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Gay Slang

Gay Slang

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Published by michaelmenei
For fathers with homosexual children.
For fathers with homosexual children.

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Published by: michaelmenei on Dec 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Gay slang is constantly evolving, with new words being added frequently, and for thesereasons, we should never, forget the fabulous terms of today, and of days gone by, in theyears of the past.
Gay slang may be offensive and vulgar. Most of the vocabulary of this Dictionary comes from a adults, Environment such as gay nightclubs, gay bathhouses, and other places where gay and lesbians meet socially. Due to the adult content presented in this dictionary. Note parents are advised this Dictionary contains sexually explicit language, that is not suitable for young children.
I do not apologise for any offence taken from the following dictionary. you have beenadvised of the sexually explicit, racist, sexist and prejudicial expressions. To omit orcensor this language, would limit telling, the whole story, of gay and lesbian history,and that would present a false impression of current and past linguistics.
[late 1990s] this is like phone sex, one gets in a chat room, with others andwrites erotic conversation, and jacks off. 
[Eric, wouldn't have sex with me, but I wouldalways catch him having cybersex]
[Submitted by your name, date, city state country]
1. adj. (16th century England theatrical) young men or boy wearing the costume of awomen in a play. [send in the Gay.]2. noun. (16th century) homosexual man.3. adj. happy excitement, merry.4. adj. lively or bright.5. verb. [USA 1990s] to be inadequate or displeasing; TO SUCK. (
"That movie wasfucking gay.")main entry word:
_____Part of-of-Speech Labels______where known____
exampe of the word in use____
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sixty-nine oral sex that two persons engage in simultaneously. Sixty-nine may be engagedin by two men who engage in fellatio, two women who perform cunnilingus, or by womanand a man one performing fellatio and the other cunnilingus. see Sixty-Nine
Nazi Concentration Camp homosexual prisoners were always marked, with symbols. In thefirst years of the Concentration Camp varying symbols were used. A large 175 was thesymbol drawn on the inmates's back. Reference to the Paragraph 175 of the Penal Code.
[Germany 1920s & 1930s] male homosexual. -Derived from the German Penal Code,Paragraph 175.
 [1998] Information about something or someone. Come in to us when the TelephoneCompany making 411 into directory assistance. [Do you have all the 411 on the new guy?]
code for smoking marijuana.
1. Nazi Concentration Camp homosexual prisoners were always marked with symbols. Inthe first years of the Concentration Camp varying symbols were used. A yellow band withan "A" [which was translated as "Arschficker" --ass fucker see note GS3..2. [abbreviation ] Asian. This abbreviation is used in the classified ads.
a girl scout:
one lonely soldier on leave.
Aaron's rod:
synonym for penis
a meal ticket:
1. [70s] a john that is picked by a nonprofessional male prostitute when the money getslow.2. older man who shows affection for his younger male lover with gifts.3. the guy that pays a prostitute.4. older man who supports a younger lover or friend.
a piece of Navy cake:
a gay sailor. see aggie. a stiff cock has no conscience: when one is aroused sexually hewill get sexual gratification from who he can, without embarrassing him.
a stiff cock has no conscience:
when one is aroused sexually, sexual gratification will be obtained from whereverpossible without embarassment to the guy with the stimulation. [Submitted from,Wei Lee,Dictionary of Gay Slang]
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