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Love and Hate...

Love and Hate...

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Published by belkisaris

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Published by: belkisaris on Dec 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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LOVE AND HATE*The Truth.My name is Isabella Rutherford. I was the daughter of Robert Rutherfordone of the most famous lawyer in New York. Only the rich could afford his prices. It was just me and my dad, because my mother died when I was 5years old in a car accident, my dad hated talking about it, there wasn’t evenan open casket ceremony because they said, her body was horrified by theimpact of the other car… Anyways after a couple of years in regular schoolwhen it was time for me to go to college my dad send me to an uniqueUniversity called. Leonard Prestige school. You never saw poor kids here,they all had money. So of course I didn’t like the school they were all stuck up kids, but no matter how much I beg my dad he wouldn’t let me go toanother university. Saying some bullshit as to I needed to be at this specificschool. I could just run away and go to the University I wanted, I was 25year old girl. But my dad warned me against that, he would take his stupidmoney with him, so I had to be patience and graduated and make money onmy own. I wanted to be an singer/actress. So my classes were around that.Kids here ignored me for some reason but I didn’t cared. I like the solitude. Iwasn’t much of a lovely lovely person, nor did I liked to have friends. Andthey weren’t ignoring me because I was ugly, I was flat-out, hands-downgorgeous, and not I wasn’t being full of my self. Guys describe me like that.I had long, wavy thick black hair, impossibly light brown eyes, skin like palecream, and a mouth any guy would dream of kissing. I was built too, thanksto the time I spent exercising. Long legs, small waist, perfect proportioned breast. So, when I wasn’t studying, exercising, or in class. I was sitting outside the school in a favorite stool where I could see everything clear, I didn’tsat down there to be noisy is just well I like the view of the woods. I was socaught watching a tree that at first I didn’t notice a shadow, but as theshadow kept moving. I started to see it clearly.I stood up, shadow’s shouldn’t move that fast… Because it wasn’t a shadowit was a men. He was running thru the woods, close to the school grounds.He’s running was much faster than any runner I ever seen…He seem to be following something invisible. I shook my head at the
silliness of what I just though I saw. He was different from the guys thatcame here, different because for some stupid reason he captivated me. Hearrived at the school and open the main door to the office and stepped inside.I couldn’t help it, I wanted to see if he was a new student or just visitingsomeone. So I stood up and went to the main office too. When I enter theoffice he was looking at the grand place. I had to admit too, this school wasamazing looking. It looked like an old castle where kings would live. Hewas ruffling his hair with his hands, he was tall with dark hair and blue eyeswearing jeans and a leather jacket. There was something mysterious abouthim, something dangerous and wild not like the others students that camehere. I decided there was no harm in talking to him.“Hello.” He turned towards my voice and started to look at me with a smirk slightly saying.“Hello.” Then his gaze flicked around again at the elaborated surroundings,he was handsome. The best one I seen in the school and trust me that wassaying much. Suddenly his attention flicked back at me almost looking meup and down. Staring for a second at my breast. I didn’t like it…
 Boy youdon’t even know who your checking out.
He smirked as if he heard mycomment which was impossible…“Do you need any help?” I asked at last. He walked towards me thenstopped.“I heard about this school, and got curious, so I came to investigate wantedto know if it was interesting enough to enroll.” I moved the hair out of myface to look at him clearly.“Well this is a good school.” He keep looking at me like he was studyingme, he got me nervous, so I said.“Sorry I haven’t introduced my self.” I extended my hands to shakes his. Hetook it and shake it.“I’m Isabella Rutherford.”“I’m Leopold Zach.” He told me letting go of my hand. He had an Englishaccent with a hint of Russian. But he spoke English perfectly.“Well fell free to keep looking around.” I turned to leave, but he grab myarm gently.“Can you show me around?” I started to say no, that I didn’t think it was agood idea…“Please.”
 Holy hell how did he do that?…
I blink then sigh. I did talked tohim first. So I started showing him around and when we were almost over,he suddenly said.“How old are you?” I looked back at him in disbelieve.
What? Really?
Isuddenly got angry.
“Why do you want to know my age?” He chuckled at my angry expression, Iwas about to tell him off when Lexie an annoying girl who’s goal in life wasto date every hot guy at the school came downstairs from her dorm, her hair was in a towel. She yawned and gave me a fake smile as if she was reallyhappy to see me. She pause noticing Leo, so she took the towel from her hair, shaking the bundle of long ebony hair.
Yep she’s hunting.
I though sarcastically. Once I though it. Leopold looked atme with a knowing smirk. She skipped into the space we were in, her greeneyes teasing him.“Hey Isa.” She told me, but her eyes never left Leo. I mentally sigh. Iignored her, and kept looking at Leo.“You know is not nice to ask a lady her age…” He smirked.“I’m just curious you know. In this world people aren’t what they seem.” Hishead turned towards the girl. I rolled my eyes at both of them and decided toanswer him.“I’m 27.” While I answer Lexis’s heart shaped face was bright and happythat he acknowledge her, making her beauty even more lovely. Leo turnedagain towards me and lean against the wall casually.“See that wasn’t so hard was it?” I rolled my eyes again at him, and startedwalking pass them. They belong with each other. He suddenly grabbed myarm.“Ok you convince me. This school is interesting.” He gave me such a looas if I was the reason he was staying. “I’ll enroll.” I push him away and I feltas if he let me…“You can do whatever you want I don’t care.” I walked away, but as I did. Icould hear Lexie flirting with him. So tomorrow he would have a girlfriend.I went to my classes, but for some annoying reason Leo appeared to have allof mine. I ignored him most of the day. Finally when the last class ended Istarted to collect my books. I felt someone behind me and I turned around. Itwas Leo, of course he was leaning casually in one of the chair behind melooking at me with a smirk. I went back to getting my books. Suddenly hishands were behind me and he started helping me with my books. I turnedagain and there was Leo with the same annoying smirk. I glared at him.“Don’t you know about personal spaces?” He gave me such a look that Iswore he was flirting with me.“Am I bothering you?” He said doubtful.“Actually you are, so if you’ll excuse me.” I tried stepping around him, buthe kept his hands around my waist. I pushed him off me. He gave me theimpression that once again he let me push him off, that he was stronger than

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1 hundred reads
belkisaris added this note
I'm making a second version of this one, the love is going to be between a slayer and a vampire...
belkisaris added this note
Soon, i'm working on it
belkisaris added this note
Soon, i'm finishing writing it :P
jabigail2011 added this note
Love It. When are you going to post the second part?
belkisaris liked this
jabigail2011 liked this
belkisaris liked this

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