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Murdo Coyote, January 3, 2013

Murdo Coyote, January 3, 2013

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Published by: surfnewmedia on Jan 03, 2013
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4-H Safety Training
4-H Shooting Sports SafetyTraining will be held on January3, 2013, from 5:00 p.m. - 9:00p.m. at the Jones County GunClub.This training must becompleted by any youth who areplanning on participating in the4-H Shooting Sports program.
Sports events rides
The Jones County School Dis-trict is offering free in-townrides to any of our home activi-ties (sporting events, music con-certs etc.) for senior citizens liv-ing in Murdo. For more informa-tion or to request a ride, call thehigh school at 669-2258 no laterthan 3 p.m. on the day of theevent.
Trading Pages Library
Thank you to Ella Fuhrerfor donating her time to getthe Trading Pages librarycleaned up and organized. Anyone who would like tovolunteer to assist Ella withthis task, please call her at669-2636.
The Trading Pageslibrary at the Murdo Coyote isopen Monday through Wednes-day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. andThursday as open. There aremany new books available. Stopin and check one out.
EMT training February 1
The Jones County Ambulanceis looking to expand their EMTmembers and would like to haveanyone who might be interestedin becoming an EMT to let themknow. They have set a date forFebruary 1, 2013 for the firstEMT training. Watch the CoyoteBriefs in the future for moreinformation regarding the train-ing. Anyone with an interest oranyone with questions that theambulance crew could answerare asked to call and leave amessage at 669-3125 or to callTammy Van Dam at 530-7553.
Murdo City Council
The Murdo City Council willmeet Monday, Jan. 7 at 7:30p.m. at the city office. The publicis welcome to attend.
Draper Town Board
The Draper Town Board willmeet Monday, Jan. 7 at 7:00p.m. at the Draper hall. Thepublic is welcome to attend.
County Commissioners
The Jones County Commis-sioners will hold their monthlymeeting at the courthouse onTuesday, Jan. 8 at 9 a.m. Thepublic is welcome to attend.
J.C. School Board
The Jones County School Dis-trict #37-3 will hold theirmonthly meeting Monday, Jan.14 at 7 p.m. at the high schoollibrary. The public is encouragedto attend.
Includes tax
Number 1Volume 107January 3, 2013
Celebrating retirement 
Bev Andrews poses with herretirement celebration cake during the retirement party thrownin her honor at the court house December 27.
Courtesy photo 
2012: a Murdo Coyote year in review
by Karlee Barnes
 Another year has come andgone, and with it brought manychanges, not only for the MurdoCoyote office, but also for the com-munity.In
, Ravellette Publi-cations launched a new E-editionfeature, for all seven of theirpapers, on the website, whichallows readers to purchase anonline subscription. The Pioneer Auto Museum brought home theGeorge S. Mickelson Great Service Award from the 2012 Governor’sConference on Tourism. Onceagain, the Jones County boys bas-ketball team hosted the Invita-tional Tournament, and claimedsecond place. Lonna Jackson joined the Murdo Coyote crew atthe end of January and continuesto work as the typesetter in addi-tion to keeping the office work inline. Amild winter continued into
, and both boys andgirls basketball teams wrapped uptheir seasons and prepared to takeon their respective district tourna-ments. The girls team went on towin the district championship, butlost to Edgemont in the region 7Bgame.
finally brought the snowstorm that everyone had begun togive up on. The storm dumpedenough snow to close the Inter-state and strand motorists inevery corner of Murdo. The JonesCounty Ambulance crew provideda CPR/AED class as a communityservice. Murdo saw an improve-ment in the city park as a newbathroom with plumbing wasinstalled. Adisappointing act of vandalism on the new docksinstalled at the North Dambrought spirits down. This was thesecond act of vandalism on thedocks that had been recentlyinstalled. The vandalism caseremains unsolved. March broughtanother big change in the closingof the HHH Truckstop, owned bythe Venard family. The truckstophad been a staple in the communi-ty since December 1, 1971, whenBarb Venard and her late hus-band, Lyle, started the business.In
, the Jones Countyschool district added grades 6-8football back into the sports lineup. The Fifth Annual Cure KidsCancer Radiothon featured localDacey Bryan as she joined othercancer victims and told her per-sonal account of her fight withcancer, and how her life has beenchanged. The Easter Bunny madean appearance at the City Park on April 5 during the annual Easteregg hunt.With the coming of 
, morechanges were made and mile-stones met. The class of 2012 cele-brated a great accomplishment attheir graduation ceremony on May20. In addition, the Pioneer AutoMuseum celebrated the 20thanniversary of their Murdo in Mayevent. Main street saw somechanges as the old law officebetween the Murdo Coyote andWest Central Electric wasremoved. The local 4-H club had23 members qualify for the stateshooting sports tournament, andbrought home many first placeawards. Both Murdo and Draperheld Memorial Day ceremoniescomplete with speakers, music androws of crosses to honor and cele-brate the lives of all area militarymen and women.In
the Jones County Ambulance was informed thatthey were to receive grant moneyfor an indepth study of the emer-gency medical services in JonesCounty. On June 5, Save OurFarm Youth day camp was held inMurdo, in which 56 kids partici-pated. June also brought a pri-mary election. Locally, Beth Fed-dersen won the primary for theJones County Treasurer and SteveIwan took the election in a 94-36turnout against Pressler Seymour.Construction started on the newbuilding now occupied by Venard,Inc., and the new docks at the CityPark and the North Dam wereexpanded. It was also decided inJune to move the fireworks loca-tion. The Murdo Fire Departmenthad been sponsoring the fireworksdisplay at the rodeo grounds foryears, and decided this year tomove the display to the NorthDam. The display was once againspectacular, and the added reflec-tion of the fireworks in the watermade it that much better.
