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This Week at ISN 2013-01-18

This Week at ISN 2013-01-18

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Published by ISN Zurich
This week’s editorial focus highlights the perspectives of a number of prominent thinkers on the future of American global power.
This week’s editorial focus highlights the perspectives of a number of prominent thinkers on the future of American global power.

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Published by: ISN Zurich on Jan 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This Week at ISN
14 - 18 Jan 2013This week’s editorial focus highlights the perspectives of a number of prominent thinkers on the future ofAmerican global power.
Redirecting US Power and Global Power Relationships
14 Jan 2013
Eliot Cohen is convinced that the United States' withdrawal from world affairs would imperil both itself andothers. As a result, he argues Washington needs to continue promoting a global order that reflects its valuesand interests.More
15 Jan 2013
The repeatedly predicted decline of American power and influence largely rests upon dubious analyses, writesRobert Kagan. As he sees it, the US' continued ability to overcome its difficulties bodes well for its future,even within a post-hegemonic world.More
16 Jan 2013
In this CSIS conversation, Zbigniew Brzezinksi initially argues that the US must develop a comprehensive andlong-term geopolitical response to the challenges posed by a post-American world. He then lays out astrategic blueprint for such a response.More
17 Jan 2013
While there is widespread consensus that the United States' unipolar moment has come and gone, it remainsto be seen what a post-American global order will actually look like. Ian Bremmer predicts that we will soonbe living in a 'G-Zero World' in which every nation must fend for itself.More
18 Jan 2013
The idea that the United States maintains a uniquely virtuous presence in the world may console manyAmericans, but Stephen Walt knows better. He reminds us that this self-congratulatory vision of US globalleadership is largely a myth.More
Security Watch
14 Jan 2013
The Durand Line lies at the very heart of tensions between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Both states' politicalstability and security depends upon a thorough examination of the role this colonial relic plays in hinderingprospects for peace, or so Amir Ramin and Nadia Siddiqui believe.More
15 Jan 2013
The deployment of Patriot missiles to Turkey may encourage Ankara to reaffirm NATO as a core guarantor ofits national security, write Wojiciech Lorenz and Pinar Elman. It may also reinvigorate the credibility ofterritorial defense guarantees offered by the Alliance to its members.More
16 Jan 2013
America does not seem to have enough leaders with strategic mindsets and the ability to think long-term, orso argues Harlan Ullman. This absence of a “brain-based approach to strategy,” however, is structural innature. It is attributable to the way the American political system is set up.More
17 Jan 2013
Kim Jong-un's New Year message has prompted speculation that North Korea is preparing to re-engage withthe South and the international community. However, Evans J.R. Revere remains unconvinced, especially inlight of Kim's reaffirmation that Pyongyang’s 'military first' policy remains intact.More
18 Jan 2013
According to Robert Letona, ETA and other Basque separatist groups have rebranded their once-violentstruggle into “a dream of self-determination.” ETA in particular is struggling to convince the Spanish peoplethat it is now a politically legitimate independence movement.More
 ISN Blog
14 Jan 2013
Israel is set to re-elect Binyamin Netanyahu for another term, a prospect that fills some with dread. Accordingto Alex Joffe, however, it is the Palestinians who will be most unsettled by a Netanyahu victory – he mirrorimages their implacable belief in the righteousness of their own cause.More
15 Jan 2013
Jorge Castañeda believes that three recent shifts have occurred in US and Latin American approaches to the'war on drugs'. These shifts may, in time, lead to drugs policies that increasingly favor legalization overenforcement.More
16 Jan 2013
Yuriko Koike believes that the timing of North Korea's recent rocket launch reflects Pyongyang's determinationto maintain close diplomatic ties with China. Observers also suggest that the launch was designed tostrengthen Kim Jong-un's far-from-certain grip on power.More
17 Jan 2013
The political unrest engulfing the Middle East has exposed the fragility of the region's Arab states. ShlomoBen-Ami argues that current developments in the area represent step two of an ongoing decolonizationprocess – i.e., the move towards self-determination by communities united only by a dictator's yoke.More
18 Jan 2013
Because immigration proved to be an important issue in the recent US presidential elections, reform effortsare now at the top of the Obama administration's policy agenda. In Joseph Nye's opinion, the reforms shouldbe 'liberal' ones and thus help prevent the decline of American power.More
In this video, Robert Kagan argues that while the United States may not always be beloved, it neverthelessremains the dominant actor on the global stage.More
This Stratfor video explains why Australia's geographically-centered challenges involve managing its long-standing isolation and small population, both of which affect virtually all of its domestic and foreign policy

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