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Don Moen collection

Don Moen collection

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Published by John Park
Songs from Don Moen albums and songs that Don Moen sang
Songs from Don Moen albums and songs that Don Moen sang

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Published by: John Park on Oct 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Michael W. Smith 
Alleluia, Alleluia / For the LordGod Almighty reigns / Alleluia,Alleluia / For the Lord GodAlmighty reigns / AlleluiaHoly, Holy are You Lord GodAlmighty / Worthy is the Lamb,Worthy is the Lamb / You are Holy,Holy are You Lord God Almighty /Worthy is the Lamb, Worthy is theLamb / Amen
1990 SONY/ATV Milene Music (Administered by Sony/ATV Music Publishing) 
Kay Chance 
 Ah Lord God/ Thou has made theheavens/ And the earth by Thygreat power/ Ah Lord God/ Thouhas made the heavens/ And theearth by Thine outstretched armNothing is too difficult for Thee/Nothing is too difficult for Thee/Great and mighty God/ Great incounsel and mighty in deed/Nothing Nothing/ Absolutelynothing/ Nothing is too difficultfor Thee
1976 Kay Chance 
Don Moen 
When I think of all He’s done/
AndI think of His great love/ Christdied for me upon that tree/ WithHis blood He paid the price/ GaveHis life a sacrifice/ To rescue meto set me freeCHORUSAll glory all honor/ I give to Youalone the Lamb upon the Throne/All glory all honor/ To the King andto the Lord Who reignsforevermore
There’s no other name/
That isworthy of all praise/ Christ theLamb for sinners slain/ Through
His death we’ve been restored/
 Now He lives forevermore/ JesusChrist the risen LordCrucified with His life He paid theprice/ Raised me up by the powerof the cross/ Of the cross
2001 Integrity’s H 
osanna! Music 
Jack Hayford, Wayne Huirua and Andrew Ulugia 
 Father/ Into Your courts I willenter/ Maker of Heaven andearth/ I tremble/ In Your holypresence/ Glory/ Glory in Yoursanctuary/ Splendor and majestyLord/ Before You/ All life adoresYouAll the earth/ Will declare/ ThatYour love is everywhere/ Thefields will exalt/ Seas resound/Hear the trees/ Joyful cry/Praising You and so will I/ A new
song I’ll sing/
Lord I will glorifyand bless Your holy nameGlorify and bless Your holy name
2001 Parachute Music (administered worldwide except 
AUS/NZ by Integrity’s Praise! Music) and Integrity’s Praise! 
Chris Christensen 
 CHORUSAll things (echo)/ Work together(echo)/ For the good of those(echo)/ Who love You/ All things(echo)/ Work together (echo)/ Forthe good of those/ For the good ofthose/Who love YouWhen things are beyond mycontrol/ To You Lord I lift up mysoul/ And when things are hard tounderstand/ Lord I trust in Yourperfect plan/ I believe thatSome things hazy will someday beclear/ Some things hidden will oneday appear/ And some things sowrong will be made right/ As wewalk in Your perfect light/ Ibelieve that
1990 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music 
Don Moen 
 CHORUSAll to You/ All to You/ I give it allto YouI lay my life before You/ Lord Isurrender all/ All that I have beenthrough/ Lord I give it to You now/And though I have some questions/
Things I’ll never understand/
Icome into Your presence/ And Iplace them in Your handsI know that You are faithful/ ThatYour promises are true/ Yourmercy will sustain me/ And Yourgrace will see me through/ So Ilift my hands before You/ As asacrifice of praise/ I cast mycares before You/ And I come toYou in faith
2004 Integrity’s Hosa 
nna! Music 
Don Moen 
 All we like sheep have gone astray/Each of us turning our ownseparate way/ We have all sinnedand fallen short of Your glory/ ButYour glory is what we desire tosee/ And in Your presence is wherewe long to beCHORUSO Lord show us Your mercy andgrace/ Take us to Your holy place/Forgive our sin and heal our land/We long to live/ In Your Presence
once againTaking our sickness taking ourpain/ Jesus the sacrifice Lamb hasbeen slain/ He was despisedrejected by men/ He took our sin/Draw us near to You Fatherthrough Jesus Your Son/ Let usworship before You/ Cleansed byYour blood