brought with it heat anddrought and another season of lit-tle league baseball. TheJones/Mellette County Achieve-ment Days were held July 18-20and contained a full schedule of events. The KGFX radio stationbrought the Hometown Tour toMurdo and community membersdiscussed the upcoming RanchRodeo, Achievement Days, localbusinesses, and other communityevents. Despite the unbearableheat, the Ranch Rodeo was onceagain held in Murdo, as many areacowboys put on their hats andspurs for an afternoon and eveningof competing.In
, the annual poolparty was held. Dakota Mill andGrain presented an expansionplan to the city council, and workon that project continues. Bounti-ful Baskets, a food co-op programmade its way to Murdo, and con-tinues to provide fresh produce ata very reasonable price to commu-nity members. The Jones CountyConservation District planted 75trees for 75 years in and aroundboth Murdo and Draper. The Turn-er Community Center continued toimprove, with the addition of anew electronic sign that displaysnot only movie times, but alsocommunity events and personalmessages. Becca Gregoire, of Draper, introduced a new fun wayto stay fit, with the dance exercise,Zumba. Gregoire is currentlyworking on organizing the secondsession of the exercise classes,which are held in the Draper Audi-torium.In
, the St. Mary’sFoundation of Pierre hosted a sui-cide walk, in which many mem-bers of the community participat-ed in to remember lost loved onesand friends. The event was verysuccessful, raising $16,279.33.Local teams participating in theevent honored Brian Feddersen,Philip Dobbin and Al Hovey. TheJones County Ambulance crewheld an auction to raise money fora new ambulance. Members of theTurner Youth Foundation werehonored to be able to visit TedTurner’s ranch in Big Sky, Mont.The group presented their TurnerCommunity Center project duringthe retreat. Local teacher, MargiePeters was one of 15 women nomi-nated for the Spirit of Dakotaaward, which recognizes outstand-ing women who have been nomi-nated by their communities. Dueto the drought, the high school stu-dents were not able to hold theannual burning of the ‘JC’at thehomecoming festivities. Septem-ber also was a month for a greatdisaster in the county. ASeptem-ber 16 fire burned 2,465 acres inthe county, further illustrating theneed for moisture.
brought more changeswith the opening of Venard, Inc. onthe west side of town. Ahorriblewind storm whipped through thestate, causing problems on theinterstate. With the coming of hunting season, the Jones County Ambulance crew hosted theirannual breakfast feed and had achance to show off their newambulance. As
came, JonesCounty proved to be more than adot on the map, as we had thehighest voter turnout in SouthDakota. It also brought change inthe school system with LorrieEsmay and Deb Venard retiring asplay directors.
held little excite-ment as the year came to an end.However, it seems as if MargiePeters’s famous popcorn machineis on its last leg. Her popcorn is astaple at sporting events held inthe auditorium. Anyone wishing todonate money for a new machineto keep the tradition alive maycontact the Jones County HighSchool.
Kadoka1 p.m.White River Bennett Co.2:30 p.m.ColomeLyman6:30 p.m.PhilipJones Co.8 p.mStanley Co.7th place1 p.m.Consolation2:30 p.m.Championship8 p.m.3rd place6:30 p.m.
Jones County 45th AnnualInvitational BasketballTournament
January 10-11-12, 2013
Doors open 45 minutes prior to each session.**no passes or activity tickets will be accepted atthe Invitational Tournament
AdmissionAdults: $5.00Students K-12: $3.00Officials:Jim Johnston andCrew
Tourism Award 
JanetMiller and Dave Geisler proud-ly display the plaque at theAuto Museum
March snow storm 
Trucks and cars all vie for a place in line to head east as soon as I-90 is declared open.
Feeling the heat 
Firemen withstand the heat of the fire tospread burning hay bales with rakes to suppress the September19 blaze.
Courtesy photo 
Jones County News
Murdo Coyote • January 3, 2013 •
Page 2
Murdo Coyote – Murdo, SD
P.O.Box 465Murdo, SD 57559-0465Phone: (605) 669-2271FAX: (605) 669-2744E-mail: mcoyote@gwtc.netUSPS No.: 368300Don Ravellette, Publisher Karlee Barnes,Reporter/Photographer/SalesLonna JacksonTypesetter/OfficeSUBSCRIPTION RATES:Local … $34.00 + Tax
Local subscriptions include the towns and ruralroutes of Murdo, Draper, Vivian, Presho,WhiteRiver, Okaton, Belvidere, Kadoka and Midland
In-State … $39.00 + taxOut-of-State … $39.00Periodicals Postage Paid atMurdo, SD 57559Postmaster:Send address changes to:Murdo CoyoteP.O. Box 465Murdo, SD 57559-0465Deadlines for articles and letters isThursdays at 5:00 p.m. (CT)
Items received after that time will beheld over until the next week’s issue.
