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Glo-Warm Natural Gas Heater Manual

Glo-Warm Natural Gas Heater Manual

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Published by: T on Nov 16, 2012
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Save this manual for future reference.
WARNING: If the information in this manual isnot followed exactly, a fire or explosion mayresult causing property damage, personalinjury, or loss of life. —Do not store or use gasoline or otherflammable vapors and liquids in the vicinity ofthis or any other appliance. —WHAT TO DO IF YOU SMELL GASDo not try to light any appliance.Do not touch any electrical switch; do not useany phone in your building.Immediately call your gas supplier from aneighbor’s phone. Follow the gassupplier’s instructions.If you cannot reach your gas supplier, call thefire department. —Installation and service must be performed bya qualified installer, service agency, or thegas supplier.
* Aftermarket: Completion of sale, not for purpose of resale, from the manufacturer
WARNING: This is anunvented gas-fired heater.It uses air (oxygen) from theroom in which it is installed.Provisions for adequatecombustion and ventilationair must be provided. Referto
Air For Combustion and Ventilation 
section on page4 of this manual.WARNING: Improper instal-lation, adjustment, alteration,service, or maintenance cancause injury or property dam-age. Refer to this manual forcorrect installation and op-erational procedures. For as-sistance or additional infor-mation consult a qualified in-staller, service agency, or thegas supplier.This appliance may be installed in an aftermarket*, permanently located, manufac-tured (mobile) home, where not prohibited by local codes.This appliance is only for use with the type of gas indicated on the rating plate. Thisappliance is not convertible for use with other gases.
1.This appliance is only for use with thetype of gas indicated on the rating plate.This appliance is not convertible for usewith other gases.2.If you smell gasShut off gas supply.Do not try to light any appliance.Do not touch any electrical switch; donot use any phone in your building.Immediately call your gas supplierfrom a neighbor’s phone. Follow thegas supplier’s instructions.If you cannot reach your gas supplier,call the fire department
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning:
Early signsof carbon monoxide poisoning resemble theflu, with headaches, dizziness, or nausea. If you have these signs, the heater may not beworking properly.
Get fresh air at once!
Have heater serviced. Some people are moreaffected by carbon monoxide than others.These include pregnant women, personswith heart or lung disease or anemia, thoseunder the influence of alcohol, and those athigh altitudes.
Natural Gas:
Natural gas is odorless. Anodor-making agent is added to natural gas.The odor helps you detect a natural gas leak.However, the odor added to natural gas canfade. Natural gas may be present even thoughno odor exists.Make certain you read and understand allwarnings. Keep this manual for reference. Itis your guide to safe and proper operation of this heater.
IMPORTANT: Read this owner’smanual carefully and completelybefore trying to assemble, oper-ate, or service this heater. Im-proper use of this heater can causeserious injury or death from burns,fire, explosion, electrical shock,and carbon monoxide poisoning.
3.This heater shall not be installed in abedroom or bathroom.4.Always run non-thermostat heater withplaque control knob in a locked position.Never set control knob between lockedpositions. Poor combustion and higherlevels of carbon monoxide may result.5.This heater needs fresh, outside air ven-tilation to run properly. This heater hasan Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS)safety shutoff system. The ODS shutsdown the heater if not enough fresh airis available. See
Fresh Air for Combus-tion and Ventilation,
pages 4 through 6.6.Keep all air openings in front and bot-tom of heater clear and free of debris.This will insure enough air for propercombustion.7.If heater shuts off, do not relight untilyou provide fresh, outside air. If heaterkeeps shutting off, have it serviced.8.Do not run heaterwhere flammable liquids or vaporsare used or storedunder dusty conditions9.Before using furniture polish, wax, car-pet cleaner, or similar products, turnheater off. If heated, the vapors fromthese products may create a white pow-der residue within burner box or onadjacent walls or furniture.10.Do not use heater if any part has beenunder water. Immediately call a quali-fied service technician to inspect theroom heater and to replace any part of the control system and any gas controlwhich has been under water.11.Turn off and unplug heater and let coolbefore servicing. Only a qualified ser-vice person should service and repairheater.12. Operating heater above elevations of 4,500 feet could cause pilot outage.
DANGER: Carbon monoxidepoisoning may lead to death!WARNING: Any change to thisheater or its controls can bedangerous.Do not place clothing or otherflammable material on or nearthe appliance. Never place anyobjects on the heater.Surface of heater becomes veryhot when running heater. Keepchildren and adults away fromhot surface to avoid burns orclothing ignition. Heater will re-main hot for a time after shut-down. Allow surface to cool be-fore touching.Carefully supervise young chil-dren when they are in the sameroom with heater.Make sure grill guard is in placebefore running heater.Keep the appliance area clear andfree from combustible materials,gasoline, and other flammablevapors and liquids.Due to high temperatures, theappliance should be located outof traffic and away from furnitureand draperies.WARNING: Do not use anyaccessory not approved for usewith this heater.
Install and use heater with care. Follow alllocal codes. In the absence of local codes, usethe latest edition of 
 National Fuel Gas Code ANS Z223.1,
also known as NFPA 54*.*Available from:American National Standards Institute, Inc.1430 BroadwayNew York, NY 10018National Fire Protection Association, Inc.Batterymarch Park Quincy, MA 02269
Figure 1 - Vent-Free Natural Gas Heater (Model FA-5B Shown) 
Control Knob
This heater has a pilot with an OxygenDepletion Sensing (ODS) safety shutoff system. The ODS/pilot is a required featurefor vent-free room heaters. The ODS/pilotshuts off the heater if there is not enoughfresh air.
This heater has a piezo ignitor. This systemrequires no matches, batteries, or othersources to light heater.
These heaters have a control valve with athermostat sensing bulb. This results in thegreatest heater comfort and may result inlower gas bills.
1.Remove heater from carton.2.Remove all protective packaging ap-plied to heater for shipment.3.Check heater for any shipping damage.If heater is damaged, promptly informdealer where you bought heater.

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