1988 Integrity’s Hosanna! 
Gary Sadler and Jamie Harvill 
Blessing and honor glory andpower/ Be unto the Ancient ofDays/ From every nation all ofcreation/ Bow before the Ancientof DaysEvery tongue in Heaven and earth/Shall declare Your glory/ Everyknee shall bow at Your Throne/ Inworship/ You will be exalted OGod/ And Your Kingdom shall notpass away/ O Ancient of DaysYour Kingdom shall reign over allthe earth/ Sing unto the Ancientof Days/ For none can compare toYour matchless worth/ Sing untothe Ancient of Days
1992 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music/Integrity’s Praise! Music 
Don Moen and Paul Baloche 
 One thing we ask of You/ Onething that we desire/ That as weworship You/ Lord come andchange our livesArise arise/ Arise arise/ Arisetake Your place/ Be enthroned onour praise/ Arise King of kings/Holy God as we sing/ Arise arise/Arise ariseWe lift You up/ We lift You up/We lift You up on our praises
2003 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music 
Tommy Walker 
 As we worship You/ Let all theworld come and see/ How the
mercy we’ve received from You can
set them free/ As we worship You/Let all this joy that fills ourhearts/ Bring a hunger and a hope/
To those who’ve strayed so far
 CHORUSAs we bow in adoration/ And standin reverent awe/ Show Yourmajesty and glory/ Let Youranointing fall/ As we declare Yourname Lord Jesus/ As the onlyname Who saves/ May the powerof Your salvation/ Fill each heartwe prayAs we worship You/ Let all thenations hear our song/ The song ofJesus/ And His blood that provedHis love for all/ As we worshipYou/ May all the lost and brokencome/ May they hear Your stillsmall voice/ Call out their nameseach one
2000 Integrity’s Praise! Music & 
We Mobile Music (administered by 
Integrity’s Praise! Music) 
Mary Kirkbride and Mary Lou King 
 A God of faithfulness/ Withoutinjustice/ Good and upright is He/A God of faithfulness/ Withoutinjustice/ Good and upright is HeAscribe greatness to our God theRock/ His work is perfect and allHis ways are just/ Ascribegreatness to our God the Rock/His work is perfect and all Hisways are just
1979 Mary Kirkbride Barthow & Mary Lou King (administered in U.S. & Canada 
by Integrity’s 
Hosanna! Music) 
Kathryn Scott 
 At the foot of the cross/ Wheregrace and suffering meet/ Youhave shown me Your love/ Throughthe judgment You receivedCHORUS
And You’ve won my heart/
You’ve won my heart/
Now I can/Trade these ashes in for beauty/And wear forgiveness like a crown/Coming to kiss the feet of mercy/I lay every burden down/ At thefoot of the crossAt the foot of the cross/ Where Iam made complete/ You have givenme life/ Through the death Youbore for me
2003 Vertical Worship Songs 
Don Moen 
 My son/ Give attention to mywords (Oh yes)/ Incline your earto my sayings/ Do not (Do not)/Let them depart from your eyes/Keep them in the midst of yourheart (Heart)For they are life to those who findthem/ And health to all theirflesh/ For they are life to thosewho find them/ And health to alltheir fleshDeath and life/ Are in the powerof the tongue/ And those who loveit/ Will eat its fruit
1992 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music 
Julia Ward Howe/Verse 3 by Don Moen 
Mine eyes have seen the glory ofthe coming of the Lord/ He istrampling out the vintage wherethe grapes of wrath are stored/
He has loosed the fateful lightningof His terrible swift sword/ Histruth is marching onCHORUSGlory glory Hallelujah/ Glory gloryHallelujah/ Glory glory Hallelujah/His truth is marching onIn the beauties of the lilies/Christ was born across the sea/With a glory in His bosom thattransfigures you and me/ As Hedied to make men holy/ Let us liveto make men free/ His truth ismarching onI can almost hear the trumpetsound/