LEGALDEADLINE:Fridays at 4:00 p.m. (CT)ADVERTISING DEADLINE:Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. (CT)
Published Every Thursday 
East Side News
by Janet Louder •
Sunday, December 23, Tyler,Chelsee, Addison and JoeyRankin celebrated Christmas alittle early at the home of Randyand Holly Nemec in Midlandalong with Brian and KateyOrtlieb, Morgan, Tanner andTaiton of Black Hawk and Tylerand Angel Nemec and Emry of Midland. On Christmas Eve, theRankin’s celebrated some more atthe home of Ernie and LaurelNemec in Midland, with many,many more family members, 28total!How was everyone's Christ-mas? Ours was great, but I maybe getting too old for this. We pro-duced some producers as we had25 here for dinner and were shorta couple. It got pretty crowded,but with that much "together-ness", the furnace didn't have torun much! Christmas Eve, Donand Cara Pearson, son Dawsonand grandkids Charley andKingston; Calli, Nick and Aria allarrived. Some of us attendedchurch. After, we had an oysterstew and ham sandwich supper,and by this time, Jay Louderarrived, as did Casey Miller andMonica Reder. Grandsons DrewPearson and Tyler Louder camevery late. Christmas Day, all of the above plus Vicki and JohnHagemann, Chance, Jordan andfriend Colleen; Brian and ChelseaLouder; Adam and ShawnaLizotte and Landen were here. Allin all a good day. It is nice havingthem all together – doesn't hap-pen too often; from Yankton toRapid City and then those fromFt. Collins. And the weather evencooperated.Mike and Joni Hunt hosted aChristmas Eve day noon meal andget together for Richard and JuneNix; Andy and Jill Rankin andfamily; Ashley Hunt; David andKati Hunt and family.Christmas Eve supper guests of  Andy and Jill Rankin and familywere: Bob and Susie Rankin; Rayand Janice Pike; Mike and JoniHunt; Ashley Hunt; Richard andJune Nix; David and Kati Huntand family.Christmas Day guests of Boband Susie Rankin were: Ray andJanice Pike; Andy, Jill and family;Kati and Drew and family; Tylerand Chelsee and family.Dick and Kris Bradley, Karen Authier and John Bradley andfriend Mary of Rapid City wereChristmas Day guests of Mar-garet and Greg Rankin.Betty Mann hosted Christmasdinner for Earl Dahlke and Rodand Brenda Mann and family. An early Christmas get togeth-er was held at the home of Kevinand Laura Louder on Saturday.Those there were: Jamie Bretschand family of Aberdeen; Dustinand Kristen Aske and family; Leviand Shannon Louder; SusieLyman; and Brad Louder.Christmas Eve supper guests of Dorothy and Brad Louder were:Kevin and Laura Louder; Leviand Shannon Louder; Darin Loud-er and Lisa Cline; David, Lill andJason Seamans. An oyster stewsupper and games of cards wereenjoyed.Christmas Eve, Eldon andEsther Magnuson met daughtersTerri Pelle and Ginger Waltner forchurch at the Draper Lutheranchurch. After, the congregation allenjoyed the soup and sandwichsupper served in the basement.Following the supper, the Magnu-son group went to Murdo to thehome of Chad and Heather Whit-ney and boys and indulged inmore supper. Christmas Day, theabove group gathered at the Mag-nuson's for dinner (Terri and Gin-ger had spent the night). Theywere joined by Kathie Mason andErnie Kessler; Bob and ShelleyBoehmer; Crystal and Tyson Lin-dekugel and Tripp; Lori Owensand boys Tane, Trey and Tayler,all of Pierre.Christmas dinner guests of Dave and Kathy Fuoss were: Rayand Shirley Vik; Steve Vik; Doug Vik; Mike and LyRanda Fuoss andboys; Lori and Tim Nemec andfamily. Doug is here for the week.David and Jill Venard hostedChristmas Day dinner for: Lenaeand Jesse Tucker and family;Beth and Nick Van Dam; Katie Venard; Dean, Terri, Jackson andTana Volmer; Lanny and MicheleIwan and family; and KimCalkins. Gerald and Wanda Math-ews joined the group later in theafternoon.While in Pierre on December19, Nelva and Janet Louder visit-ed Alex and Jean Freier. Gen Liff-engren also visited them andJoyce Ernst in the afternoon.Margie Boyle spent a few daysover Christmas in LaCrosse, Wis.,with daughter Brenda and JamesMurray, Sam and Ben. OtherChristmas guests were GaryBoyle and friend Gaylene. A Christmas Eve supper wasenjoyed with James' brother andsister and their families joiningthem. Margie returned homeWednesday. An early Christmas was held atthe home of Rosa Lee Styles onSaturday with the arrival of Taraand Zac Meyer and Lincoln fromMinneapolis; Teddi Anderson,Fargo; Skyler Dowling and Brit-tney Starks, Pierre; Shelli Ter-williger, Rapid City; and Davidand Robert Styles. Later that daythe group left to spend the holidayat the Terwilligers in Rapid City.Christmas Day guests of RosaLee, David and Robert Styleswere Larry and Jenette Styles of Hill City.Monica Mathews spent Christ-mas Eve and Day with parentsFred and Mary Mathews.Christmas Eve supper guests of Gerald and Wanda Mathews wereFred, Mary and Monica Mathews.Bob and Susie Rankin spentTuesday through Friday of lastweek in Tulsa where Susie keptappointments. On Wednesdayevening, they met Tim and SandyZibell of Wann for supper and atime of visiting.Dorothy and Darin Louder vis-ited Dwight in Kadoka onWednesday.Wishing a good friend, JeanIwan of White River, a very happybirthday December 27, as shereaches another milestone. I won'tsay, but she is behind me almostsix years – and I hit the 76 markthis year! Oh, whoops!Lill Seamans, Esther Magnu-son, Margie Boyle and JanetLouder listened to the first andsecond graders read to them onThursday, December 20. I woremy Santa cap – they wondered if Ilived at the North Pole and if Iever got to ride in Santa's sleigh?They are so cute.Eldon and Esther Magnusonand Nelva and Janet Louder went
