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Published by Alvin Sugar

Philosophy that explains why America keeps going downhill because the Bar Ass keeps proping up the incline.

Philosophy that explains why America keeps going downhill because the Bar Ass keeps proping up the incline.

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Categories:Types, Research, Law
Published by: Alvin Sugar on Dec 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I am finding out the number of brainwashed (and damaged) humans is staggering. It seems thesource of all the problems is “Organized Religion;” whose basis is built upon the murder of a greatphilosopher; who believed in Christianity, and practiced it; unlike the modern Church that utilizes peerpressure for power! “A Walk in Jesus Christ's Shoes” is truly an impossible challenge for clergymen -for the last 500 years! Deceit is used to encourage ignorance, while expediting prejudice andMachiavellian attitudes simultaneously. Yes, there are a few great Evangelists that attempt to move thechurch to Christianity; however, the ignorant majority may listen, and file the good information; but itis stored in the mind's folder of “Organized Religion,” instead of the mental folder of “Freewill” thatsupports individuality, Christ's number one message. 'Stay out of Rome's cathedrals; pray to GodAlmighty in a Closet instead!'Organized religion today is theatrics, and piety is now downplayed. Society makes fun oforthodoxy, regardless of sect. In fact, different sects are a common basis for war; and justified slaughterof mankind? In fact this places mankind in a position of being a greater SAVAGE, then all of ourforebears.“The Book,” i.e. the bible, has a interesting history. We start with the Enuma Elish that wasinitiated around 2500 BCE, and then was reassembled by the Sumerians in 1300 BCE. Technically thisis the original text bible for the Chapter Genesis, that existed when Constantine was the emperor ofRome (300 AD). During the reign of Constantine, the letters of Christ's disciples was discovered, andthe new testament was assembled. Obviously, the teachings of Jesus and the bible were separate; andthe goal of Constantine was to integrate them; while converting Christ's Jewish belief in matriarchy, tomale dominance.In 1603 AD, James Stewart learned that Queen Elizabeth passed away, and he then becameKing James I, King of England, Scotland, and Ireland. He was born in the 17th century during acontroversy in England over the relationship between church and state. Fascinated with the Bible, KingJames sought a new English translation that could be authorized for all churches to use - a version moretrue to the original manuscripts. [i.e. His interpretation] The King James Version then came toprominence in the 1660s with the restoration of the monarchy, after the English Civil War. Interestinglythe modifications to the Enuma Elish, became Genesis - and the Talmud of Jesus Christ, the book ofLilith, and other books not collaborative, were discarded in 1611. Guess what, this information wouldmake the New Testament older than King James versions of the original Hebrew Bible text (that he also“messed” with).Then came the 1921 version of King James that eliminated some of Christ's Talmud that slippedby editing. For individuals, common law with a 10 commandment basic that teen agers couldcomprehend, wasn't sufficient for corporate law; because of new modern Equity; and with it the need toviolate Christian values against usury. Biblical sections concerning attorneys had to be edited out forattorneys to feel worthy. So in 1921 King James philosophy was re-energized, since he was the fatherof licensing. [FYI: All the presses had to be licensed, so King James could control dispersedinformation - and propaganda.]Basically we have had the conversion of an old art form of artistic praying; chanting withbobbing and weaving that is now replaced by having a captive audience that is now seeking1
entertainment with/from a preacher that is almost “speaking in tongue;” that I now called information-babble that has evolved from our “superior communication systems” (?), which again seems to displaythe return of the Tower of Babble - infecting the entire planet; that is obvious a display of the slowmoving leading edge of the 'Armageddon stage' that we appear to be now living within!I am not a believer of the organized religious view of Armageddon, but are more concernedwith the philosophic view that when a world capitalizes on finance and equity, instead of excellenceand efficiency; while amplifying usury, and possessing WMD to stave off (and threaten) abusedcountries, that there is a limit to this kind of intolerant behavior. Our conservative Constitution containsthe message that if a Government moves too far to the left, it is the responsibility of the public tocorrect the problem; and that is not done by voting!Gandhi had the right system of standing up peacefully, and insisting for (common law) justiceto be done. Compounding problems with equity, by forging sub contracts only increases themassiveness of lies to improve wiggle room for Admiralty jurisdiction to be manipulated by illusions ofequity. Prosecutors now are ignorant of reality, and civil law that is based upon common law, and arededicated only to procedure only, destroying common sense; They will come up with the most illogicalarguments to justify their stand in an action. This yields more “speaking in tongue” BS, and moreuseless babble that must be ignored! [Regardless of the punishment endured.]
Man's rise in the food chain
All life is dedicated to be food, the prime law of nature. Because of opposing thumbs, coupledwith autism and streaks of insanity; mankind rose to the top of the food chain. The American Indianwas the best adjusted to living on this planet in a realistic manner; however, they were overrun by thementally ill European invaders that had an obnoxious superiority complex. This in turn killed the basicconcept of survival, and replaced it with a desire for wealth, power, and protectionism; titled Affluence![Unfortunately, affluence then became the scale evaluating the “right to life” so if you are wealthy youhave more rights to live, over your fellow man. The American Constitution was the equalizer; howeverthrough equity, it was whited out by the publics reluctance, and disinterest.] Going back over the millenniums it appears mankind evolved into a verity of species that therulers of society refuse to accept at face value, primarily because of organized religion. Bigfoot, Grays,Mermaids, Nefilims (giants), Annunakis, and Yetis are regarded as myths, regardless of all legalevidence of their existence. This protectionism dulls the adventure of 'discovery of the truth' of ourroots, in order to reinforce the 'mysticism' of organized religion. A similar situation to Adolph Hitlerusing hate and ignorance to inspire murderers. Obviously Christianity must be contained by “Rome's”organized religion at all costs. Thus stimulating the greatest amount of savagery from mankind!The basic comprehension of life is: that for the Universe to exist, life must be present! We asindividuals, support existence for other life forms, and the Universe itself. We all ride on a ripple oftime to cumulatively support existence. And when we expire, “poof;” there goes the entire Universewith us! Humorously, the entire Universe only exists for the time of conception to death of each of us.This truly makes us significant as a tool of life, yet because we are plentiful, death looses prominence.Survival requires risks, and this makes mankind seek expansion into uncharted territory, challenge largefood supplies because of hunger, and believe that competition is essential – while shrewed thinkers2
think of sneaky, and sometimes sleazy ways to cheat (safely). The American Indian believes physicalactivity is important, and when that is curtailed, they commit suicide rather then just exist. TheEuropean on the other hand believe in existence without concern for activity, thus weakening the strainof mankind by knowledge without the applications of wisdom. Man is more visually involved, so it is acase of “show me, don't tell me.”Competition breeds arrogance and isolationism today, instead of the pride of accomplishment asset up in the 1930s. I compete to the best of my ability, and am very happy if I am placing into theupper region of scoring; while fellow competitors view me as a loser? I do a Century on my bike, andend up in the middle of the field; and I believe I am doing well considering I am 55 years old with lungdisease and heart trouble, that limits me on hill climbing; at that time. The rest of the riders believe theyare potential replacements for Lance Armstrong, and are unhappy with their lower then perfectionperformance? Go figure!So, like bacteria that poisons itself to feed another strain of stronger bacteria, until the end resultis penicillin that is poisonous to all bacteria, mankind is forced to ride out Armageddon without safetybelts (unless one merges with a tribe of Bigfoot - that know how to survive)!Mankind's poisonous waste products? Architecture! Better known as “targets.”
A tale of 2 bikes
 EW-88The Safe moped bike - per Carrollton Texas municipal court. 3

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