The Lord’s return is n
ear/But there are still so many peoplelost/ Somehow they got to hear/Lord please give me one morehour/ One more day just one more year/
With Your truth we’re
marching on
Public Domain/1988 Integrity’s 
Hosanna! Music (Verse 3) 
Don Moen 
 With every beat of my heart/Every song that I sing/ Everyprayer that I pray/ Every offeringI bring/ In every thought that Ihave/ Every word that I say/ Beglorified/ From the start of eachday/ 'Til the end of the night/ Letme bring praise/ Let me bringlight/ Lord I offer my life/ As asacrifice/ Be glorifiedCHORUSThis is my prayer/ It's the cry ofmy heart/ Lord I want my life/ Toreflect who You are/ O Lordplease stir up the fire/ And burneverything/ 'Til all I desire is YouWith every breath that I take/ Ineverything that I do/ Let me liftup Your Name/ And bring honor toYou/ Let the words of my mouth/Only speak truth/ Be glorifiedBe glorified/ Be glorified/ BeglorifiedIn everything I say/ Everything Ido (Be glorified)/ In everysituation/ Every conversation (Beglorified)/ Oh God/ It's myprayer/ Be glorified
2008 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music 
Don Moen and Claire Cloninger 
 CHORUSBe it unto me/ According to Yourword/ According to Your promises/I can stand secure/ Carve upon myheart/ The truth that sets mefree/ According to Your Word OLord/ Be it unto meYou promised Your blood willdeliver/
And Lord we believe it’s
true/ You promised us joy like ariver/ And Lord we receive it fromYou/ These things You havespoken/
And You’re bringing to
This world’s disappearing/
 But Your Word will lastHe promised to carry your sorrow/
Lord we believe it’s true/
Youpromised unending tomorrows/Lord we receive them from You/You will be our Provider/ In Your
Word it’s
revealed/ And by thestripes that You bore/ We havebeen healed
1995 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music 
and Word Music (a div. of WORD,Inc.) & Juniper Landing Music (administered by Word Music) 
Don Moen and Mia Fieldes 
 Let the broken-hearted sing/ Andthe captives say I'm free/ In thepraise we bring O God/ Be liftedup/ Be lifted upLet the widow find new joy/ Andthe weary man rejoice/ In thepraise we bring O God/ Be liftedup/ Be lifted upCHORUSIn majesty authority/ In powerGod You reign/ In everything overall that is/ You are greater/ Youare greaterLet the song of every saint/ Jointhe Heavens in high praise/ As weworship You O God/ Be lifted up/Be lifted upLet Your glory fill the earthLet Your glory fill the earth/ Letthe power of Your word/ See thecrippled man arise/ And the lostbecome Your bride
2008 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music 
and Mia Fieldes/ Hillsongs Publishing (administered in the U.S.
and Canada by Integrity’s Hosanna! 
Lynn DeShazo 
 I have made You too small in myeyes/ O Lord forgive me/ And Ihave believed in a lie/ That Youwere unable to help me/ But now OLord/ I see my wrong/ Heal myheart and show Yourself strong/And in my eyes and with my song/O Lord be magnified/ O Lord bemagnifiedCHORUSBe magnified O Lord/ You arehighly exalted/ And there is
nothing You can’t do/
O Lord myeyes are on You/ Be magnified/ OLord be magnifiedI have leaned on the wisdom ofmen/ O Lord forgive me/ And Ihave responded to them/ Insteadof Your light and Your mercy/ Butnow O Lord/ I see my wrong/ Heal

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