Local News
by Jody Lebeda • 669-2526• jody1945@gmail.com
Surprising Butch and NancyIversen for the Christmas holidaywere daughter Christine fromMesa, Ariz., and grandsonJonathan Strait and wife Ginniefrom Queen Creek, Ariz. Chris-tine’s daughter, Shelby Straitfrom Okaton, was also super sur-prised. Lots of cribbage wasplayed. It was Ginnie’s first everwhite Christmas and it had been26 years for Christine andJonathan.Well, we made it throughChristmas. What a wonderful sea-son; so many ways to share thegreatest Gift ever, Jesus Christ. Iwant to say that I truly enjoyedthe program and pageants at thedifferent churches in town and allthe wonderful talent that we areblessed to have in this community.Marie Addison had one of hergrandchildren stop in, KevinDoyle and family from Vermillion;they had a good visit.Marie wentto the home of Rich and CeceliaDoud north of Midland wherethey spent Christmas Day. It wasa quiet group but they enjoyed allthe visiting. She is going to Philipon Sunday to a “secret Pal” party,which meets once a year now tokeep updated with the remainingmembers.Bev Anderson and Cliff had vis-itors from Texas, Cheryl, Brandalland Ellissa Volmer and friend Joe.Living so far away, it is extra spe-cial when they get together forChristmas. Everyone had a won-derful time.Bev Andrews fixed Christmasdinner at her home, Tom Andrews, Jordan and Josh wereguests. Rich had plans to comebut was detained. Aretirementparty was held for Bev on Fridayin the courtroom, even though theweather was bad, many peoplecame out to wish her a happyretirement. They took many pic-tures and made many memories.Bev is looking forward to fullretirementas she has a long listof things she wants to do.Dean and Deb Faber visitedTom and Caroline TrethawayChristmas Day. Tom is recuperat-ing but not up to going out justyet. Deb’s son, Orrin Hall, was onhis way but was turned back atthe mountain pass – what disap-pointment for him and his mom.The following was sent fromFred Koester. Well happy holidaysto you as well...Dad (MelfordKoester). I see him about once aweek or so and give him his thingsthen...I brought him to Philip forChristmas and he seems to bedoing well...but he didn't see anyreason that he needed to go backto Kadoka...but all worked outwell. Have a happy New Year. Let-ters can be sent to Kadoka Nurs-ing Home.out for supper Saturday eveningat a local cafe, then back to theLouders for cards, dessert and cof-fee.In looking at our new 2013 cal-endar, I see Karen Miller has abirthday on New Years Day, andRay and Janice Pike tied the knoton the 1st, 57 years ago. The 2nd,Fred and Mary Mathews werewed, not sure of the year. And onthe 3rd, Tyler and Chelsee Rankinhave been married four years.Happy birthday and happyanniversaries to all!Following church Sunday, Pas-tor Rick and Jane Hazen, AliceHorsley, Rosa Lee Styles, Ray andJanice Pike, Ray and Shirley Vik,and Nelva and Janet Louder haddinner together at a local cafe.That afternoon, the Loudersplayed cards at Dorothy and BradLouder's.Paul and Denise Brost, Taylor,Jamie, Alex and Dillon of Wauna-kee, Wis., arrived on Sunday atthe home of Grandpa Dave andGrandma Linda Brost to spendthe Christmas week. All, alongwith Deanna Nelson, enjoyedChristmas dinner together.David, Lill and Jason Seamansspent Christmas at the Kennebechome of Chet and Teresa Hamer,along with several other familymembers.Janet Dowling visited AliceHorsley on our snowy Thursdayafternoon.Shawna and Adam Lizotte andLanden of Ft. Collins, Colo.,arrived at Curt and Janet Miller'son Saturday.Kim and Dan Smith and boysCraig and Chris hosted a Christ-mas Eve supper. Enjoying theevening were: Cheryl and WayneHeisinger from Heron Lake,Minn.; Curt and Janet Miller;Eleanor Miller; the Lizottes;Casey Miller and Monica Reder.Christmas Day, Curt and JanetMiller; Chuck, Marilyn and CraigStrait; and Kolby Kinsley enjoyeddinner at the home of Bernardand Marge Strait.Shawna, Adam and LandenLizotte, Casey and Gavin Millerwent to Yankton on Wednesday tospend part of the Christmas vaca-tion with Vicki and John Hage-mann.Doug and Megan Freier andbaby Brooklyn called on grand-parents Alex and Jean Freier onWednesday. Doug is in the Navyand is headed to Mississippi soon.The community extends theirsympathy to the family of BobManecke, 63. Funeral serviceswere held Friday at the MurdoUMC. Bob was manager of theDraper Farmers Grain Elevatorseveral years ago.It