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Presonal Sales

Presonal Sales

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Published by: Hashim Mahmood Khawaja on Dec 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The personal sales call is often the most effective means of customer contact, especiallywhen directed at volume movers of the leisure, business and meetings market. A personalsales call is used to build rapport with clients or potential clients and sell them the property’s product and services.Type of personal sales call1 cold calls or prospect calls – which can either be made in person or by telephone, areusually made within a small geographic area with a minimum amount of time spent oneach call.2 public relation calls – This call made for existing customer to enhance the relation ship.3 Presentation calls – This call are made to individuals committees or groups to explainhow your property can meet their needs and to ask for their business.4 Inside calls – These calls are made to walk-ins inquiry about the property or to group buyers, such as tour operators and meeting planners.
Prospecting is the life blood of sales because prospecting identifies the individuals or groups that may become the property’s client base in the future. At a minimum, eachsales person should be making 10 to 15 calls per week on new prospects.
Sources of prospecting
-Referral program of past and present clients-Account penetration-Local organization and companies-Community contacts-Front desk personnel-Other property employees-The property competitors-Other sources-The national level-Networking-The internet
Qualifying prospects
Qualify and quantify are two of the most important steps in the solicitation of anyaccount. Unfortunately, not every prospect qualifies as a potential client, in many hotels80 percent of business is generated by 20 percent of their accounts.Refer sample sales prospect card exhibit 2 page no 137
Prepare for the presentation sales call
Once the prospect has been called on and has expressed an interest in the property, a presentation sales call can be made. Although you should approach each presentationsales call with confidence, you should realize that not all presentation lead to sale. Youshould have well prepared presentation. It results1 increased credibility2 increased confidence3 increased probability of reaching the decision maker 
Pre presentation planning
To be effective pre presentation planning should include property research, competitor research, and client research.
Property research
includes the developing a property fact book including variousinformation related to the hotel. Such as-General property description-Guest rooms-Restaurants and lounges-Meeting and banquet facilities-Audiovisual equipment-Transportation-Recreation facilities-Out side services- Vendors
Competition research
includes the the gathering various information related to thecompetitors strengths, weaknesses, and their customer base.Refer sample competition analysis-page 143 exhibit 03
Client research
includes the study about client, annual reports, internet sites, businessdirectories, articles, trade journals etc... 
The sales kit
Before making a sales call you should prepare a well organized and professional saleskit. Only the information pertinent to the client’s particular needs should be included, toomuch information results in clutter and appears unprofessional.
Projecting a professional image
You are the official representative of the property and your appearance, attitude, andapproach to clients can mean the difference between new business and a negativeresponse. Remember, you never get a second chance to make good first impression.
First and foremost, never smoke; chew gum, or drinking during a sales call. Other factorsin projecting a professional image include nonverbal communication, voice quality,listning skills, and negotiation skills
Nonverbal communication
-Appearance-The handshake-Territorial space-Public space-Social space-Personal space-Intimate space-Body language
Voice quality
The sales presentation must be clear and understandable to be effective. The human voiceis a persuasive instrument when used properly, and it is vitally important that you learn touse your voice as a selling tool.
Listening skill
At the other end of the spectrum, you must know when to stop talking. You need to showgenuine interest in your clients’ need, and listening is and important part of building arapport.
Negotiating skill
Listening plays a key role in yet another important sales skill, negotiating. Negotiationinvolves two or more parties coming together to reach an agreement for their mutual benefit. 
The presentation sales call
The objective of a presentation sales call is to book business for the property .once youhave prepared yourself for a presentation sales call it is time to make an appointment withthe client and follow the five steps that will help ensure success.1 opening the sales calls2 Getting client involvement3 Presenting your property4 Overcoming objections5 closing and following up
1. Opening the sales call
All sales call begins with an opening. The opening should put the customer at easeestablish rapport and build the prospects confidence and trust in you it divides in tofollowing stages

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