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Theme Resource Flyer 2013 FEB

Theme Resource Flyer 2013 FEB

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Published by Inge Etzbach

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Published by: Inge Etzbach on Jan 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The ReverendStefanie Etzbach-Dale
Unitarian Universalistsof Santa Clarita Valley
      P      R      A      Y      E      R
Draw your own mandalaor write a word prayer here
UUofSCV Mission
The Unitarian UniversalistChurch of Santa Clarita Valleyenhances the lives of membersthrough spiritual development andactive service in the community.We offer a diverse, non-dogmaticspiritual home to all who shareour values as defined by theUnitarian Universalist Association.We provide a liberal religiousvoice, a social justice presence inthe Santa Clarita Valley, and astimulating and supportiveenvironment to help our memberson their own spiritual journeysduring all stagesof their lives.
Sunday services at 10:30 a.m.
22900 Market St.,Newhall , CA
Theme-Based Ministr Resource Fler 
Tuesday, February 5th
ameditative evening of personalreflections on spoken and visualprayers. Invite a friend!
Led by Gerri Brehm, at the Chalice Center 
The UUofSCV Chalice Center
22916 Lyons, Suite 2B(Check the calendar for hours)
Santa Clarita is just 262 milesfrom a city I am convincedgenerates the greatest number of most fervent prayers, by thelargest number of people:
That observation is, of course,meant as a joke. But it points tothe truism that everyone prays - just not in the same way or withthe same expectations.For some UnitarianUniversalists, for example, “prayer”is a turn-off because it implies,among other things, 1. theexistence of a God who hears andanswers our prayers , 2. that thereis a right way and a wrong way topray, 3. that
the Divine for a win at the slot machine isundignified, if not arrogantly self-serving (given the state of theworld).This month is an opportunity toconnect with prayer as a viablespiritual tool, as a gift we each arecapable of giving ourselves (andeach other). How can that be? One way is by thinking of prayer as a form of “truthtelling”, regardless of whether or not anyone else hears or answers; prayer as a matter of giving expression to your conflict, joy, sorrow, peace;your observations, hopes andwishes, as well as your intentions and commitments.That expression can be inwords or songs you havememorized, or those arising inthe moment; whether spokenaloud or held in silence. It cantake the shape of symbols,drawings or sculptures. It canbe expressed physicallythrough ritualized movements/dance, a smile, a tear, or arandom or planned act of kindness and generosity.If prayer is indeed theexpression of one’s deepesttruth, what is your prayer in thismoment?In Awe & Gratitude,Rev. Stefanie

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