was a busy place across thestreet at Kim and Tony Schmidt'sfor the holiday weekend. Theirfamily started rolling in on Fridaywith Kayla, Jeremy and SydneyHoag and Jaime Schmidt arriv-ing. Brady came on Saturday.Christmas Eve supper guests of Donald Volmer were: Darla Tuck-er of Woonsocket; Donny Howardand friend Amy and JacobHoward; Dell Volmer and fianceKristi, Ellissa Volmer and friendJoe, and Brandell Volmer, all of  Amarillo, Texas; Dean, Terri andTana Volmer; Amanda and KraigHenrichs, Blake and Layney; andthe Hoag family. On ChristmasDay, Amanda and Kraig hostedthe dinner at their house. Enjoy-ing the day were: Kim and TonySchmidt; Dell, Kristi and family;Don Volmer; Jaime and Brady.The Hoags returned home Christ-mas morning.Eva Louder and Shirley Woodof Rapid City arrived Saturday atGreg and Carma Miller's for anearly Christmas supper gettogether. Enjoying the evening,along with the above, were: Vir-ginia Louder; Eric and JessicaNix; Christopher and Katie Nix,Molly and Mason; Sean Louder;Scott Nix; Matthew Miller; Jordanand Amy Miller.On Sunday, Eva Louder, Vir-ginia Louder and Shirley Woodattended the UMC in Draper andthen met Eric and Jessica Nix,Carma Miller and Scott Nix fordinner at a cafe near Draper. Evaand Shirley returned home thatafternoon.Christmas Eve at Greg andCarma's with Greg's family were:sister Andrea and Harvey Shee-han and family James, Brie andBillie, all of Pierre; Alex of Flori-da; Gerald and Elna Miller;Matthew Miller; Virginia Louder;Renee Miller and friend Bradfrom Nashville.Christmas Day at the Millerswere: Virginia Louder; ReneeMiller and Brad; Scott Nix; Jor-dan and Amy Miller; andMatthew Miller. Christopher,Katie and family joined the groupin the evening.Philip and Audrey Mathewsleft for Minnesota on December 22to spend the Christmas holidaywith daughter Cheryl and BryonRediger and family. While therethey took in a holiday lights event.They went through in the car andhad an hour wait but was worthit. One day they drove over intoWisconsin and had the kids pic-tures taken with Santa Claus – also a waiting line. The groupspent Christmas Eve and the daytogether. The Mathews returnedhome on Wednesday. Then onThursday, they turned around andheaded back east to Kimball, thistime to the double header ballgames held there. GrandkidsPhilip and Madison were part of the teams. The Jones County girlswon their game over South Cen-tral, but unfortunately the JonesCounty boys lost their game toColome. The games continued inMurdo on Friday, and the Math-ews planned to be there.Betty Mann and Virginia Loud-er were among the many whoattended the retirement partyheld for Bev Andrews at the court-house Friday afternoon. Wishingyou happiness in your retirement,Bev.Wishing all a happy andhealthy 2013 – also thanks to allthat are willing to share theirnews with me. Those living awayhave told me how much they enjoyit; it keeps them in touch with theJones County area.Karen Miller and Doug Sniderspent Christmas in Sioux Fallswith Tom and Jen Walsh, Maken-zie and Gavin. Also there were:Bobbie and Mark Boetel, Justin, Alyssa and Collin from Fargo,N.D.; Mike Miller; Craig Millerand friend Tessa. Bobbie and Alyssa Boetel came out to Murdoon Wednesday for a couple days. Annette Knapp, Emerson andEvan of Aurora, Colo., were also intown to visit family.
Doug and Kari Simons of St.Lawrence, South Dakota, and Boband DianeFuossof Draper,South Dakota,announce theengagement of their children,McKinsie Jean and Brad Robert.The bride-to-be is a 2009 gradu-ate of Miller High School and isattending South Dakota StateUniversity, majoring in psycholo-gy. McKinsie works at ADVANCEin Brookings and plans to go tooccupational therapy school.The groom-to-be is a 2009 grad-uate of Jones County High Schooland graduated with honors fromLake Area Technical Institute in2012 with a diesel technologydegree. Brad is currentlyemployed at DK DieselInjectionServices Inc.in Watertown as adiesel technician. AJune 15, 2013 wedding isplanned at the Log Heaven Resortin Pierre, South Dakota.
Jones County Sheriff’s Report
The Sheriff’s report is printedas received by Jones County Sher-iff’s Office. It may or may not con-tain every call received by thedepartment.Sheriff and Deputy calls:
Deputy Sylva responded to I-90,eastbound, mm 150, to a report of a vehicle
traveling at a highspeed with its bright lights on.
When located the vehicle was notspeeding and had dimmed itslights.
Dec. 22
Deputy Sylva
checked on atransient that was westboun
don I-90, mm 208. Subject was notlocated.Deputy Sylva responded to I-90,westbound, mm 184 to a
reportof a large amount of hay onthe road
. SD Highway Patrolassisted and a local removed thehay off the road with a tractor.Deputy Sylva responded to I-90,westbound, mm 191, to a
reportof an elderly female drivingerratically
. The SD HighwayPatrol located the vehicle andtalked to the driver.Deputy Sylva
served a war-rant and collected the bondmoney
for Hughes Co.
Dec. 23
Deputy Sylva
investigated anunattended death in Murdo.
