South Dakota, Texas, V,isconsin, v,yoIYling.(l1rs. Helen Cobol,Dir€ctor of Dnployment).NORTH ATLANTIC AREA - 300 Fourth Avenue, New York, N. Y.:Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, ~lassachusetts, Nev,'HaInpshire, NewYork, New Jersey, Rnode Island, Vermont. (l~Ir~Frank S. Chase;Director of Personnel).PACIFIC MiliA - Civic Auditorium, Larkin and Grove Streets, San Fran-cisco, California:Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, v'-ash-ington. (H. E. Downey, Personnel Director).SOUTHEASTERN AREA - 230 West Spring Street, Atlanta, Georgia;Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiano., Mississippi, North Carolina,South Carolina, Tennessee~ (William C. Hunt, General Supervisionof both Eastern and Southeastern; AdIIlinistratorof Area Services.Ramone S. Eaton, Manager of Eastern Area. Nat. C. Wilson, Managerof Southeastern Area. Wallace Donnelly, Director of Personnel).INSULAR AND FORLIGN OPTR.';'TIONS- 17th and D StrE;ets, N.VJ~, V''-ashington,D.C.Canal Zone, Guam, Hawaii, Philippine Islands, Puerto Rico, Samoa,Virgin Islands. ("Richard Allen)~
~ 3 "":'

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