Death was found to be of naturalcauses.Deputy Sylva responded to I-90,westbound, mm 208, to a
reportof a broke down vehicle
. Thevehicle was gone prior to LEarrival.Deputy Sylva responded to a
report of a possible overdosein Murdo
. It was found that nopills were taken.
Dec. 26
Sheriff Weber responded to a I-90, eastbound, mm 196, to areport of a
subject travelingwith dogs in the back of apickup
. The RPthought that itwas too cold for the dogs. Dogswere okay.Sheriff Weber
transported asubject from Murdo to theLyman Co. line.Dec. 27
Sheriff Weber responded to theSuper 8 parking lot in Murdo to a
report of a vehicle slidingthrough the intersection andditch
, then hitting the fence anddumpster at the Super 8. Thevehicle had left the scene prior toLE arrival. The vehicle was locat-ed in Kadoka by the SD HighwayPatrol.Sheriff Weber responded to I-90, eastbound, mm 190, to a
report of a motorist assist
. Thevehicle was towed away.
Dec. 28
Deputy Sylva responded to a
report of a dog running loosein Murdo.
The dogs owner wascontacted.Deputy Sylva received a
reportof a erratic driver northboundon Hwy. 83 from White River
.It was found that the call was overan hour old, the vehicle was notlocated.
Dec. 29
Deputy Sylva responded to I-90,eastbound, mm 207, to a
car vs.deer accident
. There was minordamage to the vehicle.Deputy Sylva responded to I-90,
westbound, mm 203, to a carvs. deer accident
. The vehiclewas able to drive away on its own.Deputy Sylva responded to a
report of a suspicious vehicleleaving Baker's Shop
, travelingnorthbound at a high rate of speed. Unable to locate.
Dec. 30
Deputy Sylva responded to I-90at the Lyman and Jones Co. lineto the
report of a vehicle trav-eling westbound in the east-bound lane
. The vehicle was notlocated until later in Jackson Co.The driver was a confused elderlymale from Winner. The driver wasescorted by deputies to his homein Winner.Deputy Sylva responded to I-90,
eastbound, mm 205, to a carvs. deer accident
. There wasminor damage to the vehicle.
Dec. 31
Sheriff Weber
confirmed andfaxed Jones Co. warrant
on asubject to the Hughes Co. jail.
Co-op sponsor pages are due January 4.If you did not receive aletter and are interested insponsoring,please call the MurdoCoyote office at 669-2271
Murdo Coyote
Murdo Coyote January 3, 2013 •
Page 3
Catholic Church of St. Martin
502 E. Second St., Murdo, S.D. • Father Gary Oreshoski
Saturday Mass: 6 p.m.St. Anthony’s Catholic Church
Draper, S.D. • Father Gary Oreshoski
Sunday Mass: 8:30 a.m.Draper United Methodist Church
Pastor Rick Hazen
Sunday Worship: 11 a.m.Murdo United Methodist Church
Pastor Rick Hazen • Corner of E. 2nd and Jefferson Ave.
Sunday Worship: 9:30 a.m. and Fellowship Time •
Sunday School: 10:30 a.m.United Methodist Women: 1st Wednesday at 2 p.m. • ALLWELCOME!
Okaton Evangelical Free Church
Okaton I–90 Exit 183 • Pastor Gary McCubbin • 605–837–2233 (Kadoka)
Sunday Worship: 9 a.m. (CT) •
Sunday School: 10:30 a.m. (CT)
Messiah Lutheran Church
308 Cedar, Murdo, S.D. • Pastor Ray Greenseth
Sunday Worship: 9 a.m. •
Sunday School: 10 a.m. • Bible Study: Tuesday 7 a.m.Thursday 9:30 a.m. • Midweek: Wednesday 3:15 p.m.
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
Draper, S.D. • Pastor Ray Greenseth
Sunday Worship: 11 a.m. •
Bible Study: Wednesday 9 a.m.
Community Bible Church
410 Washington, Murdo, S.D. • Pastor Alvin Gwin • 669–2600
Sunday Worship: 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. •
Sunday School: 9:45 a.m.Wed. Night Bible Study: 7 p.m.
 Midwest Co–op
Graham’sBest Western
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The Law Misunderstoodby PastorCornelius R. Stam
There are three misconceptions that most people entertain about the law of God and its Ten Commandments:1. Most people have a vague notion that the law always was in existence and that it must have been given to the first man, Adam, or soon after. Actually,God gave the law to Moses for Israel about 1500 B.C., after about 2500 years of human history had elapsed (John 1:17). So mankind lived on earth for about2500 years without the law or the Ten Commandments.2. Most people suppose that the law and the Ten Commandments were given to mankind in general, while, in fact, it was given to Israel alone (Deuteron-omy 5:2,3).3. Most people suppose that the law and the Ten Commandments were given to help us to do right. Even some clergymen teach this, although the Bibleclearly teaches that they were given to show us that we are guilty sinners.It is true that the law, while given to Israel, also shows the Gentile that he is a sinner. This is why Romans 3:19 says:“Now we know that what things soever the law saith, it saith to them who are under the law; that every mouth may be stopped, and all the world may bebrought in guilty before God.”But most important of all: Few people realize that the Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins to deliver us from the just condemnation of the law. This is taughtin the following Scriptures:“Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us…” (Gal.3:13).“For God hath made Him to be sin for us, [Christ] who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him” (IICor.5:21).“For sin shall not have dominion over you; for ye are NOTUNDER THE LAW, BUTUNDER GRACE” (Rom.6:14).
Two minutes with the bible 
Robert M. Manecke 
Robert Manecke, 63 of Murdo,formally of Britton, S.D., diedSunday, December 23, at his homein Murdo.Robert was born September 28,1949, in Britton, S.D., to Elmerand Elsie (Sessler) Manecke. Hegrew up in Britton and graduatedfrom Britton High School.He lived in Langford, Webster,Putney, McIntosh and Murdo.Robert worked as the ElevatorManager in Draper and Putney.He enjoyed hunting, fishing andwatching ballgames.He is survived by his three chil-dren: Shayne and AndriaManecke and their children: Avaand Dakota of Cut Bank, Mont.,Trent Manecke and his children:Robert and Melyssa of Murdo andKimberlee Manecke and her chil-dren: Aliya and Tarik Jackson of St. Louis, Mo.,; brother GordonManecke of Mobridge, S.D.; sisterDeloris and Wayne McKenly of Morvia, Iowa, and brother-in-lawJohn Wanous of White Lake, S.D.He was preceded in death by hisparents; two brothers: Tom andRichard and sister DonnaWanous.Services were held on Friday,December 28 at the Murdo UnitedMethodist Church officiated byPastor Rick Hazen. Burial tookplace on Saturday, December 29,at the Britton, S.D., cemetery. Arrangements have been placedin care of Isburg Funeral Chapel.Online condolences may be madeat www.isburgfuneralchapels.com
Local farmer participatesin CHS New Leaders forum
Several South Dakota farmerslearned about the opportunitiesand challenges facing coopera-tives, agriculture and rural Ameri-ca as participants in the recentCHS New Leaders Forum spon-sored by CHS Inc., the nation’sleading farmer-owned cooperativeand a global energy, grains andfoods company.The following participants wereamong 300 young producers fromacross the U.S. participating in theearly December program:•Clayton Miller, Draper, S.D.•Colby Brink, Ft. Pierre, S.D.•Josh and Matt Muhler, Onida,S.D.•Blake Kolda, Ft. Pierre, S.D.•Matt Leisinger, Highmore, S.D.The group represented MidwestCooperatives at the CHS NewLeaders Forum, held in Minneapo-lis, Minn., in conjunction with theCHS Annual Meeting.During the three-day forum,participants heard from leadingexperts on agriculture, leadershipand precision technology, includ-ing Carl Casale, president andCEO, CHS Inc.; Alejandro Sayago, Agriculture & Turf, John Deere;Ted Crosbie, Integrated FarmingSystems, Monsanto and RobertThompson, University of Illinois.The New Leaders Forum alsofeatured a networking event withthe CHS Board of Directors, man-agement and staff and participa-tion in the 2012 CHS AnnualMeeting, including workshops andthe annual meeting business ses-sion.CHS Inc. (www.chsinc.com) is aleading global agribusiness ownedby farmers, ranchers and coopera-tives across the United States.Diversified in energy, grains andfoods, CHS is committed to help-ing its customers, farmer-ownersand other stakeholders grow theirbusinesses through its domesticand global operations. CHS, a For-tune 100 company, supplies ener-gy, crop nutrients, grain market-ing services, animal feed, food andfood ingredients, along with busi-ness solutions including insur-ance, financial and risk manage-ment services. The company oper-ates petroleum refineries/pipelinesand manufactures, markets anddistributes Cenex® brand refinedfuels, lubricants, propane andrenewable energy products.
“This is the day the LORD hasmade; let us rejoice and be glad init.” Psalm 118:24 
The alarm clock goes off and itbreaks my sleep and shatters mydreams I long to remember.Many of us like getting up earlyin the morning...some peoplehate getting up early...they wantto sleep as long as they can.But each morning brings a newday, another opportunity to getfrustrated with the kids, withpeople and to be late for work. Wetry to get everything done thatthe boss wants us to get done andthen we get home and we want torelax...and guess what...we aregoing where tonight?...then it’sfinally off to bed and sleep andthen tomorrow is another day.Tomorrow is another day, butthis is the day that the LORDhas made. There is often so littleto rejoice about in our day, isn'tthere? But the alarm clock didwake me up on time; that's some-thing, isn't it? And the kids were well behavedin the morning...another nicething and then we go towork...ready to face the day andall the challenges that itbrings....and I pray....”LORD,give me one opportunity to shareabout You with someone today. And it would be nice to go homeand have a quiet evening tonight. And yes, to get a good nightssleep.”We do need to rejoice, if onlyGod would give us a good day,, abetter new year. Anew day toshare the Love of Jesus Christ. And so I pray that the LORDwould give to me many newopportunities to share JesusChrist with others as we begin anew year in His name.We pray: Gracious LORD, helpme to be a witness for you alwaysand I praise you for the new dayand the new year, 2013 that Youare giving to me. In Jesus' name. Amen.
by Pastor Ray Greenseth, Messiah/St. Paul Lutheran Churches
Rejoice in the New Year!
FCSAauthorizes $130 millioncash-back dividend payment for 2012
Farm Credit Services of Ameri-ca (FCSAmerica), a financial coop-erative with more than $18 billionin assets, has approved a 2012cash-back dividend of $130 millionto its eligible customer-owners.The $130 million cash-back div-idend is another significant distri-bution of FCSAmerica’s net earn-ings to its customer-owners. The2012 distribution is the coopera-tive’s ninth consecutive. Since2004, FCSAmerica has distributed$685 million cash-back dividendsback to its customers to supporttheir operations and benefit thecommunities they call home.“Farm Credit Services of Americahas been consistent through agri-culture’s good times and challeng-ing times and is financiallystrong,” said Robert Bruxvoort,Board Chairman. “The Board isvery pleased to approve the size-able $130 million cash-back distri-bution.”The FCSAmerica Board alsoapproved a patronage program for2013 at their meeting this week.The Board will determine thecash-back dividend for the 2013program in December 2013.“Farm Credit Services of Ameri-ca’s unique business model, capac-ity and commitment to agriculturedifferentiate us,” said Doug Stark,president and CEO. “We’re proudto pay yet another strong cash-back dividend to our customer-owners. We’re also proud to bewell-positioned financially to meettheir needs and challenges wellinto the future."
Cash-Back Dividend Details
The Board of Directors has paidcash-back dividends, available aspart of its patronage program,every year since 2004. For 2012,each customer’s cash-back divi-dend from the program is based onthe customer’s average loan vol-ume during the calendar year. Themore eligible loan business a cus-tomer has with the cooperative,the more they benefit financiallyfrom the patronage program. Eli-gible customers can expect 2012payments to be distributed inMarch 2013.
 About Farm Credit Services of  America
Farm Credit Services of Ameri-ca is proud to finance the growth of rural America, including the spe-cial needs of young and beginningproducers. With more than $18 bil-lion in assets, FCSAmerica is oneof the region’s leading providers of credit and insurance services tofarmers, ranchers, agribusinessand rural residents in Iowa,Nebraska, South Dakota andWyoming. Learn more at fcsameri-ca.com.
2005 Ford Excursion LTD
• 10 CylinderEngine 6.8L• Black exterior• 4-wheel drive • Remote keyless entry •• Heated seats • DVD Player• 102,873 •• Rearbackup sensors •
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Look for the 45th Annual JonesCounty Invitationalbracket in theJanuary 10 paper!
Tournament dates:January 10-12
City council holds year end meeting
by Karlee Barnes
The Murdo City Council heldtheir annual year end meeting onWednesday, December 26.Those attending included: MattKinsley, Wayne Esmay, MayorDavid Geisler, Mike Jost, Joe Con-not, Arnie Waddell, Jerry Hathe-way, Krysti Barnes and KarleeBarnes.The meeting agenda wasapproved without question. Thecouncil then looked over the end of year bills and found no problems.Jost brought up the issue of vehicles parked on Main Streetthat needed to be moved so thestreets could be plowed. Hathewaysaid that he talked to the ownersof the vehicles and reminded themthat when it snows, the vehiclesneed to be moved off the street.Next on the agenda was theissue of the liquor license belong-ing to the Lost Souls Tavern.Barnes told the council that shewrote a letter to Deb Vollmer,informing her that she needed tobe at the end of year meeting tospeak to the board about not sign-ing necessary paperwork on timeto renew her liquor license. Theboard discussed that this has beena recurring problem over theyears. Vollmer was informed thatif she could not attend the meet-ing, she was to contact the councilmembers prior to the meeting.Barnes told the council that cityattorney Tom Harmon suggestednot approving the license, and ask-ing Vollmer to appear at the nextmeeting.Waddell asked what will hap-pen if the council does not approvethe renewal of Vollmer’s liquorlicense. Barnes responded that Vollmer will not be able to sellliquor from January 1 until thenext meeting, which is January 7.It should be noted, however, thatbeer sales are not included in theliquor license. Esmay asked if thecouncil could modify the contractto add a penalty for not complyingwith the terms set in the contract.Connot then asked if a penaltywould have to be added to eachliquor license contract that the cityhas. Barnes responded that sinceall other liquor license holderscomply with the contract, theywould not be subject to a penaltyadded to their contracts. Since Vollmer broke the terms of hercontract, the council may add apenalty.The council made no motion toapprove the Lost Souls Tavernliquor license, and made a decisionto revisit the topic at the January7 meeting. Abuilding permit was submit-ted by Bud and Carol Gross to adda 28’x 32’addition on the back of  All Pro Towing. The councilapproved the permit.The lighting situation at theauditorium was again discussed.Esmay informed the council thathe had priced a few light fixturesand will provide an exact price at alater date.The final item on the agendawas concerning the addition of astop sign at the intersection of Sec-ond Street and Kennedy Avenue.Dakota Mill and Grain hadapproached the city asking aboutswitching the stop signs fromKennedy Avenue to Second Street.With the DM&G expansion, truckswill no longer be driving throughtown, but rather taking Kennedy Avenue north, and passing thefootball field. They will be able toturn around, and go back the sameway, eliminating truck traffic intown. However, the stop sign onKennedy Avenue is a concern forloaded trucks, as the sign is at thetop of a hill.Kinsley said that he thinks thechanging of the signs is a bad idea.The stop signs have been in thatposition for as long as anyonecould remember. Kinsley said itwould be a hard transition for peo-ple, and since the views in theintersection are already obstruct-ed, there would be a concern foraccidents. The board made no deci-sion on the matter.The meeting adjourned at 8:15p.m. The council will meet for theJanuary meeting on Monday, Jan-uary 7 at 7:30 p